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February 19, 2016
SEO Case Study: How Effective is SEO as an Online Marketing Tool?
Search engines are taking the business empire by storm. Both small and multimillion-dollars companies want to increase their online presence, and SEO has been determined to be the ultimate solution. To enjoy the fruits of SEO, however, it is important to understand search engines like experts. That is why companies are hiring out SEO moguls to scale them through to higher pinnacles of success. Most of these companies have found real success in search engine optimization as a marketing platform. The following cases are just drops in the SEO success ocean.

AD Systems’ Success Story
As an electronic display manufacturer, AD Systems had limited online visibility despite gracing this business niche for a couple of years. As such, there was an urgent need to increase its online presence and impact the highly competitive world of online dominance. Subsequently, AD Systems management resolved to seek a viable solution: SEO marketing. They hired out one notable SEO company, Fatbit Technology, to help them run the search engine race.

Essentials of the SEO Campaign
To make notable impacts in the lucrative world of SEO, effective campaign strategies and procedures had to be in place. In the case of AD Systems, a special team of designers and SEO entrepreneurs was handpicked to steer the project. The SEO experts employed multiple strategies, including:
  • Thorough research on AD Systems’ background and economic niche. This was necessary to comprehend the most effective SEO strategies that would bring the most out of this venture. The team looked through the company’s website and other websites of related companies before embarking on a critical SEO analysis.
  • Extensive keyword research and planning. They looked for the most appropriate keywords commonly used by potential customers and made them part of the website in order to guarantee increased flow of traffic. Every component of the keyword research was critical, and varied SEO tools and innovative technologies were involved.
  • Maximization of company products that were already on higher demand. The SEO campaigns focused on particular products that already had significant impact in the market. This made it easier to design other SEO aspects used to enhance the online presence of other companies.
  • Improvement of the website content. Maximizing the website content to suit SEO campaigns was a necessary strategy in ensuring customers got more acquainted with more relevant information.
SEO Campaign Results
As a result of the effective SEO strategies employed by Fatbit Technology SEO experts, there were notable improvements in various sectors of the company’s performance within two years.

1. Increase in Overall Page Views
The number of visitors who got access to the company’s pages improved significantly. There was an 78% increase in the number of potential customers who viewed Ad Systems’ pages.

2. Significant Decline in Bounce Rate
In SEO, “bounce rate” refers to those customers who access a website and quit their venture a few seconds later. Most likely, these people find information on the website less relevant or the landing pages less informative. For the two-year period, the bounce rates declined by 63%, indicating a significant milestone.

3. Improvement in Average Visit Duration
The longer a client stays on a website, the higher the chances of a positive association with the website. It was notable that effective SEO campaigns resulted in a 61% improvement in the average visit duration.

4. Notable Increase in Conversion Rates
Varied businesses perceive conversion rates differently. It might be the download of an app, completion of surveys, or making of sales. In the case of AD Systems, effective SEO campaigns improved conversion rates by 47%.

5. More Returning Visitors
If first-time website visitors come back to your company, it means they are more comfortable associating with your brand. There was 39% growth in the number of returning visitors in the case of Ad Systems after effective SEO campaigns.

Maldive Travellers SEO Case Study
Maldive Travellers, a company in the tourism industry, had been in this niche with very little success in the Internet arena. They needed a company to help them attain better search engine presence, an increase in visitors, and better conversion rates. In the process, they sought the services of Fatbit Technologies and things were never the same.

SEO Strategies Used
Fatbit involved multiple SEO strategies:
  • Deeper analysis of the industry to identify appropriate strategies to be used in the campaign.
  • Extensive keyword research.
  • Intensive link building to relevant sites.
  • Increase in the number of unique keywords per page—this was for optimization purposes.
  • Optimization of general web content to make them more informative—this was necessary for improved user interactivity.
Notable Outcomes
After in-depth SEO campaigns by the SEO experts, there were significant improvements in various sectors. These included:

1. Increase in Average Visitors Per Day
More visitors mean increased brand awareness. The massive SEO strategies employed by Fatbit technologies increased the average number of visitors per day by 42.03%. As a result, more potential customers were able to interact with the brand.

2. Growth in Return Visitors
Due to the effective SEO techniques involved, there was a notable increase of 37% in the number of clients who came back to the website after the first visit. This was evident because visitors found the website more interactive with an improved quality of web content.

3. Increase in Visits from Selected Keywords
In order to increase traffic, Fatbit identified specific keywords that were commonly used. One of the keywords, Holiday Resorts Maldives, generated a 453% increase in visitors. This was due to the intensive search engine optimisation done on the keyword.

4. Increase in the Average Stay of Visitors
Because of the optimized web content, visitors lengthened their stay at the website for every visit, as indicated by the 57% growth in average visit duration. 

5. Increase in Lead Generation
Through SEO link-building techniques, there was a 153% increase in generation of leads from other sources.

In the highlighted case studies, there were significant improvements in various sectors of the business. With increases in the average number of daily visitors, growth in conversion rates, and improvements in the number of returns, it is quite evident that SEO is an effective online marketing strategy. You only need to identify the right professionals to get the task perfectly executed!

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