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April 2, 2021
Is it Time for a Career Change? 4 Signs it's Time to Go

Do you love your current career path? Perhaps you did at one time, but now as a mid-career professional you are no longer happy in your current position. While it's normal to have a bad day or feel overwhelmed due to the changes that COVID-19 has brought to many industries, how do you know if your dissatisfaction is a sign of something deeper? 


Long-term dissatisfaction in your career can leave you frustrated and confused. No one should have to stay stuck in a career that they don't enjoy or find meaning in. We work with professionals every day helping them to determine the right career fit, and these four signs can indicate that it's time to make a career change. 


1. You dread getting out of bed every morning. This is more than just having an occasional hard day or rough patch at work. This is a persistent dread over a long period of time, wishing that you could do anything else besides go to work. 

2. Your work relationships and performance are suffering. Signs that these aspects of your job are suffering are feeling constantly irritated with your boss or co-workers, regularly complaining to your teammates about your job, and submitting lower quality work than you are capable of. 

3. You work tirelessly but get no joy or satisfaction from it. This may mean that your current role is not honoring your career values or you are not using your strengths enough, leading to a lack of fulfillment in your career.

4. You've started to slack off and have little or no motivation. Constant procrastination for work tasks and projects and a general lazy attitude toward your job also indicates a lack of satisfaction in your current position. 


Do you identify with any of these signs of career dissatisfaction? While it's possible that you could be going through a rough patch in your career due to working remotely or other changes due to the pandemic, start to identify what is working and what isn't working for you in your career. Set 1-2 goals to make improvements with the aspects of your job that aren't working for you. If after several months things at work have not improved, it may be time to consider a change. Perhaps only a few adjustments are needed to help you feel more fulfilled again, such as a different role in your current organization or the same role in a different organization. Finding the right fit will give you purpose and deeper meaning in your career and in your life. 


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Guest Blogger Hallie Crawford is a certified career coach and founder of HallieCrawford.com. Her team of coaches help people find their dream job and make it a reality. She is regularly featured as an expert in the media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and US News & World Report. Visit her website at www.HallieCrawford.com for more information about her team's career coaching services. Set up a Complimentary Career Strategy Session with Hallie Crawford to get advice on your career goals. *Mention you saw us on Talent Zoo and receive a free bonus if you purchase a product or sign up for coaching.* http://www.HallieCrawford.com
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