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January 26, 2016
Hey, Lazy! There’s a New App With Your Name on It!
What a shame! No, really, what a shame!

Robots and Pencils just released a new app this morning for the iPhone and Apple Watch that gives us a whole new perspective to fitness, weight loss, and our overall health, period. And, it’s no cakewalk, either. Or, wait… maybe it is CAKEWALK.

With a growing market for health and mobile fitness, it was bound to happen. A mobile app with personality stepped onto the scene.

CAKEWALK is, according to the creator, Ben Myers, meant for “Anyone who needs added incentive to stay fit.” They can “download their own personal drill instructor to their phone — a sarcastic cake with legs character who is hard to please and eager to shame.”

The app was built on the ideal that some people need tough love in their workout regimen and daily routine. Because some people respond better to harsh criticism, CAKEWALK throws out all traditional models of positive reinforcement out the window, bringing “more sass than sugar” to get people into gear.

Public shame brings out the inner tiger in some, pushing them out of their complacent behaviors and into a healthier lifestyle. CAKEWALK isn’t just letting your friends know that you are a “fat, lazy pig,” the app connects directly to Twitter, calling out users on their slothfulness, shaming them in front of not just friends, but the world!

If users would rather avoid being called out, they will opt in to completed daily challenges, bringing the mobility back into mobile. The iPhone’s motion activity will clock user steps and movements throughout each day and throughout each challenge. Movement is then compared to those of previous activities, receiving accolades only where it is warranted and dishing out the insults when the user falls behind.

Users not taking part in daily challenges are required to pay a dollar each time they need to skip a challenge — or be barred from using its features. Encouraging friendly competition and a true fitness team spirit, leaderboards allow friends and followers to compete for the number one spot. This brings back personal responsibility and self-accountability to the mix.

While this may sound damaging to one’s psyche, there is a strong reinforcement of cause and effect. Those who tend to be more lax in their day-to-day activity should probably not download this app. But, for those who are looking for some true motivation, this app doesn’t just sound like a novelty. It sounds like fun!

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Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan is the owner of Shorty Produkshins and an Internet Marketing professional, specializing in Social Branding and Public Relations. She has been a part of multiple International projects in both Entertainment Business and Professional Services industries. She often works with major marketing firms and job search sites under NDA in lending valuable insight to clientele, whether it includes hands-on project development or the crafting of a roadmap for a brand's awareness strategy. Find her online here. @sp_brand_social @sp_brand_social
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