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January 25, 2016
Create a YouTube Channel for Your Job Search in 5 Steps
As we all know, YouTube can be a powerful tool for self-promotion — especially when in the midst of a job search. YouTube has over one billion distinct visitors every month. So if you can create a solid, professional YouTube channel for your job search, you can not only have an additional tool for prospective employers to understand your value and your brand, but you can also create a national and even global presence in your industry.

The difficult part is — every minute, 100 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube, and there are over six billion video views every day. With the amount of material on YouTube, you need to work hard to make your channel stand out. At a bare minimum, once you create your channel, link to it from your resume, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Career One Sheet, and any other relevant media or marketing material you use for yourself in your search so that you may leverage it as a tool for your job search to introduce people to you in a unique and more personal way.

Here are five ways to get started on your channel:
  1. Create a new Google account. You will need a Google account to link to your YouTube channel. Consider creating a new Google account for your professional YouTube channel that is exclusive to your job search.
  2. Identify your goal. Is your goal to introduce yourself to prospective employers so they can see how you communicate? Is it to establish credibility with them as an expert in your field? If it’s both, be sure to include videos that not only introduce yourself to an employer but also cover relevant hot topics in your industry to demonstrate your expertise.
  3. Establish an identity. A YouTube channel must have a clear identity and consistency. If visitors don’t know what kind of videos they will be getting, they will not have a strong desire to subscribe or revisit the channel. Establish a color scheme you will use, maintain consistency in the location of your videos, and create a description communicating the purpose for your channel.
  4. Choose a catchy name. When choosing your channel name, choose a catchy title that your intended audience can relate with. Make sure it’s easy to spell and easy to remember. For ideas, do a search on YouTube using keywords for your industry.
  5. Develop your content. Create a script for your first five videos that you will post once a week for the first five weeks.
Once you’ve completed these steps, you are ready to develop the videos for your channel!

A few words of advice on that to get you started: Look professional, have a professional backdrop, practice with a friend first, keep your videos under one minute, and make it conversational, yet professional. Remember, YouTube can work for you if you use it correctly. People hire people, not a piece of paper, and if they see you in action, they will be more likely to establish a connection with you.

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