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June 21, 2016
Book Review: 'Online Marketing for Busy Authors' by Fauzia Burke
As the author of two self-published books, I can attest: It’s easier than ever to publish a book, and harder than ever to get it noticed. No doubt, there are more things I can do to get my books out there (you can just go to Amazon to get them). Fauzia Burke gives a good overview of many things authors can do to promote their works in her new book, Online Marketing for Busy Authors.
Burke is the founder and President of FSB Associates, a book publicity and marketing firm, so she has a long history of helping books gain an edge in a very noisy world. And for authors these days, whether they have a publisher or self-publish, online promotion is a must. Burke outlines everything authors need to know, starting well before the publish date. From website creation to email marketing, blogging, and other ways to get publicity, Burke gives a detailed look at what successful authors need to do to get their book noticed and sold.
For first-time authors and experienced scribes seeking to get their books needed attention and promotion, Online Marketing for Busy Authors makes an excellent resource.

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