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August 25, 2010
Great Ad Buys That Marketers Overlook
In the current economy, all marketers are dealing with tighter budgets. The dollars have to go further, faster.

Highly trafficked sites are great, and most I’m listing are definitely that, but beyond sheer numbers, these sites have loyal, repeat traffic and are the places that influencers go to get their information first or to find the funny. An ad spend here is value-filled, well beyond the traditional ad on the Web.

Podcast Advertising

Hands down, the best humor podcast is Jimmy Pardo’s award-winning "Never Not Funny." Everybody likes comedy, so the audience is diverse. Be forewarned: It’s racy, so if your brand can’t take that, don’t bother.

Audience: young adults, office workers, and parents (with a sense of humor)

E-mail Newsletters

If you’re looking to reach developers, you can’t go wrong with the DevShed network. Each newsletter is packed with information, and it’s one of the few that a developer will read.

Audience: developers, webmasters, and designers

Niche Web Advertising

TechMeme is one of the most influential tech sites on the Web. Honestly, I virtually stopped using my RSS reader because TechMeme gives me the information I need so conveniently.

Audience: tech influencers and fans

HowardForums is the best site on the Web to find information in regard to your cell phone. From iPhones to Blackberries, if it’s of importance, it’s been discussed on HowardForums. If you want to reach smart phone users and advocates/influencers, ad spend on these forums is a smart buy. NetShelter Media
manages ad buys.

Audience: smart phone influencers and users


Passiveaggressivenotes.comhumor seekers, young adults, office workers, and happy people.

AdAgeTarget your own kind.

OhNoYouDidn’tceleb watchers, fashion lovers, women, and those seeking fun.

Hiremyparents.comparents, stay-at-home moms/dads, homeshoolers, and at-home workers. 

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Robyn Tippins is a community advocate with more than 10 years in the social media space. She oversees the community aspect of the external developers on the Yahoo! Developer Network. Robyn has blogged for blog networks and corporations, podcasted for small and large businesses, worked closely with social networking sites, and advised Fortune 500 companies on social media and community. Her book, co-authored with Miranda Marquit, “Building Communities,” will be released in 2010. Read her blog.

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