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Employers: Testimonials

See what industry Professionals in companies have to say about TalentZoo...

This is my first experience with Talent Zoo and it has been a very positive one. It has been easy to use and I've attracted some very interesting candidates!

Pam, HR Director

We had such great responses from our last round of job postings that we had to come back to TZ now that we're growing again.

Laura, Account Director

I placed ads on Talentzoo, Monster, and Careerbuilder a month or so ago. The only good apps that we received were from your site. The vast majority of apps from Monster and Careerbuilder were not qualified. I'm only placing on Talentzoo this time! Thanks again.

Lyndsey, HR Director

Thank you so much for the awesome deal! Talent Zoo rocks!

Alex, Freelance Recruiter

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received from Talent Zoo. You guys are doing it right. I couldn't be happier with Talent Zoo. I will surely use you again when I need to fill another position. Keep up the great work!

Tim, VP Recruiting

The exposure you provided us was excellent and we received a wide array of very qualified individuals. In the end, we had some touch choices to make (which is a good thing).

Greg, Corporate Recruiter

I can't say enough good things about TalentZoo. They have been remarkably and immensely helpful in attracting a steady stream of excellent, high-calibre candidates to us.

With a first rate level of support, contact and customer service, TalentZoo is a classy website with a talent for attracting equally high class applicants.

Ken, CEO

I like your approach, Talent Zoo It's unique to receive a personal message from the CEO of a company these days. :-) I hope to find the perfect candidate to join my staff through your site.

Ayaimah, Recruiter

I have never used Talent Zoo before but so far, I am pretty impressed with the results! :) Keep up the good work!

Stephen, Corporate Recruiter

We have already gotten a great return from the ad we posted last week. We are very pleased with Talent Zoo.

Candace, HR Director

I had a great experience with TalentZoo and was able to fill a Community Outreach position using your service! Thank you!

Andrew, CEO

Of all the sites we utilize, Talent Zoo is the easiest for resume access, etc. It's easy and user-friendly.

Lisa, HR Director

We recently posted a listing on TalentZoo.com. With Talent Zoo's help, we were able to find the perfect candidate within 2 weeks. The resumes we received from Talent Zoo were the most qualified by a long shot.

Rob, Corporate Recruiter

TalentZoo.com provided us with quality candidates, exceptional service and fantastic results in 30 days. We will continue to view them as a strong resource for future creative recruiting.

Annette, HR Manager

I was able to hire somebody who is extremely qualified, which was a direct result of your website. Thank you.

Chip, Media Supervisor

The Talent Zoo job board is a great way to find a concentrated group of talented people with experience to get the job done. The website is easy to navigate and speeds along the hiring process, and the staff is always very helpful.

Elizabeth, Client Service Director

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