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GroupM Says Music Streaming Advertising is Worth $220m
January 2nd, 2017 by The Drum on Beyond Madison Avenue
Streaming music via services such as Spotify is worth $220m, according to a GroupM study. The AdAge-reported figure is the key finding from a report conducted by the WPP-owned business and Spotify and will no doubt act as a cornerstone of their recently-struck partnership.

Pandora Launches Improved Version of Its $5 Subscription Service
September 15th, 2016 by The Verge on Digital Pivot
As expected, Pandora has launched Pandora Plus, a rebranded and improved version of its $5-a-month Pandora One offering. It also has enhanced its free, ad-supported service, which the majority of its users take advantage of. The release of the updated services marks the beginning of a new era for Pandora, as the company will end 2016 with three tiers of service...
Frank Ocean, Apple Music, and theHeadache Of Streaming Exclusives
August 29th, 2016 by Fast Company on Digital Pivot
This weekend, I had a brief, uniquely modern conversation with somebody as we both stared into our phones together. "The new Frank Ocean is out." "Oh damn, really? Let me pull it up." "It’s only on Apple Music." "No, look, here it is on YouTube." *Pitch-shifted audio of Frank Ocean singing like a chipmunk* "Oh. Weird. I guess I should sign up for Apple Music." "Yeah, there's a free trial. Or you could just torrent it." For those of us who follow technology news and the constantly evolving music industry, the exclusive arrival...
Twitter Now Lets Users Stream Spotify Tracks Without Leaving Their Timeline
May 27th, 2016 by The Drum on Digital Pivot
Twitter users can now play clips of their favourite songs without leaving their Twitter timeline. The social giant has announced a new Audio Card integration with the streaming company...
Bringing Back The ’90s: Music Sampling and Branding Familiarity
November 20th, 2015 by Corinne MacInnes on Beneath the Brand
Novelty, uniqueness, originality — so often this is the mantra of advertisers and marketing specialists. Jaded audiences and contemporary media distribution make offering new branding ideas an increasingly difficult feat. The answer to this problem has been at creators’ fingertips for decades. It’s called branding familiarity. To put it simply, branding familiarity repurposes...
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