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Virgin America's New App Puts A Travel Agent In Your Pocket
July 28th, 2016 by Fast Company on Beneath the Brand
Travel agents were among the first casualties of the Internet age, rendered obsolete by websites that let travelers select and book their own flights. But considering how time-consuming and complex it can be to hunt down the right seat at the right time and for the best price (be honest—how many airline tabs did you have open the last time you tried to fly?), some of us may be nostalgic...

iPhone Sales are Shrinking for the Same Reason Pokémon Go is Thriving
July 27th, 2016 by The Verge on Digital Pivot
Apple today finds itself in the unusual position of having not one, but two consecutive quarters of slumping iPhone sales. The company’s stock price, however, has gone in the opposite direction, rising in response to Apple outperforming direr expectations. Those traders aren’t crazy. They just understand a phenomenon that is reaching its apotheosis in 2016: smartphone saturation.
Airbnb's Secret Tool for Designing for Every Person on the Planet
May 31st, 2016 by Fast Company on Digital Pivot
Designing an app like Airbnb's might not seem very complex. A dozen screens, maybe more, maybe less. But that's just in English. Airbnb's app also has to support 20 languages, some of which are compact (such as Korean), and some of which are extremely wordy (such as German).
Advertiser ID Tracking And What It Means For You
May 19th, 2016 by Forbes on Beyond Madison Avenue
There’s a powerful device out there collecting huge amounts of detailed information about your lifestyle, location, and habits—and it’s tucked away right in your pocket. Each smartphone is uniquely differentiated from hundreds of millions of other smartphones by something called an ad ID. Google’s version is known as GAID (Google Advertiser Identification) and Apple’s is...
This App Lets Rescue Workers Send Offline Alerts When Disaster Strikes
May 19th, 2016 by The Verge on Digital Pivot
Communication is critical during any emergency, but whenever a natural disaster strikes, it's often unreliable. Congested cell phone networks and damaged infrastructure can make it difficult for rescue workers to disseminate information, and for loved ones to get in touch with one another. A new app aims to change that.
Nokia is Coming Back to Phones and Tablets
May 18th, 2016 by The Verge on Digital Pivot
With Microsoft's epic mishandling of Nokia's mobile business coming to an end today, a new chapter for the storied Finnish brand is about to begin. Nokia has just announced that it will license its brand and intellectual property to a newly created company called HMD global, which will work to produce and sell a portfolio of Android smartphones and tablets. HMD global is based in Finland and will be led by Arto Nummela...
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