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Sorry Media, PR Can Do Better
July 6th, 2016 by Muck Rack on Flack Me
“Gross” That’s all the email from my editor friend had to say. And this one was a doozy. A new PR company was hawking their business model. “We have a new pricing structure. Its pay per placement. If we don't get publicity... you don't pay.” “We charge $900 per interview and these are national placements. Please choose 5 or 10 media placements you want.”

‘The Founder,’ Like Ray Kroc, Feasts on McDonald’s Imagery
May 20th, 2016 by New York Times on Beyond Madison Avenue
“Crosses. Flags. … Arches.” Those words are spoken by Ray Kroc, or rather Michael Keaton, in “The Founder,” a film about the McDonald’s Corporation, as he envisions the stature the soon-to-be ubiquitous emblem would attain for the fast-food chain in a nation that in 1954 already had steeples and flagpoles aplenty. “McDonald’s can be the new American church,” says...
How Brands Killed It on Twitter Suggesting the #NextBond
May 19th, 2016 by The Drum on Beneath the Brand
Daniel Craig has finally handed in his badge and his gun as secret agent James Bond, leaving a vacancy in the Double O programme. Craig who has played Bond on screen for over a decade has finally called it a day and the news quickly spread on social media on Thursday morning (19 May).
Public Relations Pet Peeves: IRL Examples from a Freelance Journalist
May 19th, 2016 by Muck Rack on Flack Me
There are some brilliant public relations professionals, who are such a godsend to work with, that I take all the pins out of my PR voodoo doll, and lie her on a sun lounger with a watermelon martini. Then there are PR pros who inspire me to jam my voodoo doll’s head in the toilet, after an especially nasty poo. This is a memo to those PR professionals. There are minor misdemeanors of course, that fall somewhere in between. Watch out for the following offenses: Misspelling the name of your PR firm...
How to Maximize Your HARO Response Pitches
May 10th, 2016 by Don McLean on Flack Me
I seem to have pretty good luck with pitching media who put out requests through Help A Reporter Out (HARO). Some people say it’s not worth it and some think it’s one of the greatest resources for the PR pro and journalist relationship. I’m in the second boat. The people that say it’s not worth it may not prioritize these requests the same way as I do, so I thought I’d share what I do to help boost results. Read every pitch title. I read every HARO email that comes through my inbox. Miss one email or just do a quick scan...
The Shrinking Wall Between Editorial and Advertising
April 29th, 2016 by Mike Bush on Flack Me
There seems to be a growing trend in the media that’s blurring the lines between editorial and advertising, and no, I’m not discussing Native Advertising. For PR Pros, this trend is creating awkward conversations with clients, the need for apologies, and even questions like “But aren’t you a reporter?” In the past six months, I’ve pitched stories to media (like everyone else in PR).
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