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How Real Brands Are Retaining Customers: 8 Strategies From Starbucks, Amazon & More
June 30th, 2016 by Hubspot on Beneath the Brand
What’s better than acquiring a new customer? If your first thought was “retaining a current customer” then your strategic thinking is in the right place. While there's a certain allure that comes with capturing new customers, keeping customers coming back will continually result in a greater ROI. How do you create a customer retention strategy that keeps your current customers engaged?

Bad Reviews Can Be a Very Good Thing
April 22nd, 2016 by Jeannine Wheeler on Flack Me
What’s so good about a bad review? Ask brands today that are using good (and bad) reviews — as well as other forms of consumer-generated content — to substantially boost their messaging, improve their products, and redirect their marketing plans. This, according to a Target Marketing webinar sponsored by Bazaarvoice...
Nordstrom’s National Brand Campaign is Full of Mirrors
February 12th, 2016 by Cindy Wendland on Beneath the Brand
There is very little that Nordstrom does that we don’t like. More positively, we love what we see at Nordstrom, in store and online. The latest tidbit to hit our inbox was their Spring 2016: “See Anew” video. We played it a few times then looked at the behind-the-scenes video to get our fill of spring brands...
Words Reporters, and the Rest of Us, Hate
February 9th, 2016 by Doug Bedell on Flack Me
PR people, be advised of this list of words or expressions that reporters and the rest of us, hate to encounter. Don’t use them, Noreen Seebacher, chief editor of SMG/CMSWire in Savannah, GA, counsels. What’s wrong with empower, reach out, de-layer and curate? They started out okay, but have gained a pretentious ring with overuse. Try to launch some new ones in their place!
Visiting a Rose Garden: Good PR In Action
February 8th, 2016 by Doug Bedell on Flack Me
From Shreveport, LA, comes a perfect example of good PR in action, of what the craft is about. The Shreveport Times interviews Beth Smiley, publications director of the American Rose Society, “who recently informed me that the American Rose Society is doing more than ever to invite visitors to explore the gardens this spring.” And Yes, “On Feb. 27, the American Rose Society will host its first Green Thumb Seminar of 2016..."
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