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Original articles from The Drum.
'BBC Dad' is Back in a Twitter Ad
Twitter has employed work-from-home champion Robert Kelly, (the dad from that BBC News interview with the adorable interrupting children), to showcase its latest features.

B2B Ad Spending Up Nearly 23%
The disappearance of in-person events, and a pause in the use of traditional tactics, has led to significant digital growth – especially in the healthcare, tech and financial services categories.

HQ Trivia Officially Shuts Down
The live game-show app which enticed players with cash prizes, has closed its doors with the loss of 25 jobs following the collapse of takeover talks.

Papa John's UK Created a Pizza for Bees
The pizza is a stunt shining a light on a new honey-drizzled pizza and helping to raise awareness about the decline of the majestic pollinator.

Despite Skepticism, Influencer Marketing Rose 83% YoY
There has been an 83% year-over-year growth in influencer marketing spend in the US and Canada, according to research from the influencer marketing measurement company, Instascreener.

Pizza Hut Revives Old School Red Roof Logo in New Campaign
Pizza Hut’s latest campaign features a bolder tone of voice and a resurrection of its red-roof logo – two things its chief brand officer hopes will resuscitate consumer love.

Do Award Shows Help Agency-Client Relationships?
Winning an award. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Joyous, fulfilled and the satisfaction that your work is better than all the rest.

Did Brands' Faith in Artists Die With Campari's Posters?
There aren’t many brands with the legacy or kudos to open an exhibition dedicated solely to their advertising. Campari, however, has both in abundance.

Burger King Asks Wendy's to Prom
It's prom season, and apparently that goes for fast food chains too, as Burger King recently asked a neighboring Wendy's to the prom.

Reddit Doubles Down on Advertising With New Sales Hub
Reddit will expand its partnerships team with the launch of a new sales hub in Chicago in the hopes of attracting more ad dollars from brands.

Viceland: "Weed Week is our Shark Week"
When it was set up two years ago, Viceland was a surprising proposition: a TV channel born from an online news channel.

How Brands Can Better Engage the LGBTQ Community
Though marketers say that they wish to be perceived as inclusive and progressive, the results of a study show otherwise.

Accounts On the Move: Heinz, Campbells and More
Campbell's Soup Company has awarded its global creative and media account to Publicis Groupe. And that's just the start.

How Hello Kitty Became a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand
Hello Kitty is a brand worth an estimated $7bn. The feline-like character’s curious, but broad appeal means Kitty’s image has been stamped on everything from airlines to breast pumps.

Amid Review, P&G Announces $400m Cut to Ad Spend
The cuts keep coming: P&G plans to cut advertising costs by $400m by implementing new agency models and reducing the number of agencies it works with by 50%.

Hardee's and Carl's Jr Will Finally Have Separate Personas
The parent company of both brands is letting new creative AOR Havas Chicago make two separate personas for the burger joints, featuring a new campaign for Carl’s Jr. voiced by Matthew McConaughey.

McDonald's 86's Cheeseburgers From Happy Meals
According to McDonald’s, the changes mean 100% of Happy Meal combinations in the US will be 600 calories or fewer by June of this year.

PepsiCo Confirms 'Lady Doritos' are Just Doritos
In the history of marketing, rarely has a ‘just for women’ product went down a treat with consumers, take the Bic lady pen or the Seat’s lady car for instance.

Why Some Brands Are Skipping This Year's Big Game
Brands including Honda, KFC, GoDaddy, Wendy’s and Intel - all of which purchased airtime during last year’s game - have said they have no plans to air a spot this year.

Muslim Model Forced to Resign From L'Oreal Campaign
The Muslim model named on Friday as the first hijab-wearing woman to front a main stream hair care advert has resigned under a cloud following revelations about her Twitter past.

Whole Foods Faces Backlash Over Food Shortages
A faulty inventory system at Whole Foods is leading to empty shelves at stores across the country, much to the annoyance of employees and customers alike.

Trump Draws Ire From Media Outlets Over Fake News Awards
Donald Trump is facing criticism from all sides after revealing a roll call of so-called ‘Fake News Award’ winners via the Republican National Committee’s own website.

Fiji is Donating $100,000 to Female Film Directors
Fiji’s signature square water bottles have become a staple at A-list events in recent years, with celebrities like Steve Carrell and Jennifer Lopez taking time out of their red carpet photo ops to sip on the H2O.

Facebook is Bringing Instagram Stories to WhatsApp
Facebook has now introduced an option for cross-posting updates on both platforms. Like Snapchat videos, these WhatsApp status updates would disappear after 24 hours.

KFC Takes a Page from Trump's Twitter Playbook
KFC is using President Donald Trump’s now infamous “Nuclear Button” tweet to rag on fast-food rival McDonald’s.

Rob Lowe is the New Face of Atkins Diet
Healthy eating and diet plans are top of mind for many people in the new year, which explains why Atkins has released a campaign starring Rob Lowe in hopes of modernizing the brand.

Can a New CEO Fix the Chipotle Brand?
Once the darling in quick serve restaurants, Chipotle has endured a series of issues that has put it in a difficult situation for both consumers and shareholders.

YouTube Reveals Plan to Address Brand Safety Issues
YouTube’s brand safety woes began in March when brands including Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo pulled their ads from the platform.

Disney Says Ditch the Dad Sterotypes
Disney has found a disconnect between the way dads see themselves and the way they are portrayed in media and advertising.

CP+B Will Close Flagship Miami Office in 2018
The months leading to the closure will be spent winding down and relocating operations. Aside from being its first office, Miami was also its smallest location.

Chobani Updates Creative Focus, Packaging
For its 10th anniversary, Chobani set out to show that yogurt isn’t just good for you, it’s a part of an overall health and lifestyle change.

Formula One Unveils First Logo Redesign In 23 Years
F1 looks to broaden the sport’s appeal, attract new audiences and build stronger connections with existing fans.

KFC Launches 'Anti-Internet' $10,000 Escape Pod
KFC has come up with a novel way of escaping the never ending cycle of Black Friday emails and seasonal humble brags in the form of a $10,000 'internet escape pod'.

Larry David's SNL Skit a Hit With Ad Council
Larry David play a pony-tailed ad exec receiving a lifetime achievement award at the 75-year-old nonprofit’s annual dinner.

Hilarious Used Car 'Ad' Goes Viral
The attempt to drum up interest in her aging Honda exceeded all expectations after a glossy promo video featuring drone footage, graphic overlays and a dramatic coastal road goes viral.

Trump Twitter Account Temporarily Deactivated
Donald Trump’sTwitter mouthpiece was silenced for 11 minutes yesterday by a rogue employee in their last act with the social media firm.

Eggo Tapped into Stranger Things Hype With Surprise Waffle Truck
Eggo Waffles have become synonymous with Stranger Things' protagonist Eleven. The Kellogg's waffle brand has become a staple of Halloween costumes and one YouTuber even remade the show's opening scene entirely out of waffles.

Sponsored Content: Rick and Morty Teams with Old Spice
Animated sci-fi show Rick and Morty has teamed up with a brand that may just be as off-the-wall insane as it is in Old Spice.

Google Wants to Bring TV Ads into the 21st Century
TV has traditionally been top of the food chain in terms of ad spend, but all that changed in the US last year when it was surpassed by digital.

Svedka Vodka Gets Creepy with Stalker Ads
Svedka amps up the creepy factor for Halloween with a new campaign featuring banner ads that haunt users everywhere they go.

Coming Soon: Branded Airbnb Apartments
Airbnb is extending its brand identity from the digital domain to bricks and mortar after partnering with a developer to create a branded apartments.

NYT: Nope to 'All The News Too Lit For Print'
BuzzFeed bowed down to lawyers representing the New York Times after questions were raised over the digital media platform's choice of tagline for its AM to DM Twitter live show.

5 Times Marketing Helped Change the World
The world so often appears to be littered with protest and people complaining about the state of affairs, but what are they actually doing to change it?

Fearless Girl and McCann Make History at Clios
Randi Zuckerberg introduced the agency’s historic wins for branded content, public relations, events/experiential, OOH, and Innovation during a special presentation.

How Hef Leveraged His Lifestyle in Advertising
His recognizable loungewear and desirable playboy lifestyle helped connect with audiences with the desired level of humor.

Unilver CMO Kicks Off Ad Week Addressing Digital
In a rare Ad Week keynote address, Weed spoke of the “murky digital media supply chain” and reiterated that the CPG giant wants 100% viewable ads.

ANA: Young "Talent Crisis" Is Unprecedented
The talent crisis is hitting a tipping point that could prove to be dire if clear steps aren’t taken to make the fields more appealing,

Samsung: Ad Agencies Should Fear Influencers
Samsung’s top US marketer has suggested that agencies should see social influencers as a threat to their business models.

American Cancer Society Repositions to Educate Public
The American Cancer Society has unveiled a new brand positioning and campaign to help people better understand what exactly the organization does.

Rolling Stone Put On the Market By Wenner Media
Following the sale of the independent publisher’s other titles, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal, the company is now selling its lead property.

Pinterest Now Has 200M Active Monthly Users
Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp shared that the platform has grown 40% since last year and that 85% of searches are now on mobile devices.

South Park Premier Messed With Your Home Devices
South Park's take on home devices deliberately triggered Alexa, Siri, and Google Home units – all to demonstrate a point about the real issues that could hamstring the future-looking tech.

Why Disney's Long-Term Focus is on China
While Disney’s history is rooted in American culture, its focus for future growth lies outside of the United States.

Gameday Questions? Call Coach Gruden
Calling up an ex-NFL coach on a Mexican beer hotline to get party tips is a winning idea. (Hint: Corona is the answer)

Google Issues Refunds to Advertisers for Fake Traffic
Google is issuing refunds to marketers and ad agency partners who used the company’s DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Nestle's Head Marketer Jumps Ship for Publishing
“Something is broken in advertising and we can’t do it the same way as before,” he recently told The Drum.

How Carpool Karaoke Became A YouTube Sensation
James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, where he's joined by a celebrity in a car for a singsong and a chat, is a YouTube sensation that has rejuvenated the late-night talk show genre.

Are We Taking AI Too Far?
AI offers us the ability to interact with customers on their terms 24/7, but can it really create rich, relevant advertising on a customized basis?

Twitter and TWC Will Livestream the Eclipse
The Weather Channel is teaming up with Twitter to bring audiences unrivalled footage of the imminent solar eclipse in a livestream that will follow the eclipse as it moves across the US.

Atari Takes Aim at Kit-Kat Over "Breakout" Ad
Atari was one of the first leading home consoles with titles like Pong, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac-Man in the 70s through 80s. The company’s fortunes are more modest today.

Brands Bulking Up In-House Digital Media Teams
Amid industry concerns around ad fraud, viewability, transparency and more, global marketers are making radical changes to claw back control of their media activity.

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson Urge Fans to Evade the Movie’s Marketing
An unusual conflict has broken out between the cast and director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and its marketer sparking a debate around whether movie studios are spoiling their own plots. Both Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill and movie director Rian Johnson both responded to a concern from a fan that the trailers...

Canon Wants You to Pick Up Your Camera and ‘Shoot for Greatness’
Forget your iPhone. A new spot from Canon and Grey New York shows how you can capture the everyday moments with your Cannon camera. In a spot called “Shoot for Greatness,” the brand shows that “Being at the right place at the right time means nothing without the right camera” in an effort to promote their Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR. Coupled with Chief White Lightning’s song “City Alive,” the spot shows the camera lens cap setting a domino-like effect that runs through water pipes, buckets, umbrellas...

How Brands are Tapping Into Consumers’ Faces – and Brains
Apple will reportedly enable users to unlock the upcoming iPhone 8 with their faces. This type of facial recognition technology is also being used at airports to both improve the boarding process and to enhance security – at least allegedly. But it can also help marketers determine consumers’ emotions. This burgeoning field includes startups like Affectiva...

Facebook Wants to Solve Advertising’s ‘Fat Thumbs’ Problem
With research suggesting that over half of all clicks on mobile ads are mistaken, Facebook has today (8 August) announced an initiative designed to limit the likelihood of users clicking on ad units unintentionally. The update to its Facebook Audience Network includes policy clarifications on unintentional clicks...

Apple Joins Instagram to Show Off ‘Shot on iPhone’ Photos
Although Apple has remained mum on social media for most of its existence, the tech giant is beginning to dip its toes into the social waters with the launch of its first Instagram account. On August 7, Apple revealed an official Instagram account complete with nine posts.

Dunkin’ is Dropping the Donuts From Brand Name
Dunkin’ Donuts is testing an abbreviated brand name in select stores as it looks to “reinforce that it’s a beverage-led brand and coffee leader”. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the Dunkin’ only branding will be trialed in California before rolling out to multiple locations.

Puns and PR: Domino’s Pizza’s Cheesiest Publicity Stunts
Pizza delivery ought to be a simple game, sell pizza, deliver pizza, rinse and repeat, but one brand has been seizing headlines on an almost monthly basis with its attempts to seemingly turn the industry upside down… Domino’s Pizza. Earlier this year, the company reported that it had shifted 89m pizzas internationally over 12 months...

Nostalgic 4th Graders Reminisce About Simpler Times in Funny Go-Gurt Ads
Go-Gurt’s latest campaign features two curmudgeonly fourth graders who are fed up with just how easy life is for the third graders below them. The tongue-in-cheek spots feature Tim & Charlie, two friends who spend their days reminiscing about the good old days when hoverboards didn’t exist yet...

Advertising Generates More Than Half of Revenue Sources for Mobile App Developers
With 55% of total mobile publisher revenue generated from ads, app developers are increasingly looking to continued growth in mobile publisher revenue. The greatest contributor to this category is mobile video ad monetization. Indeed, 31% of mobile publisher revenue comes from mobile video ads according to a recent report by AdColony.

Taco Mode Lets Hungry Lyft Riders Request a Taco Bell Stop
Quick service chain Taco Bell and rideshare company Lyft have teamed up to offer riders Taco Mode, an in-app option to add a Taco Bell stop to their Lyft ride. In addition, Taco Mode provides Lyft passengers the “ultimate Taco Bell experience,” which includes: a Taco Bell Lyft t-shirt...

Emoji Movie Billboards React to Traffic and Weather
No matter what emoji the Emoji Movie makes you want to use, it debuts Friday (July 28) – and is expected to generate $25m to $30m in ticket sales in the US and Canada opening weekend. And as it seeks to wrest the #1 spot at the box office...

Coke Zero: A Look Back at the Now-Defunct Brand’s Ads
With the announcement that Coke Zero is being replaced with a new product, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, here’s a look back on how Coke Zero has advertised itself to the public since it debuted in 2005. The original branding was in a white can, with the tagline “Everybody Chill,” which was not a hit with consumers.

How Discovery Differs From Search – and Offers Opportunities for Brands
While search and discovery sound similar – and they are – they are also two distinct concepts in marketing. The first is more established – and more familiar: a consumer uses a search engine like Google, YouTube or Amazon and the platform in question uses indexes of data to retrieve answers.

Kristen Wiig Plays the Part of ‘The Everyman’ in Pizza Hut’s Latest Campaign
Kristen Wiig has impersonated everyone from Michael Jordan to Khaleesi from Game on Thrones on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Now, the comedian and actress has now taken her impersonation chops to Pizza Hut to shill for the chain in its latest campaign.

Quilted Northern Sees its Toilet Paper Turned Into a Chic Wedding Dress
Every year for the past 13 years, toilet paper has experienced its 15 minutes of fame in the form of the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. Presented by Cheap Chic Weddings, this year’s 13th annual contest received more than 1,500 wedding dresses made entirely from toilet paper, glue, tape and thread.

Why Online Advertising is Killing Creativity
Recently I looked through various ‘greatest Ads of all times’ lists, and one thing struck me. They are largely all TV-led. For example, the biggest global advertising event is arguably the Super Bowl in the USA, where every year agencies try to outdo each other creatively. These ads hit the headlines worldwide; with a casual Google search, one can bring up a stack of features on Super...

Hefty Teams Up with John Cena, Havas Chicago Again; Adds His Mom to Latest Spot
Hefty’s back at it with John Cena as their brawny spokesperson. With the return of the “Hefty Hefty Hefty” slogan, the WWE superstar teams up with his mom, Carol Cena, to show that mother knows best when it comes to buying trash bags. “I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star than my mom,” said John Cena.

Heinz Rolls Out ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ To Trick Ketchup-Averse Chicagoans
Every city has its own unique culinary delicacies and quirks, but few rival Chicagoans and their utter refusal to put ketchup on hot dogs. That’s why ketchup purveyor Heinz has rolled out a ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ for National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday.

Coca-Cola Thinks Smart with AI-Equipped Vending Machine
Beverage giant Coca-Cola is giving the world’s dumb vending machines an AI-powered makeover in a bid to banish jammed change slots, broken dispensers and other malfunctions to the dim and distant past. Going way beyond a colourful touchscreen, Coca-Cola harbours visions of infusing the humourless lumps of metal...

Pandora Taps Foursquare to Show How Digital Ads Impact Offline Behavior
Personalized radio service Pandora is using Attribution by Foursquare, a tool that provides real-world conversion measurement for cross-channel media, to help its advertisers better understand how their digital ads are driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations. Foursquare said Attribution by Foursquare tells advertisers...

Boston Commuters Will Get PSAs in GIF Form
While hardened New Yorkers are left grumbling about the sad state of the Subway this summer and are stuck with “Stand clear of the closing doors, please”, riders of Boston’s commuter rail system are getting public service announcements in gif form, which the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) hopes will better promote its messages about etiquette and safety.

Jet.com Appeals to New Yorkers by Installing Smart Access Systems in 1,000 Buildings
As Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition leaves it poised to single-handedly shape the future of online grocery buying, Jet.com, the e-commerce site purchased by Walmart in a massive deal last year, reportedly has its own plan in the works to make deliveries faster and easier – at least in New York.

8 Times Game of Thrones Actors (Sort Of) Reprised Their Characters in TV Ads
HBO fantasy show Game of Thrones has revolutionized TV with its water-cooler storylines and brutal twists - it is also proving to be a launch pad for the actors involved, propelling them into the (sometimes) lucrative world of advertising. As one of the most talked about, and pirated, and expensive shows...

Mazda Makes Your Facebook Feed a Car-Crash in Safety Ad Drive
Japanese auto company Mazda is experimenting with an immersive ad format on Facebook that sees an out-of-control car skeet across the newsfeed. The ‘Distracted Driving’ campaign from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi is looking to inform Facebook users that fiddling with your phone while driving opens up a substantial risk of danger...

Tushy Spokes-butt Pleads for Cleanliness in Bidet Attachment Campaign
Watch - or wash - your backside, because your butt is talking to you in a new video campaign for Tushy, a bidet attachment for your toilet. In a three-part video series, a character called Your Butt (actually writer-actor Erica Hernandez doing a sexy French accent) pleads with you to upgrade your ‘uncivilized’ toilet paper...

How to Do Bad Advertising Well
Coke does it like a boss. Apple did it brilliantly for a decade. Dyson is up there, too. They all do bad advertising, and they make it work. By ‘bad advertising’, I mean the kind of work that no self-respecting creative director would take to a client, and would never trouble the scorers at Cannes.

Phishers are Tapping into Pied Piper and Hooli in New Email Scams
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, HBOshould perhaps be blushing. That’s because scammers are using domains for the fictional tech companies Pied Piper and Hooli from HBO’s Silicon Valley to try to trick unsuspecting consumers. In a blog post, email authentication firm ValiMail said Pied Piper and Hooli “have become well-known and highly recognized tech brands” as a result of the series and the network has created real websites for these fictional entities.

What This Year’s Box Office Hits - and Flops - Can Teach Us About Movie Marketing
In any given year, you’ll see theaters teeming with formulaic movies that Hollywood wisdom has decreed will undoubtedly drive huge profits at the box office. From star-powered tentpoles to franchises and reboots, there are tried-and-true formulas conventional wisdom says are ‘guaranteed’ successes.

Why a Great Idea Should Make You Nervous
No great marketing goal was ever achieved without hand-wringing. If you’re not lying awake at night in a pool of sweat the night before a campaign launch, you’re not doing it right. Great marketing takes great ideas takes great courage takes great Xanax. The problem with business is that nervousness is never a good thing. Comfort is the corporate resting state. Anything that disrupts comfort leads to downsizing.

Don’t Kill Cannes – the Ad Industry Needs It
Poor Cannes Lions. It must have hurt like hell that right in middle of the prized week, on French soil, a Frenchman running a huge French holding company dropped a surprise atomic pétanque ball on its head. Publicis Groupe, French for loads of agencies, is pulling out of next year’s awards. Does that turn next year’s festival into a Moscow Olympics-type situation where the winners...

Twitter and Facebook Cast a Little Magic to Celebrate Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary
It’s been 20 years since the release of the first book in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and to mark the occasion some of the leading social networks have upped their game with a slew of themed features celebrating its cultural significance. Twitter has introduced a specs and thunderbolt emoji...

Has Unilever’s Ambition to Eradicate Gender Stereotyping From Its Own Ads Been Successful?
It’s been one year since Unilever unveiled its global ambition to eradicate gender stereotypes from its ads. Now as it launches a new Unstereotype Alliance, how has its original pledge impacted its bottom line and the way it works with the industry? The Drum’s Rebecca Stewart and Robyn Darbyshire explore.

Game of Thrones Uses Social Clues and Games to Tout the Season Seven Premiere
Game of Thrones fans. In its final social campaign leading up to the season seven premiere of the wildly popular show, HBO will confirm that winter is coming by taking over the Summer Solstice today, June 21, with ‘winterizing’ activations across Twitter, Reddit and Google.

Dailymotion Repositions, Enticing Advertisers with a ‘Clean’ Platform
Vivendi video platform Dailymotion has today (20 June) unveiled a host of changes to its offering, including a brand repositioning that will see it target an older audience seeking premium content ‘clean’ of explicit visuals. Dailymotion, which was founded in 2005 and purchased by Vivendi in 2015, will now focus its audience...

E-Trade Wants People to Trade Rather Than Get Mad in New Campaign
E-Trade Financial Corporation has released its new creative campaign, taking a step away from its iconic talking baby and telling people: “Don’t get mad. Get E-Trade.” The video, digital and print campaign, done with agency of record MullenLowe, serves as the company’s first affirmation of its reinvigorated brand identity. In the 60-second spot, ‘Don’t Get Mad’, we see a man as he daydreams about the spoils of modern wealth, complete with scenes of the ultra-rich doing rich people clichés, like feeding a giant lizard...

How Taco Bell Stokes the Flames of Fan Love
Getting from “like” to “love” is a challenging proposition, especial in the QSR category. Strong opinions from consumers can be both a blessing and a curse. Tough feedback is a way for a brand – especially in the hyper-competitive category – to improve. However, the trials and tribulations of McDonald’s, for example, offer a glimpse into the razor-thin line between contributing to culture...

World’s Largest Advertising Companies Put Differences Aside for the Common Future
To help the United Nations tackle issues like poverty, climate change and inequality, the six largest advertising holding companies in the world along with independent advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy have joined forces. They will be lending...

Fight Rising Tides in Playmob’s Gamified Mobile Ad
Gamified mobile ads are raising awareness of climate change fueled rising oceans by allowing audiences to try to stem the tide in a pseudo-mobile game, accessible via ad, that is streamed in the browser without an app install. New York based global ocean preservation collective We Are The Oceans (WATO)...

Starbucks and Lady Gaga Collaborate on Colorful Cups of Kindness
A few weeks after its vibrant Unicorn Frappuccino set the world on fire - and was reportedly spit out by songbird Katy Perry - coffee giant Starbucks is partnering with another pop star, Lady Gaga, and her Born This Way Foundation to spread a message about being kind to one another. From Tuesday (June 13) to Monday (June 19), Starbucks will donate 25 cents from each of the Cups of Kindness beverages sold at participating stores in the US and Canada.

Pokemon Go Marks First Birthday with Data-Powered Outdoor Ads in Tokyo, London and New York
Niantic is celebrating the one year anniversary of its augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go, a year in which the game inarguably brought AR technology into the hands of consumers. Marking the waypoint, Wieden+Kennedy has embraced outdoor advertising to promote the game where it is played, in the great outdoors.

Droga5 Creates ‘Public Displays of Application’ for CoverGirl
Anyone who rides the New York City subway is familiar with the MTA’s ‘Courtesy Counts’ campaign, which encourages riders to use good manners during commutes. While the posters urge riders to avoid doing things like clipping their nails or eating while on the train, they also call out people who “primp” on the subway...

Potbelly Creates #FeedYourSmile to Celebrate 40th Anniversary
In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Potbelly, the sandwich shop which originated in Chicago, has turned to Detroit-based ad agency, Doner, to create a social media campaign called #FeedYourSmile. Throughout the month of June, the campaign will be released in two parts. For the ‘Twitter jamboree’ Doner brought improv musicians to a Potbelly in Detroit where they improvised original songs Thursday (June 1) as a response to 100 tweets from random unhappy people.

Burger King ‘Abdicates’ Title in Wake of Row with Belgium’s Royal Family
Burger King has opted to ditch its regal title in the wake of global controversy surrounding a cheeky advertising campaign which invited the public to choose between King Phillipe of Belgium and a Whopper burger when asked ‘Who is the king?’ The public poll saw voters select the Belgian head of state by a slender majority of 51% to 49% forcing the fast food chain to ‘abdicate’ its hold on the regal title by rebranding itself simply as ‘Burger’.

Is Out of Home, Out of Sight in Today’s Digital Age?
MTV famously played Video Killed the Radio Star as its first music video, alluding to radio’s decline in light of fans turning to TV for their music fix. It has been 36 years since MTV’s launch and radio is still around, proving that its made of tougher stuff. Similarly, with the launch of TV and now with online video, one would think out of home (OOH) advertising would be going the way of the dinosaurs.

What’s Missing is the Eyebrows: Marketers Need AI for Heavy Lifting, Not Emotion
“I’m a human being. When I see something that is well beyond my understanding, I’m afraid.” These were the words uttered by Garry Kasparov, then the world’s best chess player as he lost to a computer, IBM’s Deep Blue, in 1997. The dominance of intelligent machines over humans is a concept that has haunted...

Forget Ad Blocking, Your Content is Next
Like the newly converted, marketers are going all in on content creation. And for good reason. With growing numbers of consumers opting out of digital advertising, brands have realized that simply selling to people is not enough.

Warner Bros Signs Up as First Advertiser for Snapchat’s Sponsored World Lenses
Snapchat has advanced beyond selfie filters and overlays – a feature that rivals are pouncing upon – to roll out Sponsored World Lenses that allow brands to augment the world with specially designed 3D cameras using the rear camera of devices. Traditionally, Snapchat’s offering has been served...

Budweiser Toasts Derek Jeter with #ThisBudsFor2
To fete the legacy of legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and the retirement of his jersey this weekend, MLB sponsor Budweiser is out with what it called an “emotive new video”, This Bud’s for 2, which went live Friday (May 12). The two-minute video starts with Jeter’s final at-bat at Yankee Stadium, in which he hit...

Why Dove’s New Real Beauty Bottle Designs are a Brand Value Lost in Translation
When Dove’s Real Beauty campaign first launched, it wrapped women everywhere in the feel-good factor and inspired them in a whole new way. We felt closer to the brand. We liked and trusted it for knowing us. Now, Dove has sparked our emotions once again, although maybe not quite in the way they were envisaging.

Confirmation Bias is Derailing Great Advertising
The notion of confirmation bias is getting airtime these days because of its overwhelming effect on political opinions. Because confirmation bias is inextricable to being human, we’re each genetically programmed to rationalize evidence — research, data, a comment made by an influential person, even a story you overheard — to align with our preconceived beliefs...

Oreo is Asking Fans to Dream Up Its Next Oddball Flavor
Oreo is taking a page of out of Lay’s playbook for its latest campaign. In similar fashion to Lay’s popular ‘Do Us A Flavor’ promo, Oreo is asking fans to come up with its next cookie flavor for a chance to win $500,000 and “unprecedented” access to some of the brand’s top-secret creations.

Nike’s #Breaking2 Stunt Hailed as Marketing Triumph
For Nike, this was glorious failure. The sportswear giant’s attempt to propel one of its athletes to the “impossible” feat of a sub-two-hour marathon may have come up an agonising 26 seconds short, but the #Breaking2 “moonshot” is likely to be remembered for setting new standards in sports marketing regardless. Early this morning at the Monza Formula One racetrack in Italy, 32-year-old Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge...

How Brands Wished Star Wars Fans a Happy May the 4th
It is May the 4th again, a date synonymous with the Star Wars franchise on the merely coincidental fact it sounds like May the Force (be with you) – a cornerstone quote upon which the series is anchored upon. As a result, the Disney marketing powerhouse has cranked into full gear to offer the series...

The Economist Stresses Environmental Awareness with Free Coffee and Experiential Marketing
The Economist will be offering free coffee in New York City this month as it embarks on its #feedingthefuture campaign, highlighting the impact of food waste on the environment. The experiential campaign also marks the US debut of real world marketing agency Sense, which won The Economist’s North American business...

Fearless Girl Statue Generates $4.7m in Free Advertising
The ‘fearless Girl’ statue which stares down Wall Street’s famous “Charging Bull” has generated a huge amount of media attention since it was installed last month and, in addition to serving as a feminist symbolism, the sculpture has generated millions in free advertising.

Mobile Surpasses 50% of all US Digital Ad Spend for the First Time Ever
Mobile advertising accounted for more than half (51%) of the $72.5bn spent on digital advertising in the US in 2016. That’s according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, which noted this is the first time this has happened. The report also found total US digital ad spend was up 22% from $59.6bn in 2015.

Are We Entering Adtech’s Era of Accountability?
When it emerged that the Guardian was suing Rubicon Project (an adtech outfit that professes to be the friend of publishers) for non-disclosure of fees, the potential problems posed by adtech were spelt out. The Drum consults various sources to gauge how relationships between adtech and publishers will likely pan out. The more recent news of the breakdown...

Sports Drink BodyArmor Unveils First TV Ad with Kobe Bryant at the Helm
BodyArmor, a relatively new player in the sports drink market, has unveiled its first ever television ad campaign, and at the helm of its creative direction is former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Bryant is a huge investor in BodyArmor, having plunked down millions through his Kobe Inc investment company, making him the third largest shareholder. He has deals with plenty of top-ranked athletes in all the major sports to help push the drink out to the public, and nine of them are in this first campaign.

Red Nose Day USA Launches Third Annual Campaign by Asking Americans to Get Their ‘Noses On’
Comic Relief is kicking off its third annual Red Nose Day fundraising campaign in the US in the lead up to Red Nose Day on Thursday, May 25. Already a three-decades-old charity telethon tradition in the UK, the US version of Red Nose Day aims to help end child poverty, one nose at a time. Red Nose Day is all about bringing the nation together to have fun...

Why the YouTube Ad Boycott is Pointless
The YouTube ad boycott could reportedly cost Google up to $750m. And while this is chump change for the digital giant, if the movement was to pick up speed, it could arguably put a real dent in Google’s coffers – if not transform the digital marketing industry entirely. But, like so many boycotts these days, insiders say it’s not likely to have much impact...

Snapchat to Let US Advertisers Track When Customers Visit their Stores
Snapchat is to start offering more location data to marketers in the US, allowing them to better track the efficacy of their ads in the offline world. A new tool called Snap to Store has been in beta testing with a select number of brands and will now let advertisers with physical stores in the States see how in-store traffic correlates the Snap campaigns.

A New Era of Marketing at Acura is Underway
Luxury automaker Acura is out with a new campaign for its 2018 TLX sedan that it says reflects a new era in Acura marketing. That’s because the brand is going back to its roots with messaging about Precision Crafted Performance and an overarching thesis that includes exhilarating experiences, youthful optimism...

Native Ad Spend Surpasses Growth Expectations, Latecomers Benefiting from Best Practices
With native ad spend increasing by a whopping 600% from 2014 to 2016, and expected to reach $28bn by 2018, benchmark results from a recent study show that early adopters like automotive and B2B tech have had a rocky relationship with native ads. With these early adopters - which also include industries...

Gender Equality Movements in Advertising are Making Gains
For its Spring 2016 campaign, high-end shoe company Stuart Weitzman used three naked supermodels in an effort that looks very much like an advertisement from a bygone era. “It’s three of the most powerful supermodels in the world reduced to three objects wearing shoes,” said Madonna Badger...

The Spectacular Implosion of Pepsi’s In-House Kendall Jenner Ad Could Mark a Win for Agencies
Pepsi quickly pulled Kendall Jenner’s Jump In ad Wednesday (April 5) after complaints the spot appropriated the Black Lives Matter movement for commercial gain. In a press release announcing the campaign the day before, Pepsi said the ad, which was produced by in-house content creation team Creators League Studio...

Southern California Water Conservation Campaign Aims to Curb Drought
The drought in California may be easing after a long and wet winter, but that doesn’t mean the Golden State is free from water troubles. That’s why a new campaign by LA agency Quigley-Simpson for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (a state-established cooperative of 26 cities and water agencies serving nearly 19 million people) is informing people that water conservation is still a priority. In a new $1.3m campaign, the district is evolving its public education message...

April Fool’s Day Round-Up: Featuring Durex, Krispy Kreme, Coca-Cola, Argos and More
You better watch out, it is 1 April and as usual no one is safe with brands everywhere trying to make a Fool out of everyone. To celebrate the occasion here is a roll call of some of today’s best April Fool’s jokes that struck a smile at Drum HQ. Meanwhile, one International Fake News Day, find out which stories and story spinners were the winner of the first Faker Awards.

Wheelchair Racer Josh Cassidy Floats in Zero-Gravity Chamber in Bank of Montreal Spot
Paralympic wheelchair racer Josh Cassidy is seen floating in a simulated zero-gravity chamber in Bank of Montreal’s (BMO) latest ad. The television ad, created by FCB Canada, is part of the BMO’s yearlong “Wish it Forward” campaign, which was unveiled earlier this year to mark the the bank’s 200th birthday.

David Droga Will be Awarded Lion of St. Mark Award at Cannes
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativityhas announced that founder and creative chairman of Droga5 David Droga will be the recipient of this year’s Lion of St. Mark, an award that honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to creativity within the industry. Droga is one of the most awarded...

Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts with Waze’s Order Ahead Feature to Boost Brand Loyalty
Dunkin’ Donuts is the debut partner with Waze to launch a service that lets consumers order from within the real-time, crowdsourced traffic and navigation app, a move it hopes will further brand loyalty. The service, name Order Ahead, lets Waze users place orders prior to hitting the road...

Honest Company Kicks Off Baseball Season with MLB-Themed Diaper Line
Honest Company, maker of eco-friendly household products, has rolled out a line of diapers stamped with Major League Baseball (MLB) logos to kick off the start of the season. Called “Born a Fan,” the diaper line marks the company’s first partnership with a professional sports organization.

Instagram Hits the 1m Advertisers Mark Thanks to Growth Fueled by Small Businesses
Instagram has revealed that over 1m advertisers now run campaigns within its walls, saying the majority of brands it works with are small businesses. The figures mean the number of advertisers using Instagram has grown five-fold from the 200,000 number it cited last year.

Angel Soft Surprises Single Parents with Rent Checks and School Tuition in Latest Ad
Despite the fact that there are millions of single moms and dads raising children across the country, National Single Parent’s Day isn’t a day that’s widely celebrated or even known about. In fact, in Angel Soft’s latest ad, a group of single parents admit that even they’ve never heard of the March 21 holiday. To try and change that, the Georgia-Pacific toilet paper brand has rolled out a short film that features single parents talking about both the hardships and joys that come along with raising a child alone.

Turner and Snapchat Create ‘Live Stories’ for March Madness
For one of the biggest sports events of the year, Snapchat is taking its partnership with Turner, who holds the multimedia rights, to showcase March Madness. This event will kick off the two-year deal that the two companies signed to create “Live Stories” around events like college basketball for March Madness...

The Goodyear Blimp is Technically No More as the Last True Blimp is Retired
The 92-year-old asset will live on in airship form, but will always be called the Goodyear Blimp. The Goodyear Airship doesn’t sound quite right, does it? And yet if Goodyear was to be pedantic, that’s technically what it will be from now on. That’s because the tire and rubber company said goodbye to one of its infamous blimps – and the last of its GZ-20 models...

Kong: Skull Island Ominously Appears on Google Maps
Legendary Pictures is adding to the intrigue around the launch of Kong: Skull Island by having Google Maps feature the wild island on its service. The marketing stunt shows 200 photos of the island and directs users towards the movie’s website ‘discoverskullisland.com’.

Don Draper's 'Pass the Heinz' Ad Will Finally Come to Life in a Ketchup Campaign
The real and fictional worlds of advertising are poised to collide for Heinz's latest campaign which is centred around a concept created by Mad Men character Don Draper. The brand announced yesterday (13 March) that it "tapped" Sterling Cooper Draper Price, the fictional agency from the AMC drama...

Advertiser Tracking Concerns Second Only to Hacking for Web Users, Says Mozilla Survey
Hacking is a lead concern for web users, but it is closely followed by advertiser tracking, an issue the marketing industry may have to address if it wants to continue to deliver ads to these individuals. Internet company Mozilla has polled 30,000 of its users across France, Australia, Germany, Canada...

Making the Man-Child Matter: How Cap’n Crunch Founds its Real Audience
If you're a certain kind of baby boomer, you may have enjoyed the relatively care-free 70s and 80s staying up ‘til all hours, larking about and hitting the kitchen cupboards around midnight on the hunt for chocolate bars, toast and jam and, in my case, huge bowls of cereal. I still have all the free merchandise today - playing cards, breakfast bowls, yo-yo's etc.

Hidden Valley Pulls Out All the Stops for National Ranch Dressing Day
Happy National Ranch Dressing Day! To celebrate, Hidden Valley Ranch is launching an online store, the Hidden Valley Ranch Outlet, which will include branded swag like tees and totes, as well as a ranch fountain - which the brand says it livestreamed during the Super Bowl – and jewel-encrusted Hidden Valley Ranch bottles.

How Blue Apron Evangelizes the Message it's More Than Food in a Box
Meal delivery service Blue Apron, which says it provides “perfectly portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes”, is not the only game in town. In fact, just this week, seemingly invincible New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady announced he is teaming with plant-based meal delivery service Purple Carrot...

Nike to Launch Pro Hijab for Muslim Women Athletes
Nike is going where other sports brands have not ventured – apparel for women Muslim athletes. To that end, the company is introducing the Nike Pro Hijab, a performance head covering. USA Today reported that Nike is making the Pro Hijab out of a thin polyester material, available in both dark and neutral colors. It includes miniscule holes for breathability...

5 Trends Taking Over the Ad World This Week (and Beyond)
Lisa Utzschneider, Yahoo's chief revenue officer, gives her opinion on what's likely to be top of the agenda for marketers that are increasingly trying to get to grips with digital, as well as prove the efficacy of these efforts. The core components of this include: adtech; data...

How Saatchi NY’s New Leadership Plans to Live Up to 'Nothing is Impossible'
When Andrea Diquez and Javier Campopiano took on their respective roles as chief executive and chief creative officer of Saatchi & Saatchi New York last summer, things at the agency weren’t exactly smooth sailing. The Publicis shop was about to lose its longtime General Mills account, former chief executive Brent Smart and chief creative officer Jay Benjamin had both left the agency to pursue other opportunities...

Burger King’s Latest Ads Bizarrely Tout Its Actual Restaurant Fires
Burger King’s special brand of off-the-wall advertising has reached a new level: in its latest print campaign, the fast food chain is featuring three photographs of actual restaurants that have caught on fire in recent years. The photos, which show Burger Kings aflame in Italy, Pennsylvania and Oregon...

The Oscars Surpassed on Price Only by the Super Bowl for a 30-Second Slot
The Oscars is the second most expensive ad buy in US media with the Academy now accepting a historically high number of placements to accommodate brand demand, according to research from Kantar. A 30 second spot for the show (26 February) is likely to set brands back anywhere between $1.9m-$2.0m...

Why Patagonia's Off-the-wall Advertising Asks Customers to Think Twice
Early last year, Patagonia’s European marketing director Alex Weller was sitting with two creatives in the outdoor clothing company’s Amsterdam offices, bouncing around ideas for a brand campaign. As they talked tactics and scribbled suggestions, their eyes, and their conversation, kept being drawn to a few...

Oreo’s Latest Ad Lets Fans Virtually Launch Cookies Into Space
Mondelez’s Oreo has rolled out a mobile game that lets fans of the cookie brand launch Oreos into space and watch them fall into glasses of milk all over the world. The game, which is part of the brand’s new “Oreo Dunk Challenge”campaign, begins by asking players to take a photo of an actual Oreo cookie. Once the photo has been taken and “cookie recognition” has taken place...

Snapchat Spectacles are Now Available to Buy Online as US Pop-up Push Ends
After over 100 days of running a pop-up 'Snapbot' campaign, Snap Inc is finally letting customers in the US purchase its Spectacles online. Anyone in the country can now order, and virtually try on, a pair of the $130 specs via Snap's website. Up until now tech lovers have only been able to get their hands on a pair...

Google Ditches 30-Second Unskippable Ads on YouTube
Google will no longer force YouTube viewer to watch 30-second unskippable ads, saying that as of 2018 the ad product will be ditched. However, the 20-second and 6-second unskippable formats will remain. “We’re committed to providing a better ads experience for users online,” said a Google spokesperson.

In Advertising, As in Culture, The US Still Struggles with Diversity
While more brand content is coming out that depicts a broader scope of race, sexual orientation and gender identity, much work remains before US advertising is wholly honest about American society. And that’s true even though research shows consumers want diversity in advertising. In fact, a 2016 study from online market research firm YouGov and parenting website BabyCenter...

Content Advertising Slated to Grow Into a Multi-billion Dollar Industry by 2020
With a predicted growth rate of 32% year-over-year, and more than 2x the growth rate of digital advertising as a whole, the amount companies will spend on content advertising is slated to grow into a $50bn market by 2021 -- up from $12.8bn in 2016. According to a recent report, it will comprise 14% of all digital ad spend in 2017. Content advertising is described as the amount of digital ad...

Sonos Echoes Apple’s Seminal 1984 Ad During the Grammys
American audio electronics company Sonos is informing the public how to break household silence in a homage to one of the most iconic ads of all time. The company paid homage to Apple’s ‘1984’ Mac ad that aired during the Super Bowl, with its own video that debuted during the The Grammys (12 February).

P&G Dispatches Tide Loads of Hope to Louisiana Residents Affected by Recent Storms
Procter & Gamble said its detergent brand Tide is bringing mobile relief via its Loads of Hope program to residents of Southeast Louisiana impacted by recent tornados. According to a press release, the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry truck and a P&G mobile disaster response unit have been sent to help individuals and first responders in need of personal care items...

I’m With the Brand: How Artists and Advertisers Can Work in Harmony
The path to musical success used to run through one narrow channel – that of the label. If a rep discovered you, the label would throw some money behind you and you’d get radio play enough to boost your record/cassette/CD sales and you’d tour in support of the album. Even as radio remains strong with many listeners, the rise of digital music...

So Much Terrible Content, So Little Time: Why Brands Need to Abandon Interruptive Ads
We as people have become so time stressed, so attention fractured, that we have to choose wisely where to invest our effort and our eyeballs. Oh! There’s a Tweet I should probably read… Just kidding. But not really. [It was Instagram…who reads Twitter anymore now that Trump has stunk up the joint?]

After 50 Years, the Era of Objectification in Super Bowl Advertising is (Hopefully) Over
The Super Bowl of two years ago may be remembered as the most-watched television broadcast in US history – at least prior to Super Bowl LI – or for the Patriots’ most recent Super Bowl win, or for the questionable call with just seconds remaining that blew Seattle’s last chance to score and resulted in said victory.

Big Game, Big Stakes: Gaining a Guarantee on Super Bowl Advertising Investment
In the “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” discussion, much will be made of ads that air on Sunday night during Super Bowl 51, from all manner of industry ‘experts.’ Rankings will be published the morning after Game Day, celebrating ad winners, not the prevailing football team. But in the ad competition the only opinions that really count are those of consumers...

Busch Returns to the Mountains in its First-Ever Super Bowl Spot
Busch is making its Super Bowl debut by returning to its roots and “revitalizing some of [its] classic marketing assets like the brand’s iconic ‘stream pull’ and ‘BUSCHHHHH’ can crack sound,” but it is also introducing something new: The so-called Busch Guy, who dresses like the Brawny Man and will be featured in TV assets throughout the year.

Planet Fitness' Judgement-Free Zone Vows to be More Than Just a Gym
Planet Fitness launched "The World Judges, We Don't – At Planet Fitness, Be Free" campaign on Jan. 1 heralding the first collaborative work between the company and Boston, MA based ad agency Hill Holliday. The campaign, which was recently showcased in The Drum, is comical and involves people being judged by other people, animals, and even babies ending with the words...

Remembering John Hurt's Extensive Career in Advertising
John Hurt, the multiple Bafta winning actor, passed away at the age of 77 on Saturday (28 January), bringing to a conclusion a career spanning more than four decades, where he became acclaimed for his screen presence and unique voice. Hurt's breakthrough role in Midnight Express saw him receive a nomination for an Oscar. Performances in Ridley Scott’s Alien, the Elephant Man...

Hidden Valley Ranch Wants Consumers to Branch Out and ‘Ranch Out’
Hidden Valley Ranch is out with what it calls a new brand positioning, Ranch Out, that celebrates the product’s repertoire beyond salads. New TV spots will begin airing January 29. Calling it the most significant change to the brand’s marketing platform in 10 years, a rep said it comes at a time when ranch usage...

Google Took Down 1.7bn ‘Bad Ads’ in 2016, But Why Has Ad Fraud Become So Hard to Stop?
Google purged itself of 1.7 billion bad ads last year - more than double the number it axed in 2015 - a fact which belies a problem set to swell unless more advertisers refuse to turn a blind eye to inflated numbers caused by ad fraud. The online behemoth’s latest update on its own efforts to curb ad fraud highlights the scale of a problem; for all Google’s efforts last year...

Skittles Tells a Zany Love Story in Its Third Super Bowl Spot
Unlike many of this year’s Super Bowl advertisers, Skittles has opted to go the no-celeb route with a quirky spot that tells the story of a family who receives an unexpected late-night helping of Skittles from a boy who is crushing on their daughter. The spot, which marks the Mars-owned brand’s third appearance...

Latest Mattel Creative Celebrates #DadsWhoPlayBarbie
In another Barbie first, the brand is speaking directly to dads in its latest campaign that encourages men to play with their daughters. The creative includes a 90-second video with six dads and their daughters playing Barbie and trying out various careers, like doctor, teacher and astronaut.

Snapchat Advertisers Can Now Target Ads Based on Offline Behaviour
Despite once denouncing overtly “creepy” advertising, Snapchat has struck a deal with Oracle Data Cloud to allow advertisers to add offline user data to their arsenal. The partnership will allow the likes of Honda and The Honest Company to target Snapchat users more deeply with relevant ads based on things they have purchased offline. This data might come in the form of loyalty card behaviour, for example. The idea is that brands will be able to ascertain whether their ads on Snapchat influence users' offline behaviour...

John Oliver Gatecrashes HBO's Hits in Crossover Promo
HBO’s incumbent cynical Englishman John Oliver is promoting the return of his late night show ‘Last Week Tonight’ in a promo crossing over with three of the broadcaster’s most prominent shows. To cement Last Week Tonight's return (12 February), Oliver appears on the set of Game of Thrones from behind...

Hyundai Ups the Ante With a Real-time Super Bowl Spot
In a move slightly reminiscent of GoDaddy’s last-minute 2015 spot, reigning USA Today Ad Meter winner Hyundai Motor America announced it is returning to Super Bowl 51 with what it calls “an even more ambitious and creative program that will mark several Super Bowl breakthroughs.” The breakthroughs? Shooting...

Unilever: ‘Advertising Holds Back Progress When it Relies on Gender Stereotypes’
Compelled by a recent purge of stereotypes from its own advertising, Unilever conducted a global study that found the industry is preventing progress around gender stereotypes that hold women and men back. Nearly 70% of the 9,000 men and women surveyed across eight markets believe the world would be a better place if today’s children were not exposed to gender stereotypes in media and marketing. They argue that not enough is being done to address the issue, with three out of four (75%) respondents placing that responsibility on senior leaders, many of whom will no doubt be at the World Economic Forum where Unilever will reveal the results today (18 January).

Shorter, Off-Peak Posts Will Increase Facebook Engagements, Report Suggests
The use of video, keeping posts down to 50 words and posting during off hours are some key ingredients to more consumer interaction with Facebook posts, according to recent research from BuzzSumo. The report was based on an analysis of data from 800 million Facebook posts made in 2016. The researchers teamed up with Mari Smith to examine the number of shares...

DJ Khaled Teams with Champs Sports on Video Game Promo of Timberland Boots
Champs Sports and AKQA have teamed with Grammy-nominated artist DJ Khaled to create an 80s-style video game to promote heritage footwear brand Timberland and the release of the company’s latest boot. The retro video game, “Secure the Bag,” is a mobile-capable video game and interactive experience...

Adam Driver Will Be the Star of Snickers’ 'You’re Not You When You’re Hungry' Super Bowl Ad This Year
Adam Driver, who rose to fame playing Lena Dunham’s on-again, off-again boyfriend in the HBO series Girls, will be the star of Snickers’ 'You’re Not You When You’re Hungry' Super Bowl commercial this year. The campaign, created by BBDO New York, has become a Super Bowl favorite since its 2010 launch...

How Slack is Capitalising on the Podcasting Renaissance
Slack wants to grow its user base by creating quality editorial content that resonates with audiences which is why it has spent the last year establishing its brand in podcasting as the medium transitions from niche to mainstream. Since its launch just three years ago, Slack has been named as one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley, boasting four million daily active users, a valuation upwards of $3.8bn and a slew of high-profile clients including IBM, Conde Nast and LinkedIn.

Film Student's Emotional Adidas Ad Goes Viral as Viewers Urge the Brand to Take Notice
A German film student has been propelled to viral fame thanks to a powerful ad he created for Adidas as part of a class project. Fourth-year creative communications student Eugen Merher created the minute-and-a-half film in January last year, but since it was put live on YouTube and Vimeo last month it has been quietly...

Hershey’s, Nike, Cheetos and Johnsonville Had the Most Emotionally Impactful Video Ads of 2016
Nike, Hershey’s, Cheetos and Johnsonville had the most emotionally evocative video ads of 2016, according to research released by video advertising measurement company Ace Metrix. According to Ace Metrix, which conducted the research by measuring the frequency of emotive words and phrases...

Will 2017 be the Year Media Expertise Makes Marketing Famous?
One of the major takeaways from a year riddled with one media transparency scandal after another is that it has pushed the debate on the value of media higher up the corporate agenda for 2017. Now, it’s more likely for the world’s biggest ad spenders to (at least) consider if they should wrestle back control of a task...

Don Draper Shills for H&R Block
H&R Block, the tax preparation company founded in 1955, has enlisted the help of the perennially suave and debonair Jon Hamm, aka Mad Men's Don Draper, in its push for the 2017 tax season. Dubbed the Get Your Taxes Won campaign, H&R Block says the effort “goes directly to the heart of what people care about..."

GroupM Says Music Streaming Advertising is Worth $220m
Streaming music via services such as Spotify is worth $220m, according to a GroupM study. The AdAge-reported figure is the key finding from a report conducted by the WPP-owned business and Spotify and will no doubt act as a cornerstone of their recently-struck partnership.

Copywriting of the Year (Sadly)
Few misconceptions cause quite so much froth as the criteria for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ award. Since its inception in 1927 it’s been handed out to, amongst many others, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump – though yet to...

Amazon Rolls Out its Own Food Line Wickedly Prime, Pushing into the Private Label Market
Amazon is rolling out its private label food brand Wickedly Prime with a logo that is a version of the Amazon smile with a tongue, Geekwire reports. “We are Wickedly Prime, and our passion to experience and share the best flavors on earth has inspired..."

Almost Half of Advertising Agencies Plan to Hire More Staff in 2017
Almost half (43%) of agencies report that their business will increase in the first quarter of 2017, while only 11% expect a decrease, according to a fourth quarter survey of advertising agencies conducted by STRATA. With 42% of respondents anticipating the need for additional staff next year, and not a single agency reports plans to reduce staff sizes. This comes in contrast to Q2 this year, which found that the rate of hires was decreasing...

The 10 Best Ads of 2016 (You Won’t Believe #7)
I confess. That was clickbait. This will not be an article about the 10 best ads of 2016. It will be an article about the one campaign during 2016 that really mattered. It will be about a campaign that was everything that all great advertising campaigns should be; it was persuasive, it was engaging, it was emotional, it was original. It truly transformed our future. And it wasn’t done by Droga5. The title from my article borrows one of the tactics of this brilliant little campaign. The campaign I’m going to write about today is Fake News.

Instead of Holiday Gifts, Ignition Gives to LA School
Los Angeles-based independent creative and entertainment marketing agency Ignition decided to do away with the traditional gift giving a couple of years ago. Instead, they chose to help out their community by partnering with local charter schools to help fund programs. Ignition’s partnership with Alliance Morgan...

Duracell and Amazon Top US Consumers’ Favorite Holiday Ads
Duracell’s How the Rebels Saved Christmas and Amazon’s A Priest and Imam Meet for a Cup of Tea are the most-liked holiday ads in the US in 2016. That’s according to advertising analytics company Ace Metrix, which also noted even though the majority of brands opted to focus on deals and/or promotions – versus only 6%...

The Marketing and HR Power-Struggle: Who is Responsible for Brand Management?
Just imagine, for a moment, this fictional scenario. You are paying for presents in your local John Lewis store this festive season and the member of staff serving you, a Partner, is loudly rubbishing the company’s eagerly awaited Christmas television ad. You’d probably feel a little disconcerted; regardless of the ad itself, you’re a loyal customer and you expect to experience a sense of loyalty within. This gap, or disconnection between consumer expectation...

Facebook is Making its Ad Preferences Easier to Access: Drink and Parenting Ads Soon Blockable
Companies like Facebook that are in the business or delivering countless ads to countless people need to ensure that viewers remain viewers - this is at risk when distasteful or upsetting ads reach them as it risks losing a set of eyes at best, and a user...

Wix to Return to the Super Bowl with New In-House Spot
Wix has confirmed that it will return to the Super Bowl with a new TV sport that will showcase its creative strengths. The new ad has been created by the web development company’s in-house creative team and marks the third consecutive year advertising...

New Nike Campaign Asks If We're Running or Training Today
Nike recognizes the obsession people have with their first and second screens. We get caught burrowing down the rabbit hole of the internet. Social media and the lives and pictures of others rule our worlds. A new campaign from Nike, "Time is Precious,” launching today, points out, with some cheeky observations, that time spent binge watching, scrolling through newsfeeds...

How Adtech Aims to Stop Fraudsters Ripping Off the Media Business
Advertisers are doubling down on ad fraud with the industry trade group Trustworthy Action Group (TAG) pursuing a payment ID system which it hopes will help prevent organized crime elements from continuing to siphon money off from the industry.

KFC Pays Tribute to Nashville Hot Chicken in Song
On the heels of chicken-themed products like candles, sunscreen and nail polish, KFC has released what it calls the "spiciest and smokiest album of 2016," the Nashville Hot record, which is available on 33 1/3 and online. Written, produced and performed by actor Fred Armisen, KFC said – no surprise here – the record celebrates its Nashville Hot Chicken, which is available...

PepsiCo Launches Premium Water Bottle Brand Named Lifewtr
PepsiCo has launched a premium water bottle brand called Lifewtr in a bid to rival Coca-Cola’s Jennifer Aniston-endorsed Smartwater. Lifewtr, which PepsiCo is describing as “a purified water, pH balanced with electrolytes added for taste,” will begin to hit US shelves in February of next year. The launch comes as bottled water sales continue to grow with consumers looking...

Taco Bell Flexes Its Social Muscles on YouTube
Just like that, Netflix and Amazon have a little more competition in scripted original video content – and from a perhaps unexpected source: Taco Bell. That’s right: With the launch of a new YouTube series – and more to come – the notoriously social-savvy brand is staking its claim on what it calls its “last unconquered channel.” The brand has nearly 10.5 million likes on Facebook, nearly 1 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1.8 million followers on Twitter. And, what’s more, its Snapchat lens for Cinco de Mayo...

In-Article Video Ads are the Shiny New Thing... But Are They Worth the Investment?
The world of online advertising is a diverse one with countless mediums, publishers, formatting, and tracking options. Accordingly, it’s tough to discern which “latest and greatest” advertising methods are worth the investment and which ones are over-hyped.

How Chatbots will Revolutionize Holiday Shopping
It seems almost quaint that there was a time when holiday shopping meant harried parents drove to physical stores in search of the season’s must-have toys for their children. And just as e-commerce changed the holiday shopping game, delivering said toys to consumers’ doorsteps not unlike Santa himself...

Google Gets Into the Holiday Spirit with Santa Tracker
Google’s Santa Tracker is officially live and counting down the days until December 24 in an advent-calendar-like experience with interactive features that really up the ante from the chocolate in the physical calendars of yore. That’s right: The 2016 experience includes Santa’s Village, which opened on December 1 and includes new daily features that allow visitors...

General Mills Chooses Three Agencies for US Creative Work
General Mills has chosen Joan Creative, The Community and Erich & Kallman to work on US creative projects moving forward. The decision, reported by Ad Age, comes months after the food giant - whose brands include Cheerios, Fiber One and Yoplait - began a review of its creative agencies in the US. In October...

Changes in Content Consumption: How Advertisers Can Cut Through the Noise
With the emergence of digital channels such as Vimeo, Netflix, YouTube and Snapchat to name but a few, traditional media and advertising streams are sharing their space with a multitude of ways to consume content. Consumers have more choice than ever before and by 2017, consumer spending on digital content will reach $180 billion...

Study Shows Consumers Seven Times More Likely to Trust Social Media Photos Over Traditional Advertising
With only six per cent of people surveyed in the UK (between the ages of 16 to 49) trusting traditional advertising, over three-quarters of those surveyed state they prefer looking at user-generated images (UGC). The recent findings suggest brands may have to re-think strategies when seeking trust and engagement among consumers.

Native, Video and Programmatic are the Essentials for Mobile Advertising Success
There’s no doubt mobile is an immense opportunity for digital advertising, particularly in this part of the world (APAC). Almost three quarters of us will have a mobile device by 2020; that’s 3.1 billion people. Such growth is difficult to ignore...

Kylie Jenner, Amazon and Electronics Brands Dominate Cyber Monday Buzz
Even though Adobe reports social media buzz is down overall on Cyber Monday 2016, social media analytics firm Talkwalker says there are plenty of brands with reason to celebrate. Per Talkwalker’s figures, there have been approximately 580,000 mentions of Cyber Monday on social networks in the last week, but that includes more than 220,000 mentions in the past 24 hours.

McDonald’s Strikes Deal with WestJet Airline to Serve Coffee at 35,000 Feet
McDonald’s has beaten Starbucks and Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons to a deal with WestJet airlines that will see the fast food company’s coffee served to customers at 35,000 feet for the first time. The deal with Canadian airline WestJet will mean McCafé’s Premium Roast...

Original Gerber Baby Celebrates her 90th Birthday
Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, celebrated her 90th birthday over the weekend. Cook became the face of Gerber in 1928 when the baby food brand held a contest to find a face for an advertising campaign. When Cook’s neighbor, artist Dorothy Hope Smith, entered a charcoal sketch of Cook to the contest, she noted that she’d finish the drawing if she won. Yet according to Gerber, the judges were so pleased with Smith’s entry that they “insisted that the simple illustration remain a sketch.”

Study Shows Women Increasingly Look to Their Own Social Network for Purchasing Decisions
With epic shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, brands might be wise to consider the impact of social media recommendations and online reviews impacting female shoppers. A recent study by Influence Central suggests that 96% of female consumers seek out opinions and recommendations from others – including friends and 'other moms'...

Match.com Romanticizes the Words “I Met Someone” in Charming SS+K Spot
When a relationship is on the rocks, a few common phrases are surefire signals that the end is nigh (George Costanza’s “it’s not you, it’s me” is my personal favorite). But when starting a new relationship in today’s dating app-filled world, how does one know when someone is no longer just a fling and is actually the real deal?

Facebook Vows to be More Transparent About Metrics After Admitting More Miscalculations
Facebook is opening itself up to more third party measurement in a bid to stop the spread of negative sentiment among advertisers that’s building in the wake of its admission of more miscalculated metrics. Concerns that the social network can’t continue...

Foursquare and Snapchat Collaborate to Offer a Better Sense of Direction
Foursquare and Snapchat announced today that Snapchatters will have better, more relevant geo-filters that will now be  more specific, creative, and fun. Foursquare already has location data for Twitter, Uber, Apple, Pinterest and 100,000 other services, and Snapchatters can now harness the data at Foursquare, which includes over 87 million places in Foursquare's database.

Taco Bell's 'Experience of the Future’ Debuts in Vegas
The Las Vegas Strip has long been known for gambling, showgirls and Elvis impersonators, but soon it may also be known for Mexican-inspired quick service food with the grand opening of Taco Bell’s new flagship location in Las Vegas. The opening on November 14 will also see the launch of a new logo...

Is It Too Late for Adblock Plus to Stand for Something More Than Adblocking?
Adblock Plus has a problem; it’s known for being an adblocker but would rather be known for having an amicable relationship with the industry it has done so much to disrupt. To do that, it is planning to launch three additional features next year. It might sound like a crisis of identity for the beleaguered business...

Adobe to Buy TubeMogul in $540m Deal
Adobe is to purchase TubeMogul, a publicly-listed adtech outfit specializing in video advertising for $540m, the software giant has announced, in a deal that marks another significant milestone in the sector’s ongoing consolidation. The acquisition will see TubeMogul’s technology, which helps advertisers and media agencies buy video ads both on websites and addressable TV...

Facebook Messenger App Enables Paid Advertisers to Engage with Users Instantly
A 'call to action' ad can now become a 'call to conversation' as a new messaging app for paid advertisers on Facebook makes it possible for marketers to turn its messenger bots into ad bots. In other words, when a sponsored ad appears in a news feed, a user can instantly "have an open, existing conversation with a brand"...

Rate Friends and Enemies as Netflix Marketing Brings Black Mirror's RateMe App to Life
Netflix has revealed an app enabling the public to rate each other based on their interpersonal social interactions as a means of marketing its new flagship series. Based on the Rate Me app from Black Mirror season three, episode one 'Nosedive'...

WHO Urges Crackdown on Junk Food Ads Targeting Children on Apps and Social Media
The World Health Organization has called for a crackdown on junk food adverts aimed at children which appear on apps, social media and video blogs. Officials believe that junk food providers are sneaking under the radar by targeting their adverts at children so that adults are unaware of the volume of commercials their children are being exposed to online, prompting calls for government...

Don’t Ask Me to Wait, Again: Why Diversity in Advertising Cannot Be Segmented
I am tired. My soul is exhausted. I never wanted to be active in the diversity discussion. I simply wanted to create great ads. I wanted to write. But the world will not let me simply write. And I am so angry about that. This sucks so very much. I blame my parents. They raised us to stand up for what we know to be right, to fight for more than money. Why couldn't I have bad parents?

‘The 30 Second TV Ad Slot is Not Going Anywhere'
Panelists at the second day of The Drum’s inaugural Programmatic Punch event in the US, today (November 3) discussed The Future of TV, with interactive TV experts asserting that despite the ongoing seismic shifts in the industry, some of the core principles are not about to change.

Slack Warns Microsoft Off Workplace Comms with NYT Ad: ‘This Is Harder Than It Looks’
In anticipation of Microsoft unveiling its workplace chat service in New York today (2 November), rival Slack took out a full-page ad in the New York Times letting the computing giant know it is in for a fight. A full page of copy, penned by Slack chief Stewart Butterfield, warned Microsoft that its relationship with customers...

Mobile Accounts for Nearly Half of All US Online Ad Revenues
Nearly half of all internet advertising is now mobile in the US, with total revenues from online media hitting $32.7bn in the first half of 2016, according to the latest numbers from the IAB. The trade group today (November 1) released its latest report today proclaiming the figure an “all-time high”, growing nearly 19%...

Brands Want In on Chicago Cubs' World Series Run
1908. One hundred and seven years ago was the last time the Cubs took home the World Series “W.” That hasn’t stopped fans from cheering for a team that hasn’t won the whole thing in over one hundred years. Based on preliminary rankings from Nielsen, Games 1 and 2 were the best ratings Fox has had...

Buzz Aldrin Bowled Over by Quaker Oats
Quaker Oats have convinced the second man to land on the moon to make some space in his schedule to star in the breakfast brand’s latest television campaign. Buzz Aldrin is set to touch down on 1 November for a four-week run on the small screen recalling his famous foray to the orbiting chunk of rock whilst munching on a bowl of porridge.

Nike Comes 'Out of Nowhere' with Latest NBA Campaign Film
With ratings down in the NFL season this year, perhaps it’s time for other sports to charge ahead. If Nike has anything to do with it, this NBA season will be one to watch, with signature athlete LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers defending their title after a miraculous run in last year’s finals.

Has the Stage Finally Been Set for Programmatic Creative?
The phrase “programmatic creative” has been on everyone’s lips and on people’s minds for a while, but it might be that years from now, 2016 may be considered the year the industry pivoted to embrace the technology and methodology in a meaningful way. Just last week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the release of its Dynamic Content Ad Standard as the driving protocol to coalesce the digital ad industry around a common set of rules...

The Nine Second Rule: Opting Out of Pop-up Ads Within Seconds is The Norm, Study Finds
The New York-based firm MediaBrix recently studied how people interact with their smart phones when an ad appears and learned that there was a distinct preference depending on how the ad was presented and that a pop-up ad was viewed for nine seconds compared to 44 seconds for the opt-in ad.

Facebook Rolls Out Ad Campaign to Teach People About Live
Facebook has launched a campaign across the US and UK to help users understand its Live product, using user-generated footage to show its potential. It comes following internal research which suggested that while people were aware of Live, there are barriers to people using it personally. So, the company is using a two-phased approach...

Unilever is Using Facebook Chatbots to Encourage Kids to Brush Their Teeth
Unilever-owned oral care brand Signal Pepsodent has developed a Facebook bot that looks to encourage kids to brush their teeth by drip feeding them cartoons. The interactive storytelling platform makes use of Facebook's Bots on Messenger service and was created by R/GA London as part of a wider behaviour-changing campaign. Dubbed 'Little Brush, Big Brush',...

Delta Partners with Lands’ End, Zac Posen to Create New Uniforms
Plum, graphite and cardinal will be Delta’s new signature colors as the airline partnered with Lands’ End and designer Zac Posen to create 60,000 new employee uniforms, revealed in an event in Atlanta on Tuesday. Employees working as ticket and gate agents, at the Sky Club and in-flight will sport the outfits inspired by Posen's designs and his color palette.

Coca-Cola Centralises Social Media Marketing
Why is one of the world’s biggest advertisers Coca-Cola centralising its social media marketing? It’s less a shift in the traditional agency model and more a course correction to how things should function as brands reach social media maturity. Having multiple agencies run different accounts independent of one another was expensive...

Target Removes Clown Masks After Creepy Clown Scare Across the US
In more than 20 states across the US, creepy clowns have been menacing neighborhoods, causing Target to pull clown masks nationwide "out of sensitivity" for the reported violence and threats being made. The retailer limited its selection to one in-store option and 10 online ones and said that those kept in stock were less traditional and a less threatening image of a happy, cheerful clown, according to Reuters. The first recent clown menacing started in August in South Carolina when children claimed that clowns...

Why Grey Poupon's Advertising Cuts the Mustard for Rappers
Grey Poupon's vintage ads have made the mustard brand an unlikely favourite among rappers, with everyone from Kanye West to Jay Z and Big Daddy Kane referencing it in their songs. Until now the origins of the obsession with the Dijon spread have remained a mystery...

CoverGirl Names James Charles as First Ever CoverBoy
CoverGirl, one of the most iconic makeup brands, named James Charles as their first ever CoverBoy. James Charles, 17 years old, is the newest face of the brand, as well as being a social media makeup tutorial superstar. CoverGirls "are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe..."

Study Accuses Coca-Cola and PepsiCo of Lobbying Against Health Legislation like Big Tobacco Firms
US soda giants have been accused of emulating the behavior of big tobacco lobbying tactics in the US in a study published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been called into question by the report, with it claiming they used their collective weight between 2011 to 2015 to lobby against 29 health bills that would have effectively reduced soda consumption – which is often linked to sugar consumption and obesity.

Health Nuts Get a Glimpse into Their Future in Playful Nature’s Bounty Ads
In Nature’s Bounty’s latest campaign, the vitamin and supplement brand doesn’t spend time any time running through a humdrum list of product health benefits. Instead, in three tongue-in-cheek spots created by Droga5, the company shows why your future self will thank you for taking Nature’s Bounty’s products. One ad shows a man who takes probiotics to help with digestion...

How Facebook’s Virtual Reality Shakedown Could Bring a New Dimension to Marketing
When Facebook snapped up Oculus for $2bn back in 2014, the co-founder of what would go on to become one of the world's most recognisable headsets, Palmer Luckey, predicted that Facebook, as we knew it then, wasn’t the future of virtual reality (VR). “VR, will be social,” said the Rift creator, “but it’ll be on totally new platforms..."

Naked Juice May Not Be Bottles of Health, According to Lawsuit
A suit has been filed against PepsiCo, the parent company of Naked Juice, which the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claims that the fruit juices are not nearly as nutritious as the bottles claim. The suit by the non-profit said that the fruit-and-vegetable-based juices, which are advertised as “predominantly containing high-value ingredients such as acai berry, blueberries, kale, and mango, when in fact the predominant ingredient..."

Google Pixel and Droga5 Put the iPhone in Their Crosshairs
Undeterred by what could be considered the huge failure of Amazon’s ill-fated 2014 foray into the phone business, Google is stepping up to the plate with its own version, Pixel, and a no-holds-barred campaign from Droga5 meant to push the device as the next big thing — and perhaps steal a bit of the iPhone 7’s thunder. Per the release video, Pixel has a battery that charges for seven...

Private Property: Why Consumer Privacy is Tech's Next Frontier
What is the one thing that all advertisers, content creators, application developers, and tech companies should all wake up in the morning thinking about? People's privacy. Why? It’s the single greatest thing getting in the way between creators and consumers. Today, more than three-quarters of Americans worry about their online privacy.

Teespring Hits the Big Leagues with #MyCityMyTeam Launch
A start-up commerce platform company Teespring has moved quickly into the big leagues this year and last week announced the launch of #MyTeamMyCity today, a limited-edition collection in collaboration with the National Football League (NFL) featuring officially licensed apparel designed by more than 30 major...

Why Influencers are Being Unfairly 'Singled Out' by Ad Watchdogs
As the proliferation of influencer marketing continues to explode, advertising watchdogs are scrambling to ensure rules around disclosure protect fans following those influencers, but are they being singled out unfairly compared to other marketing channels? According to Karen Robinovitz, chief creative officer...

Vogue Under Fire on Social Media After Senior Writers Call Bloggers 'Pathetic' and 'Embarrassing'
Vogue is left in hot water following an article from editors naming bloggers as ‘pathetic’ ‘desperate’ and ‘embarrassing’ during Fashion Week. The article, published during Milan Fashion Week, was written by a selection of Vogue editors including chief critic at vogue.com, creative digital director Sally Singer and Vogue runway director Nicole Phelps.

How McDonald’s and Omnicom Plan to Make Zero-Margin, Performance-Related Pay a Recipe for Success
A zero margin, performance-related pay model might seem more beneficial for McDonald’s than Omnicom but both advertiser and agency are confident it’s the best way to balance the small agency intimacy with the cost efficiency and breadth of a big agency, write Natalie Mortimer and Seb Joseph. It’s a model its creators...

Google Talks Up YouTube's Branding Credentials at Advertising Week New York
Google has used this week’s activity to announce a host of advertising services that help marketers understand how online ads drive offline behaviors, and make a number of bold claims, including how YouTube ads drive double the amount of searches compared to TV executions.

Snapchat Rebrands as Snap Inc After Camera 'Spectacles' Unveil
Ephemeral messaging service Snapchat has played its hand, showing a wider strategy beyond its core messaging app with the unveiling of its secretive venture into hardware. Following a sweeping rebrand that saw web domains and social media counts renamed as Snap Inc, company chief executive Evan Spiegel has revealed Spectacles – a pair of $130 sunglasses with an embedded video camera. Aping a minor feature boasted by Google Glass, the product looks to be focused only capturing moments, a mantra the company has been built upon. Footage captured on the specs is sent to the Snapchat app...

Airbnb Creates Ads for Debates Over Rentals in Seattle
Airbnb and the City of Seattle are in a debate over home sharing restrictions that has propelled the company to create TV, radio and web ads to show how the service has positively impacted its hosts in the city. The legislation, spearheaded by councilmember Tim Burgess and Mayor Ed Murray, was proposed to regulate the service.

Marketers Need to be Comfortable with Ambiguity, says McDonald’s Richard Murphy
Mcdonald’s CVP of digital, growth and foundational markets Richard Murphy called on marketers to become more comfortable with the uncertainties, citing the adage “it’s no longer the big that eat the small, it is the fast that eat the slow.” Murphy was speaking alongside Stephen Li, CEO at OMD APAC, about the anatomy of fear...

Unilever is Buying Green Cleaning Products Company Seventh Generation
Unilever has announced that it is buying Seventh Generation, a Vermont-based cleaning products and personal care company that bills itself as an environmentally-friendly alternative to its CPG rivals. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, Unilever stated that Seventh Generation brought in more than $200m in revenue last year.

Stop Paying Agencies for the Wrong Things
​As I read the ANA commissioned reports on transparency and rebates in our business, I was floored. Not floored at the findings but floored that anyone is surprised at the findings. I’m also floored that brands (and agencies) seem to be lost as to how to solve the problem. To me, the causes and the solutions are pretty...

Taco Bell’s Latest Marketing Feat? A Pop-up VR Arcade in SoHo
For two days, New York’s SoHo neighborhood, which is perhaps best known for prohibitively expensive real estate housing exclusive boutiques from prohibitively expensive designers, will host a VR pop-up from Taco Bell. That’s right: The QSR brand is jumping...

The NCAA is Sick and Tired of 'Empowerment' Advertising
Women athletes are done with ads telling them to be empowered, according to a new ad from the NCAA and SS+K. “Done” features award-winning and professional athletes, including Misty May Treanor, Natalie Coughlin Hall, Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike, to drive home the point that female athletes are powerful because they work hard and have been for years, not because ads...

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome in Marketing
“We need a strategy for how we are going to use Pokémon Go for our client.” What I had feared, happened. The insane growth of this alternate reality mobile application had made its way into the forefront of our client’s digital strategy. Step aside, Snapchat. Step aside, VR. A new shiny object has entered the arena.

Dos Equis Has Named French Actor Augustin Legrand as its New ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’
Months after Dos Equis bid adieu to its original ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ by sending him on a one-way trip to Mars, the beer brand has announced that French actor Augustin Legrand is now taking on the role. While Legrand will star in his first commercial for the beer brand next month, Dos Equis has rolled out a short video...

Apple’s Tax Affairs Have Not Shaken its Loyal Customer Base
Last week Apple was ordered by the EU to pay around €13bn (£11bn) in back taxes in Ireland. This news led to a wave of negative press for the tech giant. But has this story damaged the company’s public perception? The BrandIndex buzz score measures whether people have heard anything positive...

It's Time to Find the New Generation of Diverse Talent or Watch Your Pitch Opportunities Shrink
There’s a well-worn adage in pitch circles that the agency who most wants to win the pitch is the agency most likely to win the pitch. And the proof is in the pudding. In the past 12 months, I have seen time and again agencies driven by an insatiable hunger to win and brilliant talent pool at all levels delivering the extra intangible...

19% of Social Media Accounts Associated with Top Ten Brands are Fraudulent, Says Study
Fake brand social media accounts are on the rise according to a study into the shape of the industry from Proofpoint. From April through June 2016, the 10 top brands across different industries were identified and analysed across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. A total of 4,840 brands were found to be associated with these companies – almost a fifth (19 per cent) were fraudulent.

The Chipotle Effect: It's Time to Re-examine Your Social Media Policy
In January of 2015, Chipotle employee James Kennedy tweeted something negative about his job. The moment he tweeted, he broke Chipotle’s corporate policy forbidding employees to post about the company on social media. And while Kennedy’s tweet was negative in tone, Chipotle and other brand’s social policies cover all social media activity, whether you tweet, post...

BuzzFeed Restructures News and Entertainment Divisions to Become 'Cross-Platform Media Company'
BuzzFeed is to split into two distinct divisions in a bid to separate its news content from its entertainment offering. The media giant will now operate BuzzFeed News as well as a newly-created entity dubbed BuzzFeed Entertainment Group (BFEG). The move is designed to cement the publisher's position as a dominant player in the digital video space, and was brought to light after Vanity Fair published a memo sent to staff from BuzzFeed chief executive Jonah Peretti.

Holy Triathlon! Sister Madonna Buder Features in New Nike Work from W+K Portland
I was raised Catholic and in the pantheon of nuns, the likes of Mother Teresa and Frances Xavier Cabrini generally top the list of most famous — and deservedly so. They are badasses (such language!). However, one nun, 86-year old Sister Madonna Buder, known as the “Iron Nun,” is taking pious fame...

Twitter Names Pepsi as Global Launch Brand for Promoted #Stickers Project
PepsiCo will be the first company to test out the promoted version of Twitter’s #Stickers offering, which will act as an extension of the beverage brand’s PepsiMoji campaign. Announced today (15 August), the partnership follows ‘months of collaboration’ between the multinationals and is the largest partnership inked between the two.

Why Facebook Represents a Fearsome Opponent for Ad Blockers
The news that Facebook is going to stop users blocking ads is very welcome. While you can argue that ad blockers give users power over what they are exposed to online, they also damage the businesses of companies that depend on advertising revenue, and it’s good to see a company like Facebook, with both scale...

Animator Accuses McDonald’s of Plagiarising his Viral (and Surreal) Dancing Cow Video
A prominent YouTube animator is accusing a McDonald's agency of copying one of his 2010 videos 'Cows & Cows & Cows’. Cyriak Harris' video work, often features the animated distortion and mutation of animals, often backed by a jarring bizarre soundtrack. His video featuring dancing cows snagged more than...

JWT’s CEO Tamara Ingram on AdLand's Diversity Discomfort
JWT became the lightning rod for advertising’s diversity discomfort earlier this year and for the agency’s chief executive Tamara Ingram the fallout has amplified what was a quiet attempt to make it one of the core drivers of the business.

How Benetton Moved From Shockvertising To Be ‘Never Shocking’
From its early beginnings in 1965, Benneton’s marketing strategy was to challenge social norms, using shocking images to champion issues that affect humanity. From images of the Pope kissing Ahmed el-Tayeb, imam of Egypt's al-Azhar Mosque, to a picture of an HIV-positive patient as he lay dying in hospital, Benneton’s campaigns whipped up controversy and placed the brand...

Verizon Lifts the Lid on Why It Bought Yahoo: It's About Mobile Video
If Facebook and Google are both staking future successes on selling swathes of video ads then Verizon wants to create vast amounts too now that it has Yahoo and AOL in order to muscle in on the duopoly of online media. It’s a strategy the telecoms firm believes can propel it to a global audience of two billion users and yield $20bn in revenue from mobile media by 2020.

ANA Guidelines Will Disrupt Brand-Agency Relationships
The main thrust of the advice was to ensure that transparency in the US media landscape, especially with regards to the issue of media rebates – a practice more commonly ‘accepted’ in the UK, but much more controversial/unspoken of on the other side of the Atlantic.

Gatorade Animates Usain Bolt's Origin Story Ahead of Rio Olympics
Gatorade has partnered with Usain Bolt ahead of the Rio Olympics to create an animated film telling the origin story of the world’s fastest man. The PepsiCo-owned brand has released a new seven minute film titled “The Boy Who Learned to Fly”, focusing on Bolt’s journey from childhood dreamer to global superstar. The animated ad traces the Olympic gold medallist’s humble beginnings...

Why Is It Going Wrong for Yahoo's Tumblr and is Facebook Its Savior?
Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer famously promised "not to screw up" Tumblr following its £1bn purchase in 2013, but two years later a loss of $500m in its brand value suggests she’s done just that. The beleaguered online business acknowledged its social network is now worth around a third of the $1.1bn that it originally paid for.

Mastercard Just Changed One of the Most Recognisable Logos of Modern Times
Mastercard has changed its famous logo for the first time in decades giving the iconic overlapping red and yellow circles a more modern feel to better align itself with the evolution of the payment ecosystem. The revamped logo has dropped the CamelCase and now reads ‘Mastercard’ and even ‘mastercard’ in some of the branding.

The Seven Ages of Mobile: Millennials’ Social Shift Pushes Video Use to the Phone
Italians are the most regular mobile video users with nearly 40% watching video on a mobile phone at least weekly. Americans (32%) and Spanish (30%) are a not-so-close second whereas across other major European markets, an average of just 17% of people regularly watch video on their mobile phones.

Prince’s Web History Collated for Fans in Online Museum
Late musician Prince has been given a dedicated online memorial in the form of a 'museum' collating two decades worth of web activity on one site. The Prince Online Museum will allow fans to trawl through all past iterations of the artist’s website using a reverse chronological timeline, complete with links to active Prince sites, descriptions, screen captures and video tours of websites long since pulled. Curated by Sam Jennings, former webmaster of Prince’s NPG Music Club...

Discovery’s Shark Week Comes to Life Through Shark Week Emoji on Twitter
Shark Week is transporting viewers to the open waters, including a custom shark emoji on Twitter. When fans use #SharkWeek in their tweets throughout the week (which started on Sunday), they will trigger a special shark emoji that will attach to the tweet itself. "Shark Week is a huge cultural TV moment..."

Cannes Lions Criticized After 'Sexist' Aspirin Ad Wins Award
Cannes Lions is facing criticism after an aspirin ad carrying the line "Don't worry babe, I'm not filming this" was awarded a bronze lion in the outdoor category. The ad, created by Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO for pharmaceutical firm Bayer, has been slammed by social media users including the prominent equality...

Instagram Wants to Break Down Language Barriers with Auto-Translate Rollout
Instagram is looking to increase the potential reach of images and video posted on the network but implementing an automatic translation service on posts. Looking to inject extra life into posts, user bios, captions and more will be automatically translated into the viewer’s language, making the content potentially appeal to a global audience.

Lessons from David Ogilvy: Learning from the Past With IBM Watson
The Mad Men era of advertising is long behind us, but some of its lessons are timeless: not least those imparted by David Ogilvy, the founder of Ogilvy & Mather, who was once described by Time magazine as “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry”. That was in 1962, but even today, 17 years after his death, Ogilvy remains one of advertising’s most revered minds, universally acknowledged as the father of modern advertising and credited with pioneering a unique style of ad that didn’t insult...

DraftKings and FanDuel in Merger Talks, According to Reports
The two largest daily fantasy sports companies, DraftKings and FanDuel, according to Bloomberg, are in discussions about a possible merger. Both have been embroiled in controversy as 10 states have blocked both from operating. Legal challenges aside, the two have been pushed, for some time, to get together...

71% of Internet Consumption Happens on Mobile, but TV Still Wins Big
Mobile internet consumption will rise by more than a quarter in 2016 across the globe, according to a new study. Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts reports that desktop web consumption continues to fall mobile established itself as the dominant platform in 2015. A total 71 per cent of internet consumption occurred on mobile, with Asia Pacific the most mobile friendly...

Why Streaming Social Media Platforms Should Look to Music, Sports and Kids' Content
Live streaming platforms are hot right now and they’re moving increasingly into professional content with rights deals that, not that long ago, would have been the domain of traditional broadcasters. Snapchat’s recent three-year agreement to share live moments from the Wimbledon tennis tournament and Twitter’s deal with the NFL in the US are indicative of a directional change in rights dynamics in this sector.

Snapchat Growth Continues as Daily User Numbers Overtake Twitter
Expiring photo messaging service Snapchat looks to have outpaced Twitter for daily users, a good indicator of its explosive growth. Bloomberg reports that sources close to the company say it sees an average of 150 million users a day, up from 110 million users in December. Twitter recently announced that it sees 310 million users each month.

Twitter Now Lets Users Stream Spotify Tracks Without Leaving Their Timeline
Twitter users can now play clips of their favourite songs without leaving their Twitter timeline. The social giant has announced a new Audio Card integration with the streaming company...

American Eagle Outfitters' No-Photoshop Pledge Pays Off
American Eagle Outfitters' decision to stop photoshopping models in ad campaigns for its Aerie lingerie brand has paid off after the brand revealed a huge surge in sales. Two years ago the US clothing retailer sided with popular opinion when it announced that its advertising for Aerie would use models of all size and shapes and would portray them in a true light without any photoshopping. Regardless of whether move was motivated by altruism or pushing sales it has reaped rewards for the brand.

Reddit Looks to Expand with Embedded Posts
The ‘Front page of the Internet’ Reddit has made it easier to seed its content across the web with the rollout of a thread embed button. While a rich ecosystem of opinions, news and humour, the Reddit community has been largely self-contained amid its own subreddit threads. The move could help breathe further life into the site’s conversations by enabling users to seed questions...

How Brands Killed It on Twitter Suggesting the #NextBond
Daniel Craig has finally handed in his badge and his gun as secret agent James Bond, leaving a vacancy in the Double O programme. Craig who has played Bond on screen for over a decade has finally called it a day and the news quickly spread on social media on Thursday morning (19 May).

Facebook is Testing a Tool That Lets Users Reply to Comments Using Videos
Facebook is testing a feature that could soon allow users to respond to comments using homemade videos. Video commenting is being tested in several countries on Facebook's iOs and Android apps as well as in-browser. According to VentureBeat, a rep for the social giant said this was part of a bid...

Calvin Klein Mocks Its Upskirt Social Media Backlash on Instagram
Calvin Klein has unrepentantly defended its #MyCalvin photoshoot which featured an upskirt image of a model. A large number of viewers declared the photoshoot, which urged Instagram users to‘Take a peek’ up model Klara Kristin’s dress (pictured above on the right), as "misogynist", bringing the campaign into the media limelight.

Three Major Marketing Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them
The practice of marketing has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and I’ve been fortunate to witness the transformation while serving as a marketing executive for some of the world’s leading brands. The rise of digital marketing platforms has certainly been a gamechanger from the customer-facing marketers’ perspective. But internally, the rise of data as a factor...

Want to 'Say It With Starbucks'? There's an Emoji for That
Starbucks is the latest brand to jump on the emoji bandwagon. The chain has unveiled an official emoji keyboard comprising 28 Starbucks-specific icons for coffee lovers to share with their friends. From Frappuccinos to flat whites (and a unicorn drinking a latte) the emoticon suite features several recognisable products, and is free to download for iOS and Android users. The coffee house is looking to capitalise on the popularity of its seasonal branding via the keyboard, and has said it will change the icons...

Starbucks to Start Sending Personalized Offers in Real-Time
Starbucks will soon be targeting its consumers with real-time personalised offers across its entire digital offering after seeing targeted promotions help boost the success of its loyalty programme. The coffee company said existing technology had constrained its ability to target consumers in the moment...

Airbnb Promises Travellers the Chance to Live Like a Local with New Campaign, App
Airbnb has launched its largest global brand campaign to coincide with its newly updated app which offers users a range of new features including greater personalisation, travel guidebooks and insider tips. The ‘Live There’ campaign addresses the growing...

Behind Facebook's Move to Open Up Instagram
With 1.59bn users and rising, the movement of advertising budgets towards Facebook seems an unstoppable tide. But to get the best results, brand owners must work to optimise their campaigns by harnessing the strengths and maximising the efficiencies of multiple platforms rather than addressing each in isolation.

Snapchat Now Lets Emojis Move Around in Videos
Snapchat has "taken sticker creativity to the next level" with the addition of movable emojis to its popular platform. Now, emojis in videos don’t have to stay stagnant. Users now have the option to post emoji stickers on objects, and the emojis will move, rotate, and scale in tandem with whatever objects they have been placed upon.

Facebook's New Ad Policy Allows Publishers to Share Branded Content
Facebook announced changes to its ad policies on Friday (8 April), making it easier for brands and publishers to monetise their content shared on the social network, an issue often voiced and barely addressed, till now. Under the new rules, verified Facebook Pages - most commonly owned by publishers, brands and celebrities...

How L’Oreal is Turning to Consumer Reviews to Boost Online Sales
L’Oreal is hoping a new investment in consumer review technology will help instil confidence its brands, which include Yves Saint Laurent and Kiehl’s, and boost sales of its products. Given that its own websites don’t have e-commerce functionality, L’Oreal historically couldn’t benefit from post-purchase email triggers...

How Facebook Live is Turning the Social Network Into the Sports Broadcaster of the Future
From real-time conversations to live updates, Facebook has slowly made inroads into sports broadcasting over the years and now is set to quicken that push with a more pronounced live offering. Live sports remains one of the last bastions of TV to remain relatively unscathed from the advent of digital but the inherent...

Playboy Owner Eyes Sale After 'Non-Nudity' Rebrand
Playboy Enterprises, the parent group of Playboy magazine, is reportedly exploring a sale which could see it fetch up to $500m. The move comes hot on the heels of the publication's 'non-nude' revamp, which was designed to bring it into the digital age. Sources familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal...

Free Burritos Won't Solve Chipotle's E-Coli Crisis
'How 'bout a Burrito?' asked one of Chipotle's recent poster campaigns, advertising the Mexican restaurant chain's offer of a free food coupon; a shrewd promotion designed to lure back customers back in light of an E.coli outbreak that has battered...

Instagram Changing to Facebook-Style Personalized Feed
Soon, Instagram will no longer show posts in chronological order and instead serve up pictures and videos it thinks users want to see using a similar ‘personalising’ algorithm as parent company Facebook. Instagram announced the impending changes...

Consumers Left Increasingly Confused by Rise of Native Advertising
Consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate between advertising and editorial content as publishers muddy the waters through their choice of wording and placement, according to new research. A study conducted by the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication...

BMW Celebrates 100 Years: A Look Back at the Brand's Advertising History
This week marks the centenary of one of the world’s most famous car brands BMW. Founded in 1916, Bayerische Motoren Werke (German for Bavarian Motor Works), to this date, still sells over one million cars per year, and that’s not counting its Mini, Rolls-Royce and motorcycle sub brands.

Latest Always #LikeAGirl Ad Says Emojis are Limiting Girls, Calls for 'Unstoppable' Representation
Always has released the latest phase of its award-winning #LikeAGirl campaign, which takes a critical look at the "shocking" way young women are represented by emojis. Building on previous iterations, the ad once again shines a spotlight on the confidence issues faced by girls entering puberty and looks to inspire...

How Drake Became a Marketing Powerhouse
Aubrey Graham, better known by the world as Drake(or by his Instagram handle “champagnepapi”), is one of the biggest rappers in the world right now. The Canadian rapper has produced various albums and mixtapes since 2009, each achieving widespread success. In September 2015, he and fellow rapper Future released an album together, “What a Time to Be Alive”.


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