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4 Massive Trends in PR and Communications Your Brand Needs to be Dominating Right Now
The marketing world is constantly changing, and the environment we operate in today is entirely different from what we were working in even just two or three years ago. The field of marketing communications doesn’t have quite the same fast, flashy developments that are emerging in many fields of digital marketing. But it’s still evolving at a steady pace...

The C-Suite’s Next Mandate: Social Media Literacy
As a veteran speaker, I am used to speaking on marketing and its various facets, but lately a new topic has been in hot demand…and it’s coming straight from the top: Social Media for the C-Suite, because one thing is becoming very clear, both customers and shareholders are holding executives to a higher standard...

Spotting Trends in the PR Industry
Trend spotting in the PR industry is a bit like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. With the way things come and go, it can be a tough task. What does it take to see what’s coming next? We asked a few public relations pros to weigh in with their views on the topic. Is it important to stay up with the latest industry trends?

Social First Content Strategy: Start with Social, End with Success
Marketing campaigns inspire stretch goals. Whether the primary focus is increasing awareness, generating leads, engagement, or all of the above, your overall strategy has to achieve goals and tune out static. Long gone are the Mad Men days of one-way marketing that trusted brands to tell people how to think and what to buy.

5 Steps to Brand Reputation Management
Online content adds a dimension to your brand – and ultimately your reputation – because the same brand can be perceived differently by online and offline audiences. The best way to manage brand reputation is to tell a cohesive story – to a receptive audience. While controlling the message in an age of social...

Trend Spotting: Understanding the Zeitgeist of Now
Trend spotting is pretty easy. Hang out at the local cool café, follow any big social media influencer, log into Pinterest, go to your favorite designers’ websites or the pages of Vogue and, pretty quickly, you are up on current trends. Understanding a current trend early in its ascent can help a brand...

Crossfunctionality: Making Social Important Across Your Business
When you think of who manages a company’s brand presence on social media, which department comes to mind first? For many, the answer is Marketing, PR, and Communication teams. Social media is so prevalent in it underpins our personal and professional relationships, so much so that what happens in the social realm has an impact on every relationship we have.

PR and Marketing Trends: What the Changing Media Landscape Means for Brands
The changing media landscape will continue to shift. As technology increases the speed of communications (you can’t really get any faster than real time without mind reading…), the way brands interact with the media also changes. While some of us prefer to hold a paper copy of our favorite magazine or daily newspaper in our hands, like it or not, the world has gone digital and many traditional media outlets...

Finding Great Mentors
Like most, I was lost and confused my freshman year of college. I had moved across the country to a city I had never spent more than a handful of days in, surrounded by thousands of strangers who seemed so much smarter and more experienced. And, I was set to embark on a four-year adventure with many potential outcomes.

How to Build a Successful Influencer Strategy on the Right Social Channels
You’ve heard about influencer marketing, but you may not be sure how to build a campaign. While the notoriety of internet personalities is appealing, you can’t simply chase after campaign success by partnering with someone who happens to have a large audience. Understanding how to find the right partners and map content back to business goals is essential. That’s why building a successful influencer strategy...

Avoid These 11 Content Practices That Make Your Brand Seem Cheap Online
Nothing lasts forever in the digital world, and change seems to come more quickly each year. You don’t necessarily have to stay on the cutting-edge all the time, but if you can’t keep pace, your audience may start to question your brand. “Why haven’t they updated their homepage?” “If this is what they write, can I trust their products?”

The Importance of Content, Authenticity, and Credibility
For digital media and publishing companies, content is their business. Magazines create must-read articles just as cable networks generate original videos, all in an effort to sell subscriptions. In a nutshell, media companies sell content, so its value can’t be understated. There are a lot of steps to create a great piece of content.

Challenges of Modern Day PR Pros Versus Those of Decades Past
It used to be that one of the biggest challenges PR pros faced was faxing a press release to 100 reporters—one at a time. (Yes, some of us remember those days.) Today, everyone is online 24/7, creating a completely different environment for those of us who communicate for a living. While the Internet has made many facets of our jobs so much easier—like getting those press releases...

5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Communicator and Leader
For a few years, you couldn’t open your news feed without seeing an article dedicated to helping boomers and gen x-ers manage millennials. Millennials were a tough group to crack—they were digitally native, entrepreneurial and more likely to move around than their predecessors.

The Art of Asking for Important Introductions
One of my favorite things about the startup world is how generous people are about making important introductions. Everyone on the challenging adventure of building a company knows that you can’t do it alone, and there’s always someone out there—another founder, a potential customer, a mentor, an investor—that can help get you through tough times.

PR Career Paths May Take Different Turns
No two stories are alike when it comes to PR careers. That’s because a career in public relations offers so much variety. But when you’re just starting out, how do you discover where your true passion lies? What area of specialization do you love—and which are you truly skilled at? For new PR grads, often the best way to get a taste of the various areas...

Common Social Media Mistakes
Social media is a big opportunity for most organizations, whether they are B2B or B2C, or whether they operate online or from a physical location. And while the theory of social media is simple (i.e. if I write great content, people will be able to engage with it), execution is not quite as straightforward.

Presentation Skills: How to Answer Those Killer Questions
In our presentation skills training and public speaking workshops at Mindful Presenter one of the most common requests we receive is to help people to answer questions more professionally. It’s a much bigger issue than many people think. When we probe a little deeper to understand the issue with questions our delegates often ask 3 questions: 1. ‘How do I respond confidently to a question...

Your PR SEO Super Powers
While search engine optimization (SEO) and PR have been buddies for a while now, never have they been so reliant on each other. We’re now moving into an era of PR SEO. Why is this the case? Search seems to be a moving target. However, we know that Google rewards quality links. Well-written content and proactive outreach are a crucial part of SEO success. No one is better versed in these areas than PR pros.

Why is Reputation Important?
You may have heard it as a child, or had it fall on deaf ears during those precarious teen years. It’s the age-old adage, “it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, but only what you think of yourself.” It’s the easiest advice to give, the hardest to take, and one of those life lessons that gets repeated in nearly every coming-of-age story. It’s also false. Crafting a positive reputation is different than simply leaving it up...

Use Hashtags to Master PR Messages
You are likely familiar with what hashtags look like (e.g. #Meltwater), but like most people could use a few tips on how to make them more effective for your PR efforts. Hashtags are fantastic for brands who want to expand their reach or solidify their community around an idea or event. Like everything else on social media, however, they require a more nuanced approach...

Transparency vs. TMI
We are living in the age of the “overshare,” with readily accessible information on the innermost thoughts and most mundane activities of seemingly everyone. Customers now clamor for transparency and authenticity from brands they use, but what does that mean?

From Generalist to Specialist: Building a PR Career
Chances are good that you gravitated toward a career in PR because you were good at a wide variety of PR-friendly skills – a generalist. You believed your writing, organization, event planning, and personal relationship building would be an asset to the industry, and you were right.

PR Pros Use Video to Pump Up Campaigns
The use of video in the PR world is exploding. Of course, visuals have always played an important role in public relations campaigns, but with the rise of video in marketing, we now see its use increasing like never before in PR. Why? Some experts predict that by 2019, video will make up 80% of all web traffic. Also, marketers say that video brings the highest ROI.

How to Empower Your Small Business PR with Thought Leadership
In small business PR, it’s easy to suffer from product or service egomania. OK… so I made up that diagnosis. But the point is to succeed as a small B2B business, you need to believe in the greatness of your product or service. It can get to the point that you never stop thinking, dreaming, and babbling about your creation. After all, that unwavering attention is what you need to make it.

5 Ways to Battle Fake News and Maintain Brand Integrity
Fake news. The term has become almost overused this past year, as stories from less than legitimate news sources ran rampant during the 2016 presidential election. How is fake news defined? “The word fake means not genuine—a forgery or a counterfeit. It implies an intent to deceive,” says a recent Slate article. It’s used to describe unsubstantiated stories or media sources.

How Social Media Went from Exciting to Ingrained in Our Lives
When social media first started to emerge in the mid-2000s as a popular way to connect online, marketers and consumers split into two camps. One camp boldly proclaimed that social media was the wave of the future. The other denounced social media as a fad (something people still occasionally insist today, more than 10 years later).

Prepare for PR Crisis with These 6 Tactics
Preparing for a PR crisis requires getting out of the mindset that keeps us busy executing and measuring our tactical goals. Just because we have a social media manager who can push a message out in 140 characters or less several times a day doesn’t mean we have a mechanism in place to handle a full-blown PR crisis. That’s why being prepared for a crisis before it begins is the right strategy. Here are 6 of the 10 steps.

Social Media Don’ts: 6 Things We Are Still Getting Wrong
It seems like we have been utilizing social media forever. Has it really been that long? In fact, very few of us can remember a time when our phones were used for, well, calling. What did we do before texting and uploading photos of our dining choices? I know I once was issued a pager at the PR Agency in Seattle I cut my teeth at, but can’t recall if I ever needed it...

Successful Pitches to Journalists: Stories from the Trenches
Public relations campaigns often include media outreach. But, as any PR pro who works in media relations can tell you, pitching influencers is a challenge. These days, as journalists change jobs and staff shrinks at many media outlets, the reporters who remain are overwhelmed with pitches. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are now nearly five PR people for every staff writer.

Understanding Your Industry as a PR Newbie or Intern
The cornerstone of being a successful PR pro or marketer is understanding your market. Any good practitioner will tell you that the ability to collect valuable data and turn it into actionable insights is critical to success. Too many buzzwords in one sentence? Let me explain. To effectively market to a consumer, you have to understand...

Social Media Is More Than a Retweet
When we’re knee-deep in planning our social campaigns or building up our influencer relationships, it’s easy to forget how new the everyday tools we use are. LinkedIn was founded in 2002, but didn’t release its publisher platform for article sharing until 2014. Facebook, founded in 2004, didn’t receive widespread...

5 PR and Social Media Resolutions for 2017
The New Year brings excitement, promise and a new opportunity to sharpen your public relations, social media and digital marketing skills. Many people make personal resolutions like eating healthier and trying new things, so why not make a few resolutions for your business as well? The following five intentions can help you reach new customers, make connections with influencers...

Best 10 Web Design Trends of 2016
Design is constantly changing, succinctly captured in Heidi Klum’s Project Runway catchphrase: “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” The world of web design is no exception, as a practice human-computer interaction continues to evolve and as bandwidth and technology expand, web design is now more editorial...

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017
December brings cold weather and anticipation of the coming year’s blockbusters. Although generally unswayed by top 10 movie lists; being data nerds, stats mean something to us. To marry our love of film with our media intelligence platform, we plugged in 2017’s action films and chose the ten that rose above the chatter...

Death to the Page View, Here Are the Four Metrics of the Future
Since the web’s inception, we have had a crazed obsession with “hits.” In the ‘90s the question was, “how many hits did your website get?” As the web has evolved and analytics has improved, we’ve gone from asking about hits to asking about page views. There’s nothing inherently wrong with page views, in fact, in the right instance knowing the amount of page views generated by a...

Raising Social Awareness: 2016’s Top Instagram Hashtag Campaigns
Remember the “Just Say No” or “Stop, drop, and roll” campaigns from the 1980s? In advocacy, coming up with a catchy phrase, or the 2016 equivalent—a shareable hashtag—is old hat. And since nonprofits and advocacy organizations are plentiful in community...

Why Your Social Media Needs an Editorial Calendar
For many social media managers, a typical day starts by scanning their social listening platform of choice, sharing a few interesting articles, thanking new followers, responding to @mentions, wondering where the past two hours went, and then starting the cycle all over again in a few hours. They also mix in whatever requests land in their email inboxes from the PR and marketing teams. Unfortunately, this recurring set of activities...

5 Trendy New Marketing Skills to Add to Your Arsenal in 2017
2017’s right around the corner. The past year has been a chaotic one for marketers and there are no signs of it letting up. Many marketing professionals will have the opportunity to secure their place at their current company, grow their careers, or move to another high-paying job in the coming year. As part of your new year, we recommend you keep your current marketing skills...

Know Your Options as a PR Consultant
For those choosing to go into PR—and many are, with PR projected to be one of the top 10 occupations by 2022, the career options are plentiful. PR pros can work for corporations, agencies, nonprofits, start-ups, or small businesses. They can specialize in a variety of areas that fall under PR, from producing content to crisis communications to media relations and more.

6 Ways PR and Content Marketing Can Swap Tactics for Success
As a PR professional, you are spending your days tracking industry editorial trends, talking to journalists and editors about the content that their audiences want, and honing your pitches to obtain coverage or place contributed articles for your business partners. PR is full of moments that create the exact kind of insight...

Crew of the USS Enterprise as PR and Marketing Pros
What if the first time you met your new colleagues, it was to join them on a five-year journey into space? That isn’t the reality for most of us, but for Star Trek’s USS Enterprise and it’s crew, that was a reality. At least that’s how it seemed to the television...

Getting the 6 Elements of Persuasion Right
Content that persuades a prospect to take additional action has six distinctive characteristics. It’s no surprise that these features are common to the marketing process and your customer’s journey: 1. Liking Consumers and businesses alike wish to work with organizations that they admire.

Measuring Every Aspect of PR’s Impact—Even Press Releases
You put a lot of work into crafting your press release. You hope it will become the source material for profiles and reviews of your brand. But the question about the effectiveness of a press release and who may be reading it (is anyone?) can be frustrating. The wire service many of us have been using for years distributes your releases, and then? Was the effort a waste? Has anyone contacted you directly for additional information, quotes, an interview?

PR Tips: Leveraging AI and the IOT
Are you ready for 360°/365, tech and AI-enhanced, digital-first PR? The future of PR is here, and it may be driven by inanimate objects, bots, and artificial intelligence technologies. Already companies like Pernod Ricard UK (Malibu Rum, Absolut Vodka) are experimenting with available mobile technologies like NFC...

Get More out of Event Evaluation
As PR professionals we work hard planning events. When it goes well—the days, weeks, and months of work—are all worth it. We’re like the most badass music conductor with an orchestra of spreadsheets, phone calls, lists, emails, contracts, and site walk-throughs. No matter how long we’ve been producing events, an event still feels like a freight train without brakes...

5 Tips (+1 Bonus) for Addressing a Crisis
Getting ahead of a crisis might mean that you’re the first to publicize it. When a Southwest Airlines flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York skidded on the runway and landed nose first, the airline posted news of the accident on Twitter and Facebook within minutes, promising updates. Within minutes, they received thank yous for their openness.

Parton Me: 10 Social Media Lessons to Learn from Dolly
Sublime lyrics and bedazzled jackets aren’t the only things sharp about Dolly Parton. The Tennessee songbird is every bit as savvy a businesswoman as she is a legendary performer—and an actor, amusement park developer, dinner show theater owner, and film/television company mogul. Despite now being a “lady of a certain age,” Dolly boasts a social media following that many younger stars would envy, with more than 4.1 million Twitter followers, 3.7 million Facebook fans, 355k followers on Instagram, more than 22K subscribers to her official YouTube channel...

Why and How Brands Can Use Instagram Stories
Snapchat Stories have been a big success since they came on the scene in 2013 and the feature’s helped to grow Snapchat into an effective tool for brands. Instagram wanted a piece of the pie, so hey presto, now we’ve got Instagram Stories. Sounds familiar? Hands up, who would’ve loved to have been...

Prepare for PR Crisis with These 6 Tactics
Preparing for a PR crisis requires getting out of the mindset that keeps us busy executing and measuring our tactical goals. Just because we have a social media manager who can push a message out in 140 characters or less several times a day doesn’t mean we have a mechanism in place to handle a full-blown...

Attention Spans of Goldfish: How 4 Brands Engage Their Audience on Social Media
Brands have a better chance of keeping the attention of a goldfish than their targeted consumer. Our minds are being constantly bombarded by messaging from brands and social media. The 24-hour news cycle, “reality TV”, political candidates and pundits, DVR’s, Netflix and binge watching are just a few things that have infiltrated our daily routines.

Trending Hashtags: How to Reverse Negative Sentiment for Your Brand or Influencer
On social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, the use of hashtags has increased explosively since 2012. Hashtags are used to follow conversations for trending topics, and in some cases can propel posts to become trending topics themselves. Nowhere are trending topics more time sensitive than during events.

Sponsoring All the Feels: Olympic Sponsors and the Impact They’ve Made
The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of human achievement, bringing cultures and nations together to celebrate the mind-boggling limits of our physiology. But there’s always another competition in parallel, one that can’t be measured by timekeepers and score cards. It’s a race among the official sponsors of the games to make the greatest emotional impact on an estimated...

Use Statistics for a Smart Marketing Plan
In today’s digital workplace, the explosion of data and the introduction of better work tools means that more and more employees have added “business analyst” to their job description. Marketers are no exception. In fact, according to a recent study by Adobe, 76% of marketers agreed that they need to become more data-focused to succeed. Some planning statistics, such as audience demographics, seem so steady and fundamental...

Do Wacky Foods Like Burger King’s Whopperrito Help The Bottom Line—Or Is It A Cry For Help?
Stop me if you’ve heard this: from Monday, Burger King will be selling, for a limited time, its Whopperrito, a burrito that features a Whopper burger, seasoned with Tex-Mex, as its main filling. I’m betting most people, if not everyone reading this, has already heard about the Whopperrito. How could you not notice? After all, in the last week or so, USA Today and The Chicago Tribune and...

YouTube Proves the $ Value of Being Authentic
The toppling of traditional media started many years ago. After all, why spend $1,000 on the radio to reach an unknown audience of indeterminable size that may or may not actually be listening when you could spend a fraction of that to speak to an incredibly specific target demographic and know exactly how they respond?

How to Keep Press Releases Fresh Day in Day Out: 6 PR Tips from Doctor Who
Nowhere is brand loyalty, and it’s corollary, fandom, more on display than at San Diego’s Annual Comic-Con, which took place this past weekend. If you work in the television, film, or the comic book industry (or are maybe a voracious consumer of the aforementioned) you probably were there...

PR Tips: Taking Control of the Conversation in a Digital World
Public relations is about communications: the message, the medium, and the content. However, the channels are changing and so is the technology. Today, communication is messy, splintered, and in real time. It’s amplified by the social web and has made everyone a publisher and a virtual reporter. Nonetheless, the message still needs to touch hearts and minds.

Data Storytelling: Separating Fiction From Facts
Data is playing a larger role in day-to-day business conversations than ever before. The ability to communicate with data is now a necessity for business leaders, frontline employees, and everybody in between. People who may have easily avoided discussing data in the past are finding numbers being thrust upon them.

Emotionally Connect with Your Audience on Social Media
Many companies are struggling when it comes to managing their social media engagement. But being active and posting frequently isn’t enough to connect with audiences. The most successful brand rise above the fray and engage audiences through emotional content on social media. And even then, getting an audience to not only read what you’re writing but to act, via commenting and sharing, can still be a mystery. If you’re unsure of where to start on the path to creating engaging content...

4 PR Tips to Demystify Influencer Outreach
Influencers have earned their audience’s loyalty. Their communities consider them trusted authorities. And PR pros have caught on to the fact that they provide a great conduit for their messages. According to a recent article in Inc., influencer marketing...

Falling Into a PR Internship
Summer is finally upon us, which means a well-earned break for college students around the country. If you’re a rising senior, you may be physically and mentally preparing for three months at home with your parents (it’s really not that bad). Or your bags may be packed for a jaunt across Europe. You may also be looking for the perfect internship once your final semester begins in the fall.

How to Appropriately Respond to Negative Reviews Online
Online feedback is great. It helps provide validation for the work we do, it helps us to course correct in areas where we can improve, and it gives us a general idea of how we are doing in the market. It’s direct feedback from the client base that has valuable applications as we run and grow our businesses.

Avoid These 11 Content Practices That Make Your Brand Seem Cheap Online
Nothing lasts forever in the digital world, and change seems to come more quickly each year. You don’t necessarily have to stay on the cutting-edge all the time, but if you can’t keep pace, your audience may start to question your brand. “Why haven’t they updated their homepage?” “If this is what they write, can I trust their products?” First impressions can make or break an audience’s opinion of your company.

3 Steps to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Channels
Imagine you’re browsing online for a pair of hiking shoes for your upcoming trip to the Yosemite. You make a mental note of a few pairs and decide to visit the store nearby to try them on. As you approach the store, you receive a push notification on your phone that one of the pairs of shoes you were looking at is now 20% off. Score!! You make a beeline for those shoes, try them on...

PR and Marketing Trends: What the Changing Media Landscape Means for Brands
The media landscape has changed significantly and will continue to shift. As technology increases the speed of communications (you can’t really get any faster than real time without mind reading…), the way brands interact with the media also changes. While some of us prefer to hold a paper copy of our favourite magazine or daily newspaper in our hands, like it or not, the world has gone digital...

How to Use Content Marketing for Public Relations Success
Look around. Is your mobile device within arm’s reach? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is probably yes. In fact, whether you realize it or not, you probably treat that mobile device as a body appendage, feeling naked or “off” if it’s not around. In today’s world of instant notifications, news updates and texts...

How to Build a Brand Narrative That Scales
How many times have you liked a story on social media but forgot what company made it? Or read a sweet story about employees supporting a charity but can’t recall the company? Or watched a video on corporate sustainability efforts that don’t seem consequential enough to alter your views of the company? If you are a marketer or communicator, chances are...

PR Strategy from Visit Frisco: Turning a Small Town into a Big Attraction
Growth in Frisco, Texas, is tough to ignore. Construction is everywhere. Sporting events, museum openings, and music festivals take place every weekend in the town just north of Dallas. The Dr Pepper Arena, Dr Pepper Ballpark, and Toyota Stadium plus 8-million square feet of retail make the town a destination for shopping and entertainment.

Twitter Really Hopes You Want to See Tweets Your Friends Have Liked
Twitter is improving its tailored suggestions to bring you more tweets it thinks you might enjoy. The company has announced that it is organizing the most popular tweets liked by people you follow into a module reminiscent of the “while you were away” feature that appears within the mobile apps. “We’re continuing to work on new ways to surface the best content for our users,” said a company spokesperson when reached for comment.

Are Trolls Trash Talking Your Brand?
What’s one pain point all brands share? Trolls. In a matter of minutes, trolls can get your blood boiling, your fingers tapping a hot-tempered response and your brand well on its way to a potential crisis situation for all of the world to see. To protect your brand’s reputation and your sanity, you must understand if you’re dealing with a disgruntled customer or a havoc-wreaking troll...

Make Your PR Work Online and Off: The 3-Step Repurposing Dance
Your team is having a staff meeting, or the group is in the weekly operations briefing. You know someone will bring up something that you’ll all be glad to hear, that deserves a high-five. Wait for it, wait for it… and then say “should we get some PR about that?”

Research Reveals Secrets of Social Sharing
How can you get more people to share more of your blog posts, Tweets and Facebook posts? Ironically, the answer lies in a 50-year-old psychological study. Fifty years before the iPhone and social media took over our lives, an Austrian-born psychologist and market researcher cracked the code on a marketing challenge every business faces today: How to encourage people to tell others about their products and services. Whether it’s called word-of-mouth or social sharing, getting consumers...

6 Ways To Create Amazing Facebook Content
When it comes to Facebook content, one thing we always hear from clients is, “I have no idea what to post to Facebook.” Or, “I have nothing to post to Facebook.” While you may not know what to post, trust me, there are plenty of types of content...

10 Skills the PR Pro of the Future Will Need
Almost four years ago, I wrote a post titled “10 skills the PR pro of 2022 must have.” It was based on trends I’ve seen with clients, tidbits I’ve picked up in talking to industry friends and little bits of information I’d stowed away from articles and posts I’ve read on the interwebs. Four years later, a lot has changed. I mean, four years isn’t that long in human years, right? But, in internet years...

Leveraging 4 Key Types Of PR Data
Data collection and evaluation are (or, at least, should be) integrated into the daily rituals of PR pros. With the gajillions of measurable actions consumers take every day, the massive amount of information PR pros must sift through...

#PR Tips: How to Use Earned, Owned, Paid, and Shared Media
You’re always looking for positive ways to promote your B2B company. In your search, you’ve likely come across the following terms: earned media, owned media, shared media, and paid media. Whether you realize it or not, chances are you’re using...

The New Age of PR: Getting Your Brand Noticed
PR is dead. Long live PR. Okay, so maybe the old school public relations techniques and tricks haven’t completely lost their power. But in the modern digital world, submitting press releases to journalists and hoping for the best is no longer...

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager
You tweet. You publish posts on Facebook. And that’s really all it takes for a brand to build and maintain a successful social media program, right? Not quite. Social media marketing isn’t the same as staying in touch with your friends from school.

Leveraging 4 Key Types Of PR Data
Data collection and evaluation are (or, at least, should be) integrated into the daily rituals of PR pros. With the gajillions of measurable actions consumers take every day, the massive amount of information PR pros must sift through grows exponentially, which, in turn, can make locating those meaningful insights challenging. But let’s not get overwhelmed, yet.


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