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Original articles from Jennifer Graber.
Facebook Updates Video Options & Tools
Facebook isn’t always known for putting control in the hands of its users. For example, the algorithm for our news feed changes more than a politician’s loyalty. And it seems with every update the semblance of control we have dwindles. Our settings are reset, and controls are hidden deep within Facebook like the lost city of Atlantis. However, the social media behemoth has recently put out a video update that many can get on board with—at least page administrators can.

So Much For Being On The Down Low
Each day we are faced with reminders of the mortality of life. We are encouraged to live boldly; to color outside the lines. We are told that life is far too short to miss one moment. Sometimes, in fact, we are even encouraged to have an affair. Wait, what? According to the website Ashley Madison, “Life Is Short. Have An Affair.” That sort of logical thinking has amassed an amazing 37 million users...

Instagram Bans #Curvy
There used to be no shortages of stories about body shaming. People were being pitted against one another simply for being different, but the truth is that every person is beautiful in their own way. We each have qualities that make our souls shine just a bit brighter. It is this truth that has caused people to begin to stand up for one another, to stand up for themselves. It has become more common for people to show off this pride in a variety of ways. One such way is, of course, social media.

Who Deleted Me?
There it is — the Facebook logo. You log on, and a wave of terror comes over you. Something has changed; your friends list has inexplicably dwindled. You are no closer to solving this mystery than you are to finding the lost city of Atlantis, but there is hope for this unthinkable first-world problem. Developers have released an app, available on iOS and Android devices, that solves the mystery...

Drones To Deliver Abortion Medication Overseas
Women’s reproductive health and drone technology are two seemingly incompatible discussion points. Except — well, they actually do go together. If you think about it you realize that women’s health and drone technology are very hot-button issues with a great deal of controversy surrounding them. Thus, the two oddball puzzle pieces fit together in an unexpected way. You don’t have to be around long to know...

#LoveWins The Internet
Friday was a big day in the world of news. J.K. Rowling announced a new Harry Potter related story…wait, that’s not it. Well, that did happen but that was far from the news that took the digital world by storm. Unless you are living under a pretty big rock you heard the news Friday that shook the United States, and the world.

Yeah, About That “Unlimited” Data AT&T
Smartphone users know it is all about that data. Data is everything, because it takes data to do pretty much everything on a smartphone. And some of us are lucky enough to remember the days of mobile carriers offering unlimited data. Companies like AT&T and Verizon used to offer unlimited data packages like it was going out of style. Turns out, it did go out of style. A few years back mobile companies stopped offering those plans for new customers, and current customers were ‘grandfathered’ in.

Apple Adds Reproductive Health In HealthKit Update
When you are a woman, your life can revolve around one week a month. Nothing can strike fear in a woman’s heart more than the arrival or delay of her menstrual cycle. You could be hoping like crazy that it shows up if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. Or perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum and are praying for your menstrual cycle to not make an appearance...

Caitlyn Jenner Broke The Internet #CallMeCaitlyn
A few months ago Kim Kardashian West appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine — nude. Kardashian West’s goal was simple — to break the Internet with her famous assets. Whatever success she had pales in comparison to the real woman who broke the Internet on Monday. Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, you have likely heard the buzz surrounding Bruce Jenner’s journey. Rumors flew and stories ran about the possible situations he was going through. Without a definitive statement from the Jenner or Kardashian families...

Swipe Right For Zedd’s New Album
We have all heard that we should "expect the unexpected." It is a phrase meant to prepare us and alert us to the abnormal. The abnormal is precisely what you will find when involved in dating — especially when it concerns online dating sites and apps. Each of us has a friend’s, or personal, story about online dating that will send shivers down your spine (and not in a good way).

Former Bully Uses Facebook To Apologize 20 Years Later
The journey through elementary, middle, and high school can be quite tumultuous. You are growing as a person and trying to find your way. You are trying to figure out who you are in a world that is pushing you to be something else. If, by chance, you fail to fit a mold, you can become the target of unrelenting teasing and taunting. If you are lucky enough to be confident or strong, you may also find yourself the target of someone whose insecurities manifest in an ugly way.

Your Reality Is Far From Dreamy With 'Night Terrors' Game
The cold, harsh reality of adulthood is not enough of a nightmare for some people. There are some, apparently, who feel the need to immerse themselves into a jacked-up version of their realities purely for amusement and fear.

Jay-Z’s Got 99 Problems & TIDAL’s One Of Them
When Jay and Bey embark on a musical venture, one expects it to be as epic as they are. Music royalty is bound to breed nothing but overnight success, right? Enter the streaming service Tidal. Tidal is one of Jay-Z’s latest business projects. Tidal is an alliance of sorts — a musical alliance.

Pinterest Introduces Smart Board Picker
Pinterest is already pretty great. It is a treasure trove where you can discover a plethora of goodness. You can uncover arts, crafts, DIY, clothes, recipes, fitness and travel tips, inspiration, and much more. I am pretty sure I cannot oversell Pinterest. If you do not have the app now, well, you should get on that. But be prepared to get lost in a black hole where time has no bounds. As if it were even possible, Pinterest has just gotten better. Drum roll please…the smart board picker has been introduced.

#KylieJennerChallenge: The Downside of Social Media
We all have a guilty pleasure that we are a bit hesitant to own up to. Mine just so happens to be reality television. One of the shows I watch is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Any time one of family members makes the news, which is often, it catches my eye. This time the youngest of the bunch has gone viral...

Baltimore Riots As Told By Social Media
Political statements aside, the ubiquity of riots these days is quite alarming. The violence and incidents are widespread, taking over cities and areas at troubling rates. Uninvolved and unassociated individuals are being brought into a situation they had no part in. Cities and areas are being brought to a screeching halt. This is precisely the case in Baltimore, Maryland...

Facebook Rolls Out Video Calling In Messenger
Facebook is a social media powerhouse that has taken over the digital world. For further proof that the giant in the room is staging a complete takeover: Facebook’s latest update. The more updates and standalone apps that Facebook releases, the more apparent it becomes that the social media company is moving to be the end-all-be-all.

Oversharenting: Acceptable or Social Faux-Pas?
Posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter vary greatly with regards to topic and context, so it would not be uncommon to see photos and hashtags regarding drunken nights out, lunch, ethical dilemmas, vacations, and shopping excursions all in one news feed. Of course, it just would not be social media without the inevitable cute kid posts. Your news feed is likely full of photos and videos of Baby Eva’s precious tutu, Little Seamus’ first attempt...

Instagram to Allow Breastfeeding & Post-Mastectomy Pictures
Being a woman is special. We get to experience many unique things throughout our lifetime. However, we also face issues that make life a challenge to navigate. It is those very issues that create an undeniable need to share those human, womanly experiences in a communal sense. Social media, with its variety of platforms, is one such way to share the life of a woman. Online, a woman can share her pure exhaustion as a mother, her struggles as a powerful executive, the battle of cancer, the beauty of breastfeeding...

'Mean Girls' in Real Life: Burnbook
Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George and The Plastics. Far more hands are raised than there ever should be. And in a case of life imitating art Mean Girls has become a cold, hard reality once more. We certainly did not need yet another avenue that encourages problems...

Morris The Cat Reports From SXSW
Every once in a while, you meet someone with an awesome job — one that you wish you could have. The job envy grows exponentially when you learn of the amazing opportunities it comes with. You might even find yourself asking why it cannot be you in that position. Well, prepare yourself to experience that plight once more. Only this time, you won’t be jealous of a powerful person — rather a precocious cat. Yes, a cat has a job that is better and much cooler than yours. Morris The Cat came from humble beginnings. He lived the life of a shelter cat that was close to meeting an untimely end.

Don’t Remember Your Password? No Problem!
Raise your hand if you have ever locked yourself out of an account in an attempt to log on. All hands should be raised at this point. With the myriad of online accounts, sites, and emails...

#FatIsNotAFeeling Petition Finds Success
Instances in which we have tied a body description to an emotion have probably occurred more often than we care to admit. Many of us are guilty of, at some point, saying that we feel fat. We might do so without any real consideration of the impact of our words, and it might seem like a harmless comparison.

UNICEF Uses Wearable Technology To Empower Kids And Save Lives
Practically everyone these days utilizes a piece of wearable technology or knows someone who does. We track our steps. We count our miles. We calculate calories. You name it, we use wearable tech to do it. But does your wearable tech literally convert energy and activity into food? Well, it soon will. UNICEF is launching a special project that will put wearable tech to work in generating food donations for malnourished children. UNICEF is launching a special program called Kid Power.

Facebook Updates Suicide Prevention Feature
Anyone who suffers from mental health problems can attest to the fact that the journey is long. The road is winding. This is true for both the sufferers, and his or her loved ones. For a long time, conversations regarding mental health have been non-existent. The lack of communication and openness creates a void...

Domino’s Is Enlisting You As A Secret Agent
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be a dedicated informant. Your targets are those who are failing to conform to corporate changes. When a target is identified, it is your job to obtain visual conformation and proof.

Dove Wants You to Speak Words of Beauty
Writing from behind a computer screen provides a sense of boldness. We might say things that would otherwise be unacceptable. We break ourselves and each other down. This is easy to do in a digital world, where unrealistic expectations run rampant. Amongst women, this is an alarming trend.

Don't Take Criminal Selfies
There is no doubt about it — we live in a digital world. And with that comes an inescapable need to document seemingly every aspect of our lives. After all, not a day, or an hour, really, goes by without a selfie appearing on one of our social media feeds. The proliferation of the selfie is quite interesting, and mind boggling. However, not everything needs to be documented. Not everything requires a selfie. That is just common sense. Or is it? A teen in Pennsylvania has been arrested for a selfie sent through Snapchat.

Samsung Is Listening
Smart devices can truly make life easier and simpler. The devices require less human effort and time, and thus free us up to complete other tasks. This is somewhat alarming, but is a discussion for another day. Anyway, the marketplace is saturated with these...

Be Empowered #LikeAGirl
At some point in our lives, we have all probably been told we throw like a girl. Maybe you have even been told to stop crying like a little girl or to stop acting like such a girl. One of my favorite things is being told to man up. These things are often said in jest, but pack quite a punch. The implication of being told not to cry...

Pplkpr App Tracks Your True Feelings Towards Others
Human connections and relationships are complex. Emotions can run the gamut from happy to sad to lust to anger to confusion — all in one day and all towards one individual. Take that immense complexity and multiply it by the number of relationships in your life. What you end up with is a relational roller coaster. And who can be bothered with tracking those sorts of things? Well, now you do not have to. Pplkpr is an app that “tracks, analyzes, and auto-manages your relationships.”

Match and Starbucks Pair Up
Peanut butter and jelly. Popcorn and butter. Netflix and rainy days. There are some things that just go together. Coffee and first dates certainly exemplify that concept well. Perhaps that is why Match, the dating website, and Starbucks have stirred up the perfect partnership.

#SmearforSmear: The Latest Instagram Activism
Smeared lipstick can be a telltale sign of the sort of day you had. It can mean your makeup was not applied correctly or your lunch napkin got a hold of your face. Then there is the best meaning of all — smeared lipstick could be indicative of a pleasant encounter (if you know what I mean). But none of those reasons...

Twitter Launches New Features
Twitter’s first year as a publicly traded company was somewhat of a roller coaster ride. This, understandably, caused some concern amongst investors. The company’s unsteady year spurred it into action. The social media site developed and released new features as a way to soothe the business minds of the investors. Or, perhaps it was done to appease the fickle nature of the social media world and to keep up with the Joneses — at least that is likely to be image presented to the public. The two features that Twitter rolled out this week were group messaging and a “new mobile video experience.” Direct, or private, messaging has been available on Twitter for a while now.

ClosetSpace Digitizes Your Wardrobe
Every budding fashionista — or actually anyone trying to pick an outfit — knows the struggle is real. Many have spent hours standing in front of their closets agonizing over the tough decision of what to wear. Do these pants go with that top? Do I have a pair of shoes that matches that suit? What will I wear next week to that business meeting? These difficult questions now have an easier manner in which to be answered.

Be My Eyes App Brings Sight to the Vision Impaired
One can only imagine the challenges faced by an individual who is vision impaired. Simply navigating daily life presents a plethora of obstacles not even considered by a non-impaired person. Tasks like cooking, shopping, clothing oneself, checking expiration dates, studying a map for directions, and more, all become significantly more complex when one is visually impaired.

Samsung Helps Autistic Families with Look at Me App & Project
Any individual with an autistic loved one knows potential struggles lie ahead in their lifetime. I imagine being in an autistic family can be equated to trying to place a square peg in a round hole. The plight of an autistic family is taking a perfectly wonderful individual, who is just a bit different, and raising him or her up against societal norms.

Apple Selling Unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Commitments can be daunting. There you are, locked in to whatever selection you have made. Sometimes that choice was made out of necessity due to a lack of viable options. You want to fly free but, alas, you are trapped; caged like a bird.

TripAdvisor Fined for Reviews in Italy
In the digital age, we typically turn to the Internet when in search of information. Whether we are buying appliances, traveling, renting a car, or whatever the case is — we go online.

Uber Is Not Making Santa’s Nice List This Year
The Christmas season means Santa is going over his list and checking it twice. He has his elves working overtime making gifts and looking after everyone. Well, there is one company...

Instagram Update — New Filters and Features Added
Just like Sirius Black did his 12 years of waiting in Azkaban, we, too, have done our waiting. Only it was a matter of two years, not 12. And the waiting was done in social media purgatory, not a prison full of dark wizards and witches. Nonetheless, we did our waiting and the time has finally come. Instagram users rejoice! The photo-sharing app has finally added new filters and features.

DIY Pro-Level Animated Videos with GoAnimate
In a busy and cluttered world, it can be challenging to tell a story. Important details can be overlooked simply because something else caught your eye. Call it a case of "oh, look, something shiny!" It is usually those missed details that are meant to connect the audience to the story.

Facebook Updates Search Feature
Facebook posts can sometimes disappear into the digital abyss, never to be seen again. It is usually those lost posts that contain pictures or information you need or answers to questions. Perhaps those posts even contain a trip down memory lane for a moment of nostalgia. Whatever the case may be with those Facebook posts, the hunt for them often ends much like a pirate’s treasure hunt. You are left empty-handed and irritated. However, Facebook’s latest update might make your search for older content more fruitful.

It Pays to be Grumpy
Employment is not always the easiest adventure to navigate. It is rather difficult to find an available job for which you are precisely qualified. If you do find a position, then typically there are a million others waiting to apply who are just like you. Job hunting is like being a corporate Goldie Locks, but there is always employment via the Internet. The Internet is a wondrous thing because you can literally get compensated for being a meme and Internet sensation. Welcome to the life of Tardar Sauce; better known as Grumpy Cat.

Girl Scout Cookies Go Digital
There are technological advances nearly every single day. After all, we live in a society that nearly demands it. But there are few that can bring tears of joy to your eyes. This is one of those instances. A technological advance has come along that is life-changing in a big way. The Girl Scouts will now sell cookies online. I repeat: The Girl Scouts will sell their delicious nuggets of goodness online. The organization has had a “nearly 100-year-old tradition” of selling cookies...

Robots Take Over Amazon
The news of a robot takeover sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. It can strike fear in the hearts of many. We immediately have visions of artificial intelligence gone horribly wrong. But this is nothing of that sort. We will not be seeing Cyborg Monday anytime soon, at least not for Amazon.

'Next Glass' App Answers the Tough Questions
Each day in our lives we face a multitude of challenges. Situations arise that must be dealt with in some fashion. There are tough questions to be answered. These questions persist whether or not we are prepared to answer them. One such challenging question revolves around the future and what our next step should be.

Facebook Plans To Reduce Organic Reach
In a move that should surprise no one and frustrate many, Facebook is once again making changes to page reach. Facebook already filters the page content shown on users’ news feeds...

Facebook Updates Privacy Policy and Terms
Privacy policies and terms of use are probably two of the least-read items on any website or app. Most users simply click the appropriate box and go on their merry way. Besides, if you actually attempted to read the policies and terms, all that would be accomplished is confusion. Such items are not written in language for the everyday user. Much like amendments on ballots, these policies and terms are written not to explain, but to make something sound great and distract the user.

Thank You, Instagram! We Can Now Edit Photo Captions!
Remember back in ancient social media times when we faced such hardships? For instance, one of the horrors we faced was making a typo or some other sort of error on an Instagram photo caption. Our options to remedy such actions were quite limited. To fix a photo caption error on Instagram, we would have to delete the photo...

#DudesGreetingDudes Takes Aim at Catcalling
A couple of weeks ago director Rob Bliss collaborated with the Hollaback! group to release a special video piece. The video piece documented Shoshana Roberts’ walk through New York City. To document the trek through the city, Bliss walked in front of Roberts with a camera (hidden in a backpack). What the video piece revealed was quite interesting. The duration of Roberts’ walk was riddled with catcalls and sexually charged greetings. Some men even said Roberts should be more grateful for the attention. Naturally, the video went viral and the Internet went crazy with responses.

Chelsea Handler Fights Back Against Instagram
Chelsea Handler is a quiet, shy woman. Handler never speaks out and does not make waves. Okay, that could not be further from the truth. What I mean to say is that Handler, a comedian and host, has never been known to be the reserved type. She is more of a no-holds-barred kind of person who puts it all on the line. Handler makes no excuses for who she is and is proud of the person she is. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that she often posts..

Taco Bell Blacks Out Social Media
This past week Taco Bell experienced a blackout on its social media. Normally this sort of situation would strike fear and panic into the heart of a marketing team. Calls and emails would be frantically flying about the office. The information technology department would be quickly summoned. But none of that was the case for the Mexican fast-food chain. Taco Bell intentionally created a social media blackout.

Retailers Take a Bite out of Apple Pay
The launch of Apple Pay last week drew much excitement. The technology giant, Apple, boasted that your iPhone would replace your wallet. Your phone would be your communication, information source, payment portal — basically all you would need.

PhotoMath App Solves the Equation
Think back to your school days and reminisce about your math classes. Do you ever remember staring at an equation, wishing there was some magic way to solve it? Were there times your calculator simply was not enough? Yes, the calculator gives you an answer, but you have to know how to plug in the equation...

Snapchat's First Ad Frightens
The proliferation of sponsored ads and messages within digital and social media is no longer a surprise. What is a surprise is when one comes across something in digital and social media that does not contain an ad of some sort. Ads and messages are literally everywhere, and can be quite sneaky.

#FanGate Takes Center Stage at Florida Governor’s Debate
The election season is upon us. Television programs are interspersed with political commercials attacking candidates. We also cannot go one day without telemarketing calls touting political parties. This season also means it is time for televised debates. It is a time for candidates to duke it out on important issues that affect our communities, states, and the nation.

Snapchat Photos Latest To Be Hacked
Presumably many users download the Snapchat app for the benefits it has over other photo-messaging apps. One of those alleged benefits is the temporal characteristics of Snapchat. Users can upload and send photos that basically have an expiration date. After the photos are sent, they get deleted and are never seen again. The lack of permanence within Snapchat can cause a sense of boldness amongst its users. Individuals might take and share photos that they would never want to see the light of day...

Dove Uses Social Media to Promote Body Positivity
Social media is not always reserved for making oneself feel better. Logging onto Facebook or Twitter can turn into a comparison competition. We can end up comparing ourselves and our lives to others. Perhaps we struggle with having a smaller house or a lower-paying job. Furthermore, the use of social media can also lead to comparison of things related to body image and self-esteem. It is not uncommon to experience low self-esteem and body shaming like it is no big thing. Unfortunately, they have become commonplace.

Talking to Yourself: Orange's Digital Time Travel
Have you ever wanted to talk to yourself? And I don’t mean in a way that would cause others to be concerned for your health; more in a sense that you desired to impart wisdom on your youthful self.

#FeelingNuts Goes Viral
One typically does not want to place any sort of body part near the word "viral." It could mean a serious illness or another one of those lovely celebrity photo leaks. However, this time the combination is a good thing. Check One Two, a testicular cancer awareness group, recently started a new online challenge.

Peace, Love, and Potato Salad
Sometimes we post things on the Internet not knowing what will become of them. Initially our post might be a joke; something we put out in cyberland in jest. That was certainly the case for Zack Brown and his starchy Kickstarter plan. Earlier this summer, Brown had a craving for potato salad. However, Brown did not wish to spend his personal money on carrying out his spud dreams, so he set out to fund his quest for potato salad on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Shop Your Way to Fundraising Dollars
Fundraising can be a taxing challenge. Sometimes people are so inundated with requests for this charity or that event, and that does not make any one charitable organization more or less worthy than another. It just can be overwhelming. Factor in that we are all incredibly busy, and it makes it even more difficult to get the necessary funds to operate. Therefore, charities are faced with coming up with new ways to reach donors.

Fancy Being a Goat?
There is no end to the imagination that children possess. Their young minds can create new worlds and take them on unthinkable adventures. Children can imagine themselves as scientists, rock stars, animals, pirates, and so much more. It is unfortunate that the childlike imagination fades as we grow older. As adults, we do not often have the chance to be creative and use our imaginations to become something else. We just do not pretend anymore. Well, we do, but that is a conversation for our therapists.

CoverGirl's Game Face Gets a Makeover
A majority of the time, a makeover is a positive experience. We all enjoy, from time to time, feeling different, dressed up, and confident. A makeover can be life-changing. However, in this instance a makeover is not necessarily a good thing. CoverGirl launched a campaign urging consumers to “get their game face on.”

Social Media Connects 9/11 Wedding Photograph to Owner
Fairy tale endings are the stuff of myths and legends. We never believe they happen to anyone we know. It is always a friend of a friend’s cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s mother. Furthermore, it seems even less likely that social media would conceivably play a role in creating a happy ending. It is almost as if we hear an instance each week of how social media has gone awry...

DiGiorno Delivers Twitter Blunder
DiGiorno, much like Taco Bell, has a way with words on Twitter. The pizza company utilizes humor and jokes in its digital interactions. For instance, it wouldn’t be unusual to see hashtags like #CheesyCelebrities or #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT on its account. DiGiorno’s Twitter is not boring or typical in any sense of the word. And it is those kinds of social media accounts that get the most attention. In a crowded digital landscape, consumers are looking for what stands out, for what is atypical. However, DiGiorno’s Twitter recently stood out, and not in a positive way. DiGiorno had a response for the hashtag #WhyIStayed — “you had pizza.”

Drew Carey Stands Up to Ice Bucket Bullies
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral, no doubt about that. There does not appear to be an end in sight to the chilling challenge. Now folks are starting to get creative with their videos and messages. However, in this particular case, doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in a different way is not a good thing. A group of teenagers in Bay Village, OH...

Samsung Goes Over the Edge
Samsung announced its latest products at a trade show in Berlin recently. Among its announcements were the Galaxy Note 4, Gear VR, and the Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung’s Edge was designed using its flexible-display technology and is a curved smartphone with a usable side display. The 160-pixel-wide display flows off the side from the separate, flat main screen. The unique side panel is designed to give users easy access to various controls, apps, and features. Edge users will be able to view weather, stock, or time information...

Private Celebrity Photos Hacked
It was Labor Day weekend. You thought you were going to enjoy a beer — or two — at your neighbor’s backyard barbeque party. Basically, the weekend was all about relaxing. Wrong, wrong, wrong — if you are a celebrity, that is. The famous crowd is on hyperalert after private photos have allegedly been hacked and leaked. A 4chan user has supposedly gained illegal access to the iCloud accounts...

Become a Video Pro with Hyperlapse
You can now become a professional videographer in a few easy steps. Okay, maybe not. But, thanks to Instagram, you will be able to create time-lapse videos with ease. This week Instagram released a new app, Hyperlapse. The stand-alone app, available only on iOS right now, allows users to compile video footage.

Over 1,000 US Retailers Possible Hacking Victims
This year has certainly been the year of the hacker. Headline after headline seems to proclaim yet another instance where some computer system was hacked into. Just recently, there were StubHub and Target — just to name a couple. Oh, and then there was that little thing about Internet Explorer having security holes. And now there is one more hacking to add to the list. The Department of Homeland Security said that more than 1,000 retailers in the United States could be affected by malware.

Answer Your Phone, It's Your Mother
Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to ignore your mother? If she calls or sends a text message, then it is in your best interest to answer. If you do not answer, well, there will be hell to pay. Teenagers, specifically, have a history of ignoring...

'Downton Abbey' Cast Responds to Viral Snapshot
Downton Abbey, a period drama airing on BBC, has certainly taken the television world by storm. The popular show has inspired Internet memes, fabulous costumes, viewing parties, and much more. The show has also amassed a large following of loyal fans who anxiously await new episodes.

Hashtag Activism: What's the Point?
The Internet is an interesting place where you are never quite sure what you will see. And when new videos, with the same theme, begin popping up all over, you might not even be surprised — just left wondering why. Lately you probably have seen videos of people dumping buckets of ice water all over themselves.

Text Your Way to Safety
The majority of us have smartphones. We use those smartphones to check email, watch movies, make phone calls, post on social media, draft documents, and, well…you get the idea. Many of us are dependent upon the fact that smartphones can do everything, so we rely a great deal on our smartphones, or rather, cell phones in general.

#ShareACoke Goes Viral with Pregnancy Announcement
Okay, admit it. You have dug through bins at the grocery store to find your name on a Coke bottle or can. If you say you have not, well, you might not be telling the whole truth. And how disappointing is it when you cannot find one with your name?! But I digress. Most of us do nothing with our namesake bottles of Coke, other than becoming inexplicably excited about them or perturbed that we cannot find our names. One couple, however, has showed us all up by making a wonderfully cute video...

It's Moving Day for Facebook Messenger
Pack up the boxes, and do not forget to secure them with duct tape. Make sure your checklist is complete. And lastly, remember to do a final walkthrough so no belongings are left behind. It is moving day for Facebook, folks. The social media giant is at it again with the changes. It is no longer a question of if Facebook will make changes, but when.

A Proper Woman Never Laughs (In Public)
Ladies, remember to always be prim and proper. Do not forget to dress appropriately and modestly. Oh, and never forget to control your laughter in public. That’s right — do not laugh in public, because it contributes to the moral delinquency of society. Do not adjust your screens, because you are in fact reading this correctly.

Mary Poppins Quits Her Day Job
You clock in and spend countless hours putting in your time. Your tasks might be considered menial by some, but to you your job is important. You are fulfilling a need in a marketplace. You are contributing to the environment around you. After you put in your time you clock out, collect your paycheck...

Don't Tweet and Fly
We all have aired complaints on social media, in one way or another. Perhaps a restaurant provided a less-than-stellar experience that prompted us to reward them with a scathing Facebook review. Or, maybe a shipping company damaged a package and we posted a quick photo on Instagram. Maybe we had to wait an excessive amount of time on hold with tech support only to be disconnected, so we complained online. Whatever the case may be, we all have been there.

How High Are You?
Human connection is the basis of life. The bonds we forge help us to thrive. We connect based on chemistry, shared experiences, common interests, and more.

MTV VMA Nominees Snap!
Digital permanence can be quite the commitment. What happens in cyber space, well, everyone knows about. And once it is out there it is never going away, as much as we all might like to make that happen. Apparently that was just a bit too much for MTV. The network will announce its Video Music Awards (or VMA)...

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie
Ah, the infamous social media habit — the selfie. It is how we document our lives. It is the quintessential response to “pics or it didn’t happen.” The proliferation of the selfie can often be seen as cringe-worthy. So when someone says they took a selfie every single day...

Kickstarter Makes Potato Salad Dreams Come True
Kickstarter, if you have not heard, is an online “funding platform for creative projects.” People and groups take to the site to find backers to support their projects. And backers usually get something in return for their pledge, such as a keepsake or dedication, etc.

Shutterfly Mistakenly Congratulates Non-Parents on Their New Arrivals
Having a child is said to be one of the most joyous life events. Parents spend months prepping and planning for the perfect arrival. Furniture and décor are chosen. Onesies purchased. What-to-expect books are read. And then the day finally arrives and you give birth to your little bundle of joy. Of course you want to shout it from the rooftops, so you do. Gifts arrive in celebration of this new little human.

HGTV Axes 'Flipping It Forward'
Back in April, HGTV announced a new reality show, Flipping It Forward, featuring brothers David and Jason Benham. The new show was slated to highlight a deserving family each week whose “fixer-upper” home was turned into a “dream home” by the Benhams.

LA Clippers Declare 'We Are One'
Whether or not you are a sports fan, it is likely that you have heard the name Donald Sterling within the past few days. Well, unless you have been taking up residence beneath a news- and social media–free rock. Sterling, the current owner of the LA Clippers, found himself in hot water over audio recordings...

R.I.P. Ladies' Home Journal Subscriptions
A magazine with a 131-year-old history is calling it quits — sort of. Ladies’ Home Journal, of the Meredith Corporation, is closing up shop with its monthly subscriptions.

Honey Maid Turns Hate Into Love
Graham crackers are a key ingredient in s’mores, pie crusts, and other tasty treats. Apparently, graham crackers are also a key ingredient in causing backlash and controversy. Who knew? Recently the Nabisco brand aired a set of commercials...

Lorde Calls Out Edited Pictures
This week the musical artist Lorde took a brave step forward in her fight to be seen as a real person. She just kicked over that pedestal right over. And she really scored some points for her personal brand in the meantime (yes, people are brands too).

The NCAA Has Its Eyes On You
If sports fans had a soundtrack for social media, you might hear Michael Jackson’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” playing in the background. Or, if you listen closely, you might even hear the faint echoes of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night” drifting through the air. The dubious song choices are potentially alarming and might cause one to question the person sitting next to him or her...

Betabrand’s Clothing Shows Off These Women’s PhDs
Each day millions of women, young and old, peruse fashion publications and websites. And when they do, honestly, it can be challenging to find positive images and people to look up to.

Olive Garden’s New Logo Has A Bad Aftertaste
In the branding world logo redesigns are a tricky business. Success in doing so can be quite difficult to attain. Anyone remember the Gap logo redo debacle from a couple years back? Yeah, thought so. So it is always a bit surprising that there is not more apprehension involved...

Pepsi MAX Gets Real
Early in 2013 Pepsi MAX released a commercial in which Jeff Gordon, a renowned NASCAR driver, took advantage of an unsuspecting car salesman. Gordon, literally, took the poor gentleman for a ride.

Social Media Cone of Shame
Not surprisingly, people across the world devote hours upon hours to interacting on social media every single day. We spend countless hours checking into Foursquare, sending out tweets, updating statuses, "researching" old high school pals on Facebook, posting our dinner on Instagram, searching for the next best nail design on Pinterest, and more.

The Butter Queen Is Back, Y'all
The past year or so has not been a good one for Southern butter queen, Paula Deen. It was revealed that Deen had received a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. That diagnosis was ironic considering the copious amounts of butter and mayonnaise she dolloped in and on her recipes. And then there was that teensy scandal. You might have heard of it? You know, the one where her racism was put on blast as Deen took the witness stand in a harassment and discrimination trial?

The Lauren Conrad Brand = Girl Power
Lauren Conrad, or L.C. to former Laguna Beach and The Hills viewers, has shed the reality starlet persona. Conrad has stepped away from the light of reality television and has made a respectable, and fashionable, name for herself. She has built several fashion brands from the ground up, such as LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's and Paper Crown.

Coke Wants Your #ReasonsToBelieve
Each day of human interaction that we encounter can sometimes make it difficult to fathom the world being anything but negative. Harsh words, judgment, low self-esteem, lack of empathy, and peer pressure are just a few things that can be found...

Twist Open New Oreo Cookie Flavors
Adventurous Oreo cookie lovers — rejoice. Oreo purists should probably just move along. The famous cookie brand is set to add two fun, and interesting, new flavors to the mix. Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy Oreo flavors are slated to debut on grocery store shelves in February. The Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy flavors will join the ranks...

#InnerBeauties Take the Challenge
Young women today are subjected to a host of unrealistic expectations. And, well, so are many young men. Some of these expectations come from well-meaning (or not) loved ones, persnickety peers, and other individuals with strong opinions. And even more of these expectations are self-imposed...

Blame It on the Alcohol...
Dennis Rodman is not your average character. In fact, his personal brand is known for its eccentricities and colorful statements. Rodman’s latest adventures are certainly no exception to that fact. In recent weeks the basketball player has been traveling to and around North Korea. The purpose of the trip was to participate in an “exhibition basketball game” with other ex-NBA players. But during Rodman’s controversy-laden travels he did more than just play basketball. Rodman has come under fire for interacting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Maybe it is not the best thing for your personal brand to sing Happy Birthday to the leader of an adversarial country.

87 Hours of Shopping Madness Courtesy of Toys 'R Us
The holiday season this year seems to be all wrapped up in a tight package. Thanksgiving came late. And the sound of jingle bells is deafening with Christmas literally just around the corner. All this condensed holiday "goodness" is seemingly compounding the pressure. What pressure would that be? No, it is not the pressure to cope with all of the family visits and quirks during this season.

'Imperfection' Is True Beauty
Human bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The potential combinations result in an infinite amount of possible body types. Some bodies may be short, tall, dark, light, thin, full, differently abled, and any other combination in between. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder...

Kanye, Imma Let You Finish, But Zappos Has The Best Sh-t Product
Rap superstar Kanye West went head-to-head with the CEO of the online shoe retailer Zappos. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, apparently tried to give West business advice. As you can imagine, the tenacious rap star did not take too kindly to Hsieh’s words. In fact, West went to the airwaves to let everyone know just how much it displeased him. West called out Hsieh on a podcast, saying the whole argument was ridiculous simply because Zappos sells a "sh-t product." Basically, the rapper’s message was "how dare you give me advice when your product is crap." Zappos did not take things lying down. In fact, the shoe retailer addressed the problem head on. If West believes Zappos sells a sh-t product then the solution is to sell one — literally.

JPMorgan's #TwitterDon't
JPMorgan has been in the limelight recently for its alleged scandalous business practices. The banking giant is at the center of several Justice Department investigations, including: bribery in Asia, its associations with Bernie Madoff, mortgage bond practices, and trading loss reporting.

Low Price Guarantee? Not So Much
Walmart touts its competitive edge and strategy as being low prices, every day and always. And it recently lived up to its strategy by giving shoppers the steal of a lifetime. Customers logging on to the big box retailer’s website found ridiculously low-priced electronics. Shoppers could purchase products such as computer monitors and projectors for the low, low price of $8.85.

@Tweetacoffee from Starbucks
In 140 characters or less, you can virtually send someone a salted caramel Frappuccino or a vanilla soy latte. And no, it is not done by pouring the coffee directly into your computer — though some may attempt such a feat. Starbucks has just launched its @Tweetacoffee program...

Auto-Complete Truth: An Eye-Opening Campaign
Most of us can likely admit to, at one point or another, scratching our heads at the results that Google autocomplete has yielded. Some of the results may not make any logical sense, while others may simply be shocking. And it is those shocking results that sparked inspiration for UN Women’s Auto-Complete Truth campaign. The revealing campaign began when UN Women did a Google search and was dismayed by what it found. The autocomplete feature of Google returned a variety of eye-opening statements when UN Women used search terms such as: women should, women shouldn’t, women need to, and women cannot. Just some of the autocomplete statements that were generated were...

British Gas' Twitter #FAIL
Scheduling a Twitter Q&A session to interact with your customers is a great marketing strategy. Networking on a digital platform places you on the same level as consumers by empowering them to be part of crucial discourse. However, avoid holding that session on the same day that your company director...

Lane Bryant Introduces Couture for Plus Sizes
Full-figured women have faced many challenges over the years in finding fashionable, aesthetic pieces to wear. Apparently, some "designers" suffer from the delusion that plus-size women do not care about what they wear; they design pieces that look like they come from the office drapes. Or, frustratingly, they don’t offer any sizes in the plus-size range. The average American woman is a size 14.

Lattes and Firearms
Citizens across the country have been in a very heated debated about gun control and the right to carry. There are strong opinions, from both sides, that are being shared in various forms and stages. And now, brands are getting involved. In a polarizing move Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has penned...

Social Media and the 9/11 Anniversary
In the wake of the somber 9/11 anniversary, as a nation, we continue to reflect on the tragic day that forever changed our fate. The nation lost thousands of beautiful and kind souls that can never be replaced. And with each passing year, as we remember 9/11, the memorials and celebrations continue to evolve. As a sign of the times thousands of tributes have popped up online in various social media outlets, from individuals and companies. With the evolution of tributes the question arises — what is the appropriate way to handle paying homage to 9/11 in a genuine and respectful manner? And how did some companies handle the recent sobering anniversary? Regardless of how much we might try to stop it, time marches on. Collectively we move on with our lives and go forth towards the future.

Live Your Brand Life Like A Song
Summer is slowly giving way to fall. Tourists are reluctantly journeying home. School bells have begun to ring. Though our summer lifestyle appears to be fading, we can’t seem to shake the concept of living like a song. And no one does it better than the man himself, Jimmy Buffett. The escapist lifestyle extraordinaire has taught many people how to live like a song. Parrot Heads aren’t the only ones, however, who could benefit from the "unique" wisdom of Buffett.

Finding a Kidney Online
Finding a kidney online sort of seems like an activity straight from the black market — strange and a bit shady. But forget any preconceived notions you might have about finding a kidney online and open up to the fact that there is an app for that. Yes, folks, there is an app for finding a kidney online — legitimately and legally for those who are on the waiting list for a transplant.

Seattle Police Cure the Munchies with Doritos
There is no doubt that festival attendees at Seattle’s Hempfest had a serious case of the munchies. But thankfully the Seattle Police Department stepped in to keep hunger at bay. In an effort to be "deliberately ironic" the police department distributed approximately 1000 free bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos at Hempfest. But the bags of chips were meant to be more than just a way to satisfy participants’ munchies.

Target Hits The Bullseye With Philanthropic Efforts
For many students across America, school bells will soon begin to ring. Students will approach the first day with big smiles, and an eagerness to meet their new classmates — but, of course, they will be dreading the homework. Teachers will greet the first day as an opportunity to positively impact the life of a child through the classroom. However, despite all best efforts, some schools will have to forgo necessary maintenance, or many students will be unable to afford supplies, or teachers’ resources will be all tapped out...

Facebook Borrows From Twitter...Yet Again
Facebook has "borrowed" a page out of the Twitter playbook. And this is not the first time. Remember when these social tools were exclusive to Twitter: @mentions, hashtags, verified accounts, and following top names and brands? You can now add trending topics to that list as well. Facebook has followed in the footsteps of Twitter by implementing trending topics and is currently in beta testing with some of its mobile users.

Kmart Says Yo Momma Is So Fiscally Responsible
If you listen closely you can almost hear the collective groans of students and teachers everywhere — not to mention the boisterous cheers of parents, too. That is right, folks; it is back to school time. Considering the school year seemingly just ended it is no wonder that many of us are sitting here in disbelief...

Digital Detox: Going Off The Grid
Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Email. Vine. Tumblr. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Text messages. Google+. Laptops. Desktops. Smartphones. Tablets. With no end in sight, there is obviously no denying how digitally connected we are to coworkers...

Have Your Sins Forgiven in 140 Characters
Let us just say you do not have the time to attend World Youth Day in Brazil. And let us also assume you have tapped out your financial resources — so a flight to the Vatican to personally meet Pope Francis is out of the question. Fear not, for your time assigned in purgatory due to your sins can be greatly improved.

Roxy: Too Sexy For This Ad?
At the risk of sounding like a bad joke—what do you get when you cross a scantily clad backside, a bed, and a shower? A perfume ad? Nope. What about a lingerie ad? Not even close. The answer is: an ad for Roxy’s Biarritz 2013 surfing competition. Puzzled by the answer — then join the crowd.

What Am I Thinking?!
Using a smartphone can often be equated to being in a bad relationship. Sometimes the phone works and sometimes it does not. Then there are the times, like in a relationship, that you feel as if the phone just is not listening to what you are trying to say. Have you ever thought that your smartphone just does not get it? Or have you ever wished for a smartphone (or a partner) that understood you and knew what you were thinking? That time has nearly come. Microsoft is on the forefront of intuitive smartphone technology. The tech company has teamed up with MoodScope to develop software that would be able to identify and measure the emotional state...

All You Need to Know about Branding...From Disney Movies
As adults we can recall a particular Disney movie that touched our lives. The movie likely created profound, magical adventures in far-off lands by stretching our imaginations. Perhaps you wanted to be rescued like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, or maybe you even wanted to create your own destiny like Wart (Arthur) in Sword in the Stone. Now, as adults, we have left the imagined world behind...

Karma: What Comes Around Goes Around
We have all been in that unfortunate situation in which we desperately needed to send an email or check the status of a report and then the unthinkable happens. You are left scrambling all because there is no wireless hotspot available — nary a signal...


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