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Original articles from Concethia D. Campbell.
Social Media and the Consumer
Social media has officially become a way of life. From job searching to networking with colleagues and old friends, everyone is using social media, including your favorite businesses. Whether you’re at the ATM machine for the local bank or commuting on your city’s bus to work, you will definitely see a Facebook or Twitter icon.

JetBlue: The Brand to Watch
Many brands seem to sustain success in the midst of adversity more than others. JetBlue Airways is the brand that has provided amazing customer service and awesome branding, right smack in the middle of controversy.

iPad Mini Coming Soon, Perhaps?
I’m sure you have probably heard the news. The Apple news. It has been rumored that Apple will soon release the iPad Mini. Reported to make its debut as early as September of this year, the smaller version of the popular iPad will definitely boost revenue for the iconic brand. But do you really need it?

Gabby Douglas: Public Relations Handled Like a True Champ
America’s newest sweetheart, Olympian Gabby Douglas, has definitely had her share of triumph and trials. All within a week’s time, the 16-year-old has made history by becoming the first African-American to win the individual all-around gold medal, in addition to helping the USA Womens’ National Gymnastics Team win the all-around gold. In the midst of iconic accomplishments, Douglas has been faced with harsh criticism from viewers regarding the hairstyle she wore during the Olympics.

Facebook Users: Would You 'Like' the 'Want' Button?
Per various television news stories and Internet articles, it has been rumored that Facebook will be developing a “Want” button. Yes, you read correctly: a “Want” button. First the “Like” button, then the Timeline, now this. Why would users “Want” a new feature? For starters, the “Want” button will allow Facebook users to share items and products of their choice with Facebook friends.

Yahoo! : The Mom Brand
Former Google executive Marissa Mayer was recently named President and CEO of Yahoo!. Faced with the task of restructuring Yahoo! and its image in a society where Google and Facebook have taken over, the 37-year-old professional definitely has a tremendous, yet attainable, task ahead of her. However, a more exciting obstacle confronts her: motherhood.

Netflix for Magazines Coming to an iPad Near You
Next Issue Media has created a unique approach to subscriptions that can potentially revolutionize the way magazines are read. Although the app has existed in the Android Market since April, the magazine-subscription service company has expanded with the introduction of the app for iPad users. With approximately 15,000 users thus far, app accessibility via the iPad will be sure to expand the service’s reach. Prices range from $10 to $14 monthly and a 30-day free trial is offered for new users. Readers will have the opportunity to purchase and read a variety of periodicals: GQ, Vogue, People, and Vanity Fair, just to name a few.

Make Your Personal Brand a Success
No matter where you turn, there’s a brand. Doing laundry? Tide is a brand. Checking your email? Google is a brand. Grabbing a quick lunch? McDonald's is… yep, you guessed it: a brand. A brand is a symbol, words, image, or a combination of all elements used to identify a product and differentiate it from competitors.

Should You Instagram?
Everybody is using it. Celebrities capture their photo memories with it. The average Twitter user swears by it. When it comes to photo programs, Instagram trumps all. But…what’s the hype? Should you REALLY use it? Launched in late 2010, Instagram is a free photo-sharing program that allows users to apply digital filters to their photos and then share them via the Instagram app, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking services.


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