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Original articles from Gerard E. Mayers.
#PR: Your Online Reputation Matters
I recently sat down, virtually, with Warren Cooper, Senior PR Lead at Evergreen Partners, Inc. to ask him about Online Reputation, and Reputation Management. I wanted to learn from him what online reputation means for an organization, how us flacks can stay informed and abreast of their organization's online reputation, and how we can respond to issues as they develop. Warren shared some very interesting thoughts on both of these important topics below.

#PR: Use These Ten Words at Your Peril!
As with any other industry, PR has words and phrases that have become cliches. An article appeared last month in PR News for Smart Communicators authored by Sophie Maerowitz titled 10 Overused Words and Phrases for PR Pros to Avoid. You might ask, “Well, what are these ten words we should avoid using?” I believe that knowing the overused words will vastly help us flacks...

#PR: Tips on Leading a Brand through a Crisis
I am sure all of us are aware of crises some brands have had recently: Delta’s computer systems power failures, FoxNews with its slow burn sexual harassment scandal, or the diving and swimming pools at the Rio2016 Games mysteriously turning green. How a brand deals with a crisis can tell a lot about it as an organization.

#PR: What Will Smith's Advertising Epiphany Can Mean for PR
LinkedIn Pulse recently published an article by Katie Carroll about an ad epiphany noted actor Will Smith recently had. While the piece talks about advertising, this blogger found some crossover application for us flacks as well. Carroll, who is a senior news editor for LinkedIn, noted that “What he [Smith] discovered (and what Hollywood and marketers everywhere still are) is that the winning-is-the-only-thing strategy doesn't really work anymore.” I believe this applies even to PR today as well.

#PR: Four People 'Must Haves' on Your Crisis Communications Team
In my blog the other week with Warren Cooper, Senior PR Specialist at Evergreen Partners, we talked about crisis communications and also when C-level executives should be included in putting a crisis communications plan together. It just so happens that Ian James Wright, of PR News for Smart Communicators, authored a column about the four key people...

Two Key and Overlooked Elements of Good PR
The recent news of the leakage of millions of pages from documents in the Panama-based law firm of Mossack Fonseca (the “Panama Papers” scandal) brought home the importance of two key elements of good PR practice: reputational intelligence and crisis communications. I sat down, in a manner of speaking...

#PR: The “Brave New World” of American Presidential Politics
“The Donald” continues to dominate the Republican side of the electoral cycle towards the presidential election come this November, and this despite all the controversy and recent attacks on him by his fellow Republican candidates, the party regulars, the media, and even the two Democratic candidates on the other side.

#PR: Should You Use Snapchat in Your Campaigns?
According to Kelly Bennett, manager of social media and marketing strategy at Miami University, brands should be considering using Snapchat as part of their PR campaigns. Why, you ask? Bennett offered four very good reasons why Snapchat should be part of your campaign planning...

#PR: Facebook's 'Waterloo' in India
It was recently revealed in the news that India's Telecom Regulatory Authority banned Facebook's Free Basics Internet service. In an article published on LinkedIn Pulse, Vivek Wadhwa, a Fellow at the Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University, noted: “The project was ill-conceived and showed a lack of understanding of India’s culture..."

#PR: What Six Gurus Say about PR in 2016
In a recent column in PR News Online, six major PR gurus shared five tips on what PR should concentrate on in this near year of 2016. (For the original article and the names of the six gurus, click here.) Of interest to us all should be what the six thought leaders in our profession think must become part and parcel of good PR work this year. 1. Don't Put Copy Out Just to Be Seen.

#PR: How Not to Generate Good PR
In recent weeks the media has been reporting on efforts by the Princeton, NJ–based Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) to bulldoze and build on land that it acquired but is also actually an extremely historic piece of ground.

#PR: Win the News Race with Social Media
Shawn Paul Wood, a PR thought influencer who now works at Ketchum PR, recently blogged an article on how social media has transformed how journalists and flacks approach their respective disciplines. At the top of his article, titled 5 Ways Social Media Can Extend the News Cycle, he notes: “To say that social media has been a game changer for public relations and journalism..."

#PR: The PC Isn't Dead Yet
Jon Fortt, co-host of the CNBC show “Squawk Alley, recently posted a very interesting article on LinkedIn. Titled “The PC: Suddenly, Surprisingly Alive,” Fortt's article noted prior comments by Apple's Steve Jobs and Tim Cook predicting the death of the PC.

#PR: When 'No' Is a Good Thing
There are times when, in PR, saying the word “no” can be a good thing. However, it is also not a word we want to use too much around our clients, particularly when they think they have a great idea for a PR campaign to help launch their newest (and greatest) widget. But that is not what this blog post is about.

Better #PR Writing? Yes; Here’s How!
How hard is it to do better when writing press releases and other communications? I think most of us would likely agree that, at times, changing our style or tone can be difficult. However, according to Julie C. Lellis, an associate professor and associate chair of the School of Communications at Elon University, it is not that daunting a task.

#PR: Personalize Your Way to a Better Pitch
Lauren Winer, an account coordinator at Vantage PR, recently blogged about the power of a personalized approach to pitching to the media. Let’s face it; we all know that editors and journalists can be our worst enemies or our best friends. It all has to do how we pitch our stories to them, is the central theme of her piece. She notes: “When writing email pitches, it’s important..."

#PR: What Do Advertising, Marketing, and Sales Have in Common with PR?
A few months ago, Diane Schwartz (Senior VP & Group Publisher Media/PR Group at PR News) wrote a blog piece asking a very important and thought-generating question. Her column, PR is Sales is Marketing is Advertising, discussed some reasons why these three areas, which usually work separately from PR, should in fact be working with PR. Wait, you say! Do you mean to tell me a sales person, or a marketer, or a person who works on your organization’s advertising campaign can do the same job...

#PR: A PR Pitch Journalists Will Love
How hard is it to craft and write a press release journalists simply “have” to print? Some would contend, “It’s almost impossible; well, if it’s not impossible, it is certainly not easy.” Actually, reality could not be further from that argument than New York City is from the South Pole. According to Reg Rowe, founder of GrayHairPR, who recently was quoted by Richard Brownell in a blog piece he contributed to PR News, the secret lies in learning to think like a journalist. So, if we are to think and write as if we were all reporters or journalists, what are the things they love to see in any story? Rowe says there are four main elements or “rules”...

#PR: Why Does Your Company Need a PR Firm?
Paula Conway, president of Astonish Media Group based in New York City, recently shared five very compelling reasons why a company needs a PR firm and why it should hire one. Her piece, appearing recently in PR News for Smart Communicators, gave the reasons and explanations; some of these are quite obvious, but you would be surprised why some companies need firms, as Ms Conway notes: “If you’ve pondered the reasons why you might need a PR firm, or talked yourself into reasons..."

#PR: Even Routine Communications Can Impact PR for Good or Bad
Today, rather than commenting on recent blog pieces of note from PR News’ very talented stable of writers, I’m going to reflect for a moment on a recent experience I had that made me think about the impact even routine communications can have, for good or bad, on an organization’s overall PR.

#PR: 5 Myths About PR We Can Do Without
Diane Schwartz, Senior VP & Group Publisher of the Media/PR Group at PR News, recently blogged a most insightful piece on some PR myths that continue to persist. I found them extremely interesting in this digital age, that mainstream media still does not have the right idea of what PR is and what it does. (Click here for the entire blog.) Regarding PR and mainstream media, Ms Schwartz noted: Why is it still newsworthy when PR is called to the rescue or joins a strategic team?

#PR: Improving Your PR ROI Isn’t That Hard
Just as many of you do, I subscribe to PR News’ email newsletter “The Skinny on PR.” At the end of last week, Vilan Trub (who is a marketing copywriter for Business Wire) contributed a very helpful and informative blog piece on how we flacks can improve our press release ROI. Trub commented, “As a PR professional putting out a news release..."

#PR: Winnowing Process Begins for Republican Field of Candidates
By now, we’ve all been exposed to the chatter over social media and news outlets about the fireworks from the “prime time” Republican candidates’ debate and especially about the so-called “war” between Donald Trump and FOX News. This flack has to say that the dust-up has produced more PR, some positive and some negative, towards “The Donald.”

#PR: Google Analytics Can Help Measure PR Metrics
I’m sure almost everyone has heard about Google Analytics. But does everyone know that it is free to use? This flack always thought Google Analytics was something you had to pay Google to use. So, when PR News columnist Brian Greene contributed a piece...

#PR: Are My Blogs Effective?
With the rise of social media, there are more opportunities for a flack to promote a brand or product for external or internal clients. With those opportunities also come more challenges, and sometimes, more questions. It almost goes without comment that a well-written blog is necessary for any successful PR or marketing communications campaign.

#PR: Are Sound Bites Good PR?
I read an article recently in the New York Times Online about the Professional Golf Association pulling its “Grand Slam” event from the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles. (For the entire article, click here.) The sound and furor over Mr Trump’s comments about illegal Mexican immigrants...

# PR: When Apple Blinked
By now I am sure we have all heard the news reports of the recent little tiff between country/pop singer Taylor Swift and Apple. A recent article that appeared on TIME Magazine’s online version titled How a 25-Year-Old Blogger Took Down Apple authored by Jack Dickey is interesting indeed. From a PR perspective, this story is even more fascinating on how quickly a corporate giant can move, if it has to, to avert a public relations crisis.

#PR: “The Donald” Throws Hat in Ring
“The Donald” has finally done it. After years of playing coyly with whether he would or would not run for the highest office in the United States of America, he made it official. He now truly is a candidate for President in the 2016 election. The question now becomes one of whether he is running as a Republican candidate or as one who is more independent. And another question pops up: How will the Republican establishment as well as the Republican power brokers react to the news of his official announce?

#PR: Pinterest and Snapchat Matter to PR Pros
PR News recently ran an article on its prnewsonline.com website regarding a recent trend in social media. When Pinterest and Snapchat started, most companies and flacks thought they were “cute” and were unsure about whether both sites could really become PR engines. Apparently, thoughts are changing in that regard.

#PR: Gr8 Customer Service = Gr8 PR
I’ve not contributed my weekly blogs here for several weeks due to my wife being seriously ill for much of the month of February. Without going into detail about why she was in hospital and et cetera, I can happily say she is now home, recovering, and making progress… albeit slowly. Her overall experience while in hospital and my experience...

#PR: Ramping Up Your YouTube Effectiveness
A few weeks ago, PR News’ own Matthew Schwartz blogged a column about some tips on how flacks can use YouTube to visually tell their stories more effectively. Citing Joie Healy, senior manager of social media communications at Cisco, he noted: Brands and organizations of all stripes are starting to ramp up their online video efforts, what with countless studies showing that...

#PR: Will the Palace 'Outspin' Epstein in Prince Andrew Sex Scandal?
I am sure we have all heard (by now) of the news about disgraced millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is a registered sex offender. In the wake of court documents filed in the United States and recent British media coverage, Buckingham Palace has issued an unprecedented three statements commenting on the scandal...

#PR: Facebook Sticker Searches Bad for PR?
The digital Wall Street Journal’s Personal Tech News segment recently ran a blog piece purportedly saying that “words are dead.” Facebook must think we are, apparently, living in a post-text world. The blog piece by Reed Albergotti, aptly titled “Words Are Dead: Facebook Sticker Is Here”...

#PR: #GivingTuesday Important for CSR
In recent years, the three most important dates for marketers are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. For flacks involved with clients who have a history of corporate social responsibility or CSR, #GivingTuesday is indeed an important opportunity for creative, and good, public relations coverage.

#PR: 2016 Presidential Campaigns Begin Now
On the heels of what some observers are terming an “historic” win for the Republican Party in both houses of the United States Congress, the stark reality is that the 2016 presidential campaigns begin… drumroll… now. Never mind that some potential candidates are saying they will wait until January to announce whether or not they will seek the nomination of their political party.

#PR Rant: How to Create 'Bad' PR and Ruin Your Event
This past weekend (October 17 to 19) was the occasion of the enactment of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek near Middletown, Virginia. As Civil War living historians and re-enactors, my wife and I originally were supposed to participate as living historians in the event.

#PR: What’s Best Way to Engage Audiences?
About two weeks ago, the media site PR News for Smart Communicators carried an interesting piece authored by Richard Brownell. Richard is Content Manager, PR Events at PR News. Therefore, his credentials do make him something of an influencer when commenting on PR matters.

#PR: Need an Energy Boost? Try These on for Size….
Most of the time on here I try to blog about items of importance to us flacks, such as why internal customers are as important (or more) than external customers; why a successful pitch campaign often times depends on the timing of your pitch; etc. But not today. Today I want to do something a little bit different...

#PR: SEO and How to Measure Its Success
Matthew Schwartz, whose thoughts I’ve shared in other posts, is at it again. This time he authored a brilliant little piece on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and four key tips on how to be successful using that tool. As we all know, Google pretty much has the market locked up in terms of SEO.

#PR: NFL's PR Disaster
By now I think it is pretty obvious that the entire National Football League (read the word owners) has come under severe scrutiny for how it has handled allegations in the past of domestic violence by team players and/or team staff.

#PR: PR and Avoiding Customer Service Disasters
Rachel Lyubovitsky, formerly of SaaS and now a Co-Founder of the start-up OnTimeWorks, Inc. (where she is also CEO) recently authored a post via LinkedIn Pulse on helpful tips to avoid a customer service disaster. While the posting does not have a precise PR orientation, I do believe us flacks can use it...

#PR: Yeah, It’s 'Boring,' But It’s Your Most Important Skill…EVER
As flacks, we all know that today, we have to be able to communicate effectively and across all forms of media. What would you say is the most important skill to a PR professional “ever”? Being able to pitch successfully and consistently? Having a great portfolio of contacts in both traditional and online media?

#PR: Robin Williams on Communicating
Like you, I am saddened deeply that the world has lost a creative genius of the caliber of Robin Williams. From what I have heard over the last few days, he was such a master of improvisation that scriptwriters of the movies in which he had starring roles would literally leave entire swaths of dialogue totally blank. They did this knowing that he would, without fail, improvise and ad-lib perfectly. He was that good... and that crazy (in a funny sort of way). But, as we also have learned, Robin was a tortured soul as well.

#PR: PR's 'Surprising' Third Function
In my blog last week I commented on a colleague's posting about how great customer service can help boost PR and why companies who do not seem to understand that, not surprisingly, have lousy PR images. PR, as we all know, can help any organization pitch its services or its products to the desired target audiences.

#PR: Gr8 Cust Serv = Gr8 PR
I've blogged previously about how important internal as well as external clients of any organization are to that organization's PR efforts. My colleague Shawn Paul Wood recently penned a terrific piece about three excellent reasons why great customer service actually helps boost PR. He notes, “In this year of social media and gotta-have-it-now-itis, it seems there is only one silver bullet that will kill any PR juggernaut: poor customer service.”

#PR: The Zen of a Successful Pitch
Len Stein, one of my colleagues here at Talent Zoo, recently authored a very insightful piece on why us flacks should not, I repeat, not use the telephone when pitching to journalists. In his article, titled For Better PR Results, Don't Call, he notes: “Reporters have tough, and underpaid, jobs. They must be creative on tight deadlines. They have to deal with editors as well as manage diverse sources. ..."

#PR: Obama's “Walkabouts”—PR Stunt or Gamble?
The online news service McClatchy just recently had an online article titled, “Obama increasingly taking his message beyond Washington.” The article's first paragraphs commented on something Mr Obama seems to be doing quite a bit of lately: “President Barack Obama is often seen this summer..."

#PR: Is Good Writing a 'Lost Art' for PR?
The other day, Aaron Whittaker, who is one of my colleagues here in the Talent Zoo universe, authored a most compelling and quite well-written opinion piece on the importance of writing (particularly, good writing in my view) and how it impacts PR. Too often, due to pressures from clients and deadlines, us flacks have to churn out our press releases and news without really taking a moment...

#PRRant: Another Disaster for Walmart
The recent horrific traffic crash on the New Jersey Turnpike between a Walmart truck and a luxury limousine bus in which comedian Tracey Morgan and two others were critically injured and a fourth person killed is yet another PR nightmare for embattled big box retail chain Walmart. A piece authored by Brian Greene on PR News for Smart Communicators noted: “Wal-Mart is definitely not a stranger to public relations problems. From strikes stemming from issues like poor wages and working conditions to allegations of predatory pricing and more, criticism of Wal-Mart warrants its own Wikipedia page. The events that transpired early on Saturday morning involving..."

#PRRant: The Bergdahl PR Disaster
I'm sure we have all heard by now of the hand-over of former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl within the last few days by the Taliban in Afghanistan in exchange for five Taliban prisoners being held in Guantanamo Bay for over a decade. These high-raking Taliban members, whom many in the current Obama Administration deemed as extreme risks...

#PR: How Do You Define PR?
Jeannine Wheeler, one of my other colleagues here on FlackMe, posted a very intriguing offering just the other day. Her article asked the question of how PR is defined and gave some of the best definitions she'd been able to find. In reading her post, I also have to agree that almost all of us know how PR should and should not be conducted...

#PR: Score One for the FCC
Earlier this week, CNN's Money website reported on what might be the largest fine ever imposed on an organization for violations of “Do Not Call” laws. Companies that telemarket have to comply when consumers request “Please take me off your call list.” As we are all well aware, unsolicited robocalls and telemarketing calls are perhaps one of the most frustrating and annoying calls anyone can receive.

#PR: Does the Pitch Matter?
As flacks, we all know how important it is to have communications with journalists and the media at the right times and places. It should also be of no surprise that cultivating personal relationships with members of the media (particularly those who cover your particular area of expertise) as well as trade media editorial staffs (this applies whether B2C or B2B).

#PR: NBA Commissioner Response Perfect Example of Crisis Communications
By now, there is hardly anyone who has not heard in almost all forms of media about the LA Clippers scandal arising from team owner Donald Sterling's racist rant. Also, hardly a day goes by without further discussion of the actions taken this past Monday by new NBA commissioner Adam Silver...

#PR: Grow or Become Stagnant; Your Choice
Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, recently submitted a most thoughtful article as an InFluencer on LinkedIn. Crammed full with valuable advice and suggestions, it was my immediate thought to consider it for my blog this week. I am sure as you read the original posting (click here), you will see where many of his thoughtful insights dovetail nicely into PR.

#PR Rant: Consumer Trust and Belief Goes Beyond Ads to PR
A few weeks ago I sat down with Henry Raab, who is Vice President of Public Relations for SBW&R, an integrated media agency located in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area. I met with him preparatory to a conference call on a freelance project I was working on with/for him.

#PR Rant: Is Biting the Hand of Media “Good”?
The controversial new head of all athletics programs at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, is at it again; she got herself in hot water over some remarks made recently on campus to a journalism class. What did Rutgers Athletic Director Julie Hermann say that created such waves?

#PR: Profitable Tips of Successful Companies for All Flacks
In a recent LinkedIn posting, Tim Ferris wrote about “The 11 Rules of Highly Profitable Companies.” While the article applies more to CEOs and entrepreneurs and branding, us flacks can find much useful information in the posting as well. Among his suggestions on what sets highly profitable companies apart from the rest of the herd, we find...

#PR Rant: Has Social Media Lost Its Relevance?
With all the buzz recently about Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (as well as YouTube and some other sites) in the media, has social media “tanked” for flacks to use to advance their clients? Honestly I do not know. However, international keynote speaker and New York Times–best selling author Joel Comm (who also considers himself to be a social media expert) recently posted a rather provoking...

#PR Rant: Will the 'Ban Bossy' Campaign Derail PR?
Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, has joined up with Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Girl Scouts of America in a public service campaign titled “Ban Bossy.” This is according to Matthew Schwartz, who writes columns for PR News for Smart Communicators.

#PR: Ellen's Oscar Selfie Inspired Real-Time CSR
By now, I am totally sure there is hardly anyone who has not seen the famous selfie photo Ms. DeGeneres took during Oscar night. Retweeted over 3 million times, the photo broke a previous record held by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. What not as well known is the CSR action that followed.

#PR: Minor League Team Brings Home the Bacon
How easy is it to generate national media coverage and score an impressive communications win? The minor league baseball team IronPigs (located in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania) apparently scored a major accomplishment relatively quickly. According to a PR News Online column, the team is a Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.

#PR: Negative Social Media Can Sink Your Brand
This past Monday (February 17), one of my colleagues on the Beyond Madison Avenue blogsite wrote a most interesting and compelling as well as thoughtful post. Titled “Customer Service: A Need for Good Brands," the post by Dwayne W. Waite, Jr. reinforced something I'd said much earlier in one of my own blogposts on Flack Me about the importance of reputation intelligence...

#PRRant: Propaganda as PR
It has been a most interesting week for us flacks. There are a lot of happenings in the general news which one can look at from a PR viewpoint these days. I'd like to briefly examine two which seem to really stand out from all the stories in recent days, so please bear with me.

#PR: CVSCaremark's Gutsy 'No Butts' Decision
In a column recently in PRNewsOnline, Matthew Schwartz writes of the ground-breaking decision made by CVSCaremark, the nation's largest pharmacy chain, to stamp out cigarette- and other tobacco-related sales. As Schwartz noted, the move “would remove all tobacco products at its 26,000 pharmacies by October.

#PR: Forget B2B or B2C, It's All P2P
The blogsite socialmediatoday recently posted an extremely thought-provoking contribution by Bryan Kramer. The piece, titled “There Is No More B2B or B2C: There Is Only Human to Human (H2H),” immediately grabbed my attention. Kramer makes some compelling arguments for his reasoning that PR and marketing are really people-to-people interactions rather than precise, specific, category-driven endeavors. He uses the abbreviation H2H rather than P2P as I used in my headline...

#PRant: The Weather Channel's Hubris (or How Not to Be Humble)
Earlier last week, the DirectTV satellite television provider (and quite possibly other service providers as well) took The Weather Channel off its offerings. DirectTV replaced its former premier weather outlet with a new outlet known as Weather Nation. It remains to be seen how good the new channel is, but my wife already likes it.... “nothing” but weather reporting. What had vastly annoyed her was all the evening prime-time coverage on The Weather Channel that really had not an iota to do with weather.

#PRant: If A Digi-Fork Says It Improves Eating Habits, Will Tracking Improve PR?
The WSJ recently had a very interesting article about a digital fork manufactured and marketed by HAPILABS, a company based in France with a U.S. location as well. The company recently scored a lot of press and media comment on its new high-technology fork, named the HAPIfork. The electronic fork, which is a little on the hefty side (according to the WSJ article)...

#PRWoes: Obama and His Health Plan, Second Round
Last week I blogged about two articles appearing in the Wall Street Journal about Mr. Obama’s eroding approval ratings and his health plan’s woes. At the end of that blog, I noted that, in doing public relations work, often times perceptions of a product are as or more important than the actual facts about a product or brand.

#PR Woes: Obama and His Health Plan
The Administration’s woes with respects to the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, seem to continue. A recent article by Karl Rove in the WSJ strongly hints at a major Democratic problem with the mid-term elections next year; it is a known fact that not a single Republican in either house of Congress...

#PR: Giving Tuesday + CSR = Gr8 PR
Yesterday, December 3, was the second annual Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday), which marked the beginning of what many know as “giving season.” This is a time when many organizations hope to raise the bulk of their operating funds during the last few weeks of the year.

#PR: Do You Have Singleness of Purpose?
This Tuesday, November 19, was the 150th anniversary of a speech given by the 16th President of the United States. Mr. Lincoln gave his “few appropriate remarks” as part of a cemetery dedication in a small south-central Pennsylvania town. His short speech followed an oration by the occasion’s main speaker, Edward Everett of Massachusetts.

#PR: Look Out Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; Here Comes Twitter
As almost all of us have heard, in the wake of its IPO, Twitter unveiled new features. One is Custom Timelines (where you supposedly can have multiple timelines for your Twitter account) and, what is probably even more important for PR and marketing types, an ability to include images and video on tweets. Yes, you read it correctly.

#PR: Road to Hellish Writing Paved with Good Intentions
If you are like me, you’ve sometimes come smack dab against trying to clearly and succinctly write a press release that gets noticed, only to have your upper management review and insist the release isn’t “sexy” enough. So, what’s a flack to do? Right on Halloween, Brian Kelly wrote an interesting little post on PR News titled 8 Quotes to Scare You Away From Hellish Writing.

#PRFail: Obama’s Woes
If, like me, you have been following the news lately, it surely appears the Obama Administration is in trouble. The news lately has been concentrated on the problems with the roll-out (via the website) of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, and also on the outrage now beginning to percolate...

#PRSuccess: Your Employees Determine CSR Success or Fail
Caysey Welton (who is an Associate Editor at PR News and Folio: Magazine with a passion for converging media landscapes and ecosystem disruptors, public relations and crisis communications) recently authored a very interesting piece appearing in PR News’ Water Cooler section on why an organization’s employees determine the success or failure of a CSR program. Titled The Success of a CSR Program Rests on Your Employees, the posting started off with a bang by saying, “Most communicators understand why CSR campaigns and corporate giving is important..."

#PRFail: The Washington Mess
I am sure everyone by now is breathing a sigh of relief the partial shut-down of the Government is over and that some sort of deal both parties in the Congress and the National Executive can all live with has been reached. But that relief is only temporary. Come the New Year, all parties will have to sit down again...

#PRFail: Phony Web Traffic Can Derail your PR Digital Ad ROI
As we all know, ROI is measured in a myriad of ways. One of those ways to measure ROI for a PR campaign is to look at how many visits or clicks the ad generated on a given website in a month. But there is a huge problem with that particular approach. Since ROI is measured by numbers in many cases and also since marketing departments and PR teams often work together to craft digital ads to spur web traffic to their brands...

#PR: 3 Unbeatable Pitch Tips
In this day and age of the #hashtag on Twitter and now also on Facebook, the digital revolution transforming older PR practices, there is some comfort to know many traditional PR tools are still valid. Next week I am going to blog about suggestions contained in a wonderful, free eBook sponsored by PR Newswire...

Optimizing SEO Campaigns on Facebook
Let’s face it. Social media is clearly no longer a fad, as some thought when the medium first began. Social media, and the marketing that now accompanies it, is here to stay. So, the question becomes: how can us flacks get the best possible mileage from it?

Flacks: Avoid These Social Media Faux Pas
Let’s face it. As flacks we have many tools at our disposal, including social media. Like the more traditional tools of our craft, social media can be a disaster if not properly implemented and used. Indeed, one of my earlier blogs alerted you all to the dangers of “Zombie Media.” Well, Katerina Kardamaki (who is an avid blogger interested in all things digital and an Account Executive at LimeTree, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in London, England)...

Can Playful Thinking Help PR?
As flacks we often engage in sessions of “What if we...?” or brainstorming or discussing new possible ways to get the word about our own brand or the brands of our clients out to the marketplace. A blog posted recently on the Idealist.org website noted the benefits of playful thinking.

Smarter PR Gets Results
Ragan’s PR Daily has done it again with helpful content and advice for us flacks. Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, recently authored a blogpost about how to make press releases “smarter.” It might also be of interest that she recently authored an e-book...

Your Brand: Can You Know Its Worth?
This piece might seem like one about advertising, but it has PR application and connection. The story I am referencing in my blog today originally appeared on LinkedIn, and was authored by David Edelman. Us flacks all know how important perception is with respects to how our B2B and B2C consumers view products...

What PR Women Really Need
It’s a well-known secret that some of the most successful flacks in our business are women. Some of the most respected PR firms are also headed by, owned by, or run by....you guessed it, women. An article recently appeared on the Ragan’s PR Daily website that caught my eye. Titled “12 things PR women can’t live without,” the piece was authored by Jazz Chappell, who is currently pursuing a major in PR at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Is Social Media Site Reddit 'Fair' to PR?
A recent piece appearing in BusinessInsider.com spoke of advertisers who “sabotage the brand names of rival clients by getting them banned from Reddit. Jim Edwards, who authored the Business Insider article, noted: “Reddit is of intense interest to advertisers because of its huge audience..."

Crafting 'Perfect' Social Media Postings: How Hard Is It?
Kristin Piombino, an editorial assistant at Ragan.com, recently posted an article on Ragan’s PR Daily website that I found very interesting. While the piece might be geared towards marketers and advertisers, there is much in the post to benefit PR flacks. Ms. Piombino noted very succinctly of a desire for a “magic” formula that would generate hundreds of “likes”...

The 'Twinkie' is Back!
Two beloved “institutions” of modern American snack food culture are soon to be resurrected from their short consignment to oblivion following the demise at the end of last year of their original manufacturer. I mean the Twinkie and the Hostess CupCakes brands. And what American has not, at least once in his or her life, had a Twinkie or a Hostess CupCake? Julie Jargon wrote a wonderful article in the Wall Street Journal...

Make PR 'Driving Force' in 'Shaping Organizations'
Russell Working, a staff writer at Ragan Communications, posted a report on an address given by the CEO of Edelman PR at a recent International Association of Business Communicators world conference in New York. Working began his piece by noting, “Outsiders sometimes perceive public relations professionals as used car salesmen willing to hype any cause or product.

It’s Not Just About the Pitch
PR involves pitching of story ideas, pitching releases to trade media, and pitching a guest article or blog by an industry thought leader (if you are lucky enough to have one in your organization). It also means strategizing over product campaigns, dealing with crisis preparations and communications, and ensuring your client or organization speaks with a single, solid voice.

Of Mice and Men... and PR
The poet Robert Burns, who gave us the famed poem turned to song Auld Lang Syne (which we sing at New Year’s), authored a poem that gave rise to another oft-heard phrase. While plowing a field near his home in Scotland, he overturned a mouse’s nest.

Going to the Max on Social Media Content
Ragan’s PR Daily’s Chris Lyman recently posted a very intriguing article on how we flacks can maximize or enhance our social media content marketing. The social media platforms mentioned in the piece are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogging. Lyman offered tips about each social media platform...

PR Pros: Do We Keep It 'Simple'?
Adam Bryant, who is a Corner Office Columnist at The New York Times, recently posted a column on LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Today” for Thursday, May 30, 2013. The article was titled The Power of Simplicity. That got me wondering. As PR pros, do we keep our messages “simple”? Do we try to consciously remember that our clients (whether internal or external)...

What Dogs Can Teach Us About Branding and PR
I have three dogs here at home; all of them are now what some would consider “senior citizens” if their ages were measured in human terms. Yesterday morning (May 9) I took them to a local groomer to have their toenails clipped, as that was badly needed. Throughout the entire process of getting them into my car...

What We ALL Need to Know About the New FTC Guidelines
Some weeks ago I posted on one of the new guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in its first major update of the .com Disclosures Guide since 2000. Yes, that’s right...the year 2000...the same year many of us were breathing sighs of relief nothing catastrophic happened regarding Y2K.

Are You a 'New' or 'Old' Flack?
Ragan.com has done it again...reminding us flacks how much things have changed in the PR world, especially since the dawn of the Millennium. In a column published just the other day, Michelle A. Sieling listed the ten items indicating whether you belong to the “new” or “old” school of PR practice. Let’s see if you can or can not remember doing any of the following, as noted by Ms. Sieling.

'Doom' Words for PR Pitches
I am sure we have all received email pitches where the “Delete” button winds up being pressed. But how many of us have been guilty of using “cursed words” (in the view of Russell Working of pr.com)? In a recent blog post, Russell noted, “Evil forces lurk among us, threatening to destroy our way of life. Only communicators stand between civilization and a new Dark Age..."

Why Flacks Should Care about New Social Media
Ragan’s PR Daily has done it again. The site recently posed an article by Michael Sebastian, its founding editor, about upcoming social media sites us flacks need to be aware of. Since we are often times thought of by others as thought leaders, we need to stay informed and updated on emerging trends. In his article Michael listed the five emerging social media networks he feels we all need to pay attention to.

Five Daily 'Must Do' Items for Flacks
Matt Cochran, an account supervisor at Cookerly Public Relations, recently published a short article featured on Ragan’s PR Daily about the five most essential items every flack must do every single day. In the article, he noted he recently analyzed his day “and identified five habits that underpin a typically successful day at the office. Whether you are a spokesperson, a CEO, a PR professional (or all of the above), these five habits can help you improve your daily routine and accomplish your business goals.”

'Zombie Media': Are We Guilty?
Shelly Stevens, Waggener Edstrom’s vice president of global brand strategy and marketing, recently had an interview (on video) with Mark Ragan, publisher of PR Daily. Mr. Ragan noted the popularity of social media such as Pinterest and asked the question, “Is a site such as Pinterest ‘right’ for me as a publisher?”

FTC Rule Change Could Impact PR
A recent ruling by the Federal Trade Commission now requires “the same basic requirement as any old-fashioned ad” for short form advertising on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as reported by Danny Yadron and Shira Ovide by The Wall Street Journal in its digital media. The article, titled "FTC Says Tweet Ads Need Some Fine Print"...

Best Way to Influence Customers and Prospects? Go Blog!
According to an article by Patricia Redsicker appearing recently in Social Media Examiner, new research reveals that blogs are more influential among customers and prospects than social media when it comes to making decisions on possible purchases. The potential implication of this to us flacks, particularly if we work in B2B or B2C communications, is truly enormous.

Emerging Trends for PR?
An article on MarketingProfs.com authored by Lenna Garibian revealed some very interested trends from a PR viewpoint. The article on the website cited the recent Inc. 500 announcement of LinkedIn having now replaced Facebook as the most popular business social media tool.

Jingle Your Way to Success?
From a PR standpoint, can a company jingle its way to success? According to an article that originally appeared on Ragan’s PR Daily website, “What seems like a pretty simple request, asking musicians to record themselves performing an original jingle, has turned into a PR coup for car insurance company SafeAuto. ..."

Getting A 'Yes' From Clients
Bruce Kasanoff, author of a book titled Simplify the Future, recently authored a most intriguing article published on LinkedIn. Bruce says on his personal site that he helps “companies, and sometimes individuals, simplify the way they position themselves. Most of my work has an entrepreneurial bent; even when I work with large companies, my clients are typically the innovators in their organization.” What really grabbed me in Bruce’s article, "Banish Indecision: Three Ways To Get To 'Yes'"...

What Would JR Ewing Say about PR?
One of my colleagues on another of the Talent Zoo websites recently blogged a post titled “JR Ewing Speaks From The Grave.” Well, back in the day when Dallas originally ran on major network TV, my wife and I used to like watching the show. We did so partly to see what rascally ol’ JR Ewing was up to next, what Bobby Ewing was doing to keep his brother in line, etc. I have to admit to not seeing too many episodes of Dallas redux, but from what I have seen, JR Ewing is surely up to his old tricks and his son, John Ross, is not too far behind.

Worst No-No’s in Press Releases?
Rebecca Benison, who is a media relations professional at PR.com, a press release distribution platform, recently blogged a very interesting short article on the five worst words you “never” want to use in any press release. It’s very understandable that organizations about to unveil a new product or service are really excited and keyed up about the launch after so much effort and planning.

The Pros and Cons of Press Releases: Part 2
So, we’ve recently looked at how good press releases can rock your organization. Let’s briefly examine some drawbacks of press releases. 1. Press releases, by themselves, do not help your SEO. Say what? I thought SEO is supposed to benefit from publishing press releases. According to recent studies, this is not usually the case.

Pros and Cons of Press Releases: Part 1
I just recently read a blog appearing on hubspot.com titled When Press Releases Do (and Don't) Help Your Marketing. Written by Rachel Sprung, the blog column offered some reasons why press releases can work and why they often times do not. So let’s hold an informal class, if you will, to review what makes for great press releases and what can make press releases bomb.

What Will Be PR’s Biggest News in 2013?
According to a recent article on PRDaily.com, there are six items which will probably be “big” in 2013, Therefore, to paraphrase the prdaily.com article, following are likely to be the big PR and social media news in 2013: 1. LinkedIn will be the “new” Facebook for business in 2013. How many of us flacks have LinkedIn profiles? This flack has one and would be shocked...

Best Practices for Flacks?
In a recent article in PR News covering a November 30 Media Relations Conference in Washington, DC at the National Press Club, Bill Miltenberg mentioned five good practices for flacks to follow. The tips were meant to help us become more successful in our relations with journalists and the media. I will give you his thoughts in my own words and offer some comments.

When is PR Not PR?
We all have, I think, heard the old joke of “When is a door not a door?” The answer is, “when it’s a jar!” Well, I have been wondering for a bit if we can all tell when PR is not PR. Say what? You are probably wondering, when can PR not be PR? Well, perhaps when it is, particularly in the B2B realm, taken and treated like it is an ad. Is this legal? If so, is it ethical?

Flacks and Good CSR
Those of us who are flacks have obligations to our wider communities; agencies even more so. In this age when good corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a very desirable thing, this flack would like to recognize one PR agency that is making a concerted effort to help assist victims in NJ and NY from the recent ravages wrought by Superstorm Sandy at the end of October.

Elmo’s PR Crisis
Oh, the shame! Oh, the horror! Poor Elmo! Elmo, the red, fuzzy puppet of Sesame Street character loved by millions of toddlers and young children, not only has lost his voice (temporarily) but his parent organization, Sesame Workshop, has had to go to crisis PR mode. Kevin Clash, the puppeteer “who voices superstar Elmo, has taken a leave of absence."

Hurricane Sandy: A Study in Crisis Communications
I know I mentioned the first sentence that opens Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities in my blog Perceptions, Debates, and Reality. I thought about that first sentence of the novel and, as I read the entire first paragraph, I am reminded of the all-encompassing news coverage of Hurricane Sandy prior to its making landfall in the Northeastern U.S. I am also reminded of the devastation the hurricane wrought (in particular clobbering the many historic and well-remembered beach towns along the NJ shore and delivering a blizzard rarely seen in West Virginia...)

PR and Credibility
One of the worst things to befall a PR professional is suffering a loss of credibility. The same can be true for a sitting President of the United States. Bad PR can derail a sitting President just as much as a serious credibility gap. The loss of credibility concerning the Vietnam War is largely what cost Lyndon Johnson his chances for reelection.

Perceptions, Debates, and Reality
As I’ve said repeatedly in my blogs, PR professionals must always keep in mind the powerful influence perceptions have in shaping reality. This has been shown to be none so true as with the two presidential debates thus far and the sole vice presidential debate. As Charles Dickens’ classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, says on its first page, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?
The day after the first Presidential debate (see my earlier blog here), in which the Republican nominee clearly walked away the winner, the Democrats all trotted out with their reaction. Rather than just forthrightly admit their candidate, that is, the current incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, was not properly prepared, the Democrat response was to simply call Romney “a liar."

A PR Critique of Presidential Debate 1
As us flacks all know, PR is more than just facts and presentations; it’s about perceptions and how those perceptions help shape reality. Well, if you watched the first Presidential Debate held in Denver and moderated by PBS’s Jim Lehrer, you saw a lot of body language and a lot of points and counter points.You also saw Mr. Romney's famous "Sweet" smile.

Deadlines, Honesty, and Other Things re PR
Some time ago I blogged about some of the basics in our trade as PR flacks of which we all need to be reminded from time to time. In this blog, I would like to offer some additional thoughts in a similar vein. So, here goes: Deadlines Deadlines, usually on multiple levels, are a constant in our business; we need to always be able to do our absolute best to juggle them and keep them in some sort of order (if only amongst ourselves).

The 'Automation' of PR?
There have been many stories in the press recently about the use of algorithms and how they are used. We may not realize it, but every time we go to a search site such as Google or Ask Me, and enter a search query, it is an algorithm that both decides where the best information can be quickly found to address our query and also ranks the results in descending page order. For many years now, Wall Street has used algorithms to speed up trading and guide investors in their portfolio decisions. Algorithms are now apparently being used to decide which resume will cross an HR or hiring manager’s desk to fill job vacancies, to make decisions on which new piece of music will be the next big hit, etc.

Reputations and PR
Can corporate reputations be ruined by simple words? Surprisingly, the answer appears to be yes. Ads recently have appeared on TV about a website and service that purports to be able to clean up negative or false information online about one’s business. The site claims to offer online reputation management.

Are You Better Off?
The famous phrase uttered by Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential campaign of “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” has been resurrected by both political parties as the main theme of each. The Republicans with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as their standard-bearers say with a resounding shout, “No!” I believe the answer will be one of agreement.

Team Romney's Turn at Bat
From a PR perspective, the RNC this week has been brilliant. Themes like Leadership, Responsibility, and Accountability were heard over and over. Words like compassionate, caring, problem solver, integrity, and others were also heard. Speaker after speaker skewered the Democrats and their leader for the failed policies.

How Truthful Is Team Obama’s PR?
A lot of press coverage in recent days by media such as The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and other outlets has been given to Team Obama’s PR campaign about why Mr. Obama is truly the better candidate for continuing as President of the United States over Mr. Romney.

Team Romney’s Bold PR Opportunity?
In my last couple blogs I talked about Team Obama’s PR woes over the infamous “you didn’t build that” comment. To the Democrats, it appeared the issue would never go away, until now (or so it seems). Enter Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), the Vice-Presidential running mate pick by Mr. Romney last Saturday in Norfolk, Virginia.

Obama’s PR Woes: Part 2
As a politician, how do you lose an election? Simple. Just say something that comes back to haunt you and refuses to go away. The President’s four little words, “you didn’t build that,” uttered during his now-infamous Roanoke speech of July 13 continue to haunt him. A column in the Wall Street Journal by Kimberley Strassel has echoed the perception.

Obama’s PR Nightmare?
On July 13 of this year, at a rally in Roanoke, Virginia, President Obama gave a speech that wound up creating a terrible PR nightmare for him and his reelection campaign. I refer to the now-infamous “you didn’t build that” comment, which supposedly blasted small businesses. The video of that “you didn’t build that” crack has gone viral.

Authentic Employee Communication
My colleague Doug Bedell recently blogged about the new world of employee communication. In his piece he quoted Scott Spreier of the Hay Group about how important it is to be credible with employees: "No matter what your strategy, media, or technology, don’t think you can win the credibility battle with communication alone..."

Should You Fire Your Agency of Record?
Can a PR firm or agency be fired by its client for not producing results? Apparently, YES. My colleague Doug Bedell recently published a succinct but powerful blog about the importance of following through on PR pitches. Doug wrote, “When a PR firm lands a client, it needs to serve that client well. Elementary? Well, apparently not always.”

When is Technology 'Too Much'?
An earlier blog that I wrote on the merits of high technology, PR, and the traditional basics of our profession seems to have been received well by colleagues. My boss at HODT Inc. thought so, because he shared my slightly edited version on his LinkedIn network. Recently, Christine Geraci blogged about two recent studies concerning teen self-esteem and "Facebook Depression.” It appears that people, especially teens...

Is PowerPoint A Dinosaur?
Is PowerPoint becoming a dinosaur for use by business professionals and PR flacks for presentations? According to a recent article in the Finance portion of the Wall Street Journal, perhaps! We all know that Microsoft’s PowerPoint program has been the gold standard for presentations and slideshows for over the past twenty years.

Can the E-Reader Help PR?
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “An E-Reader Revolution for Africa?”, spoke of how student in a school in Uganda were using their Kindle e-reader devices to help them with their learning and literacy skills. Written by WSJ’s Geoffrey Fowler and Nicholas Bariyo, the article spoke of an ambitious experiment being undertaken in two countries in Africa. The Humble Primary School, in Mukono, Uganda, “which serves needy children in a part of Africa ravaged by poverty and HIV, is on the front lines of an effort to reinvent developing world literacy programs with technology.

More PR Woes for Facebook?
Around the time of the much-hyped and much-dissed IPO conducted by FB a few weeks ago, the media and the blogosphere were buzzing about GM’s decision to no longer advertise on FB and their claim that ads on FB “do not pay.”

High Tech, PR, and Going Back to the Basics
In this day and age of high technology, social media/marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and the impact each has had, and will continue to have, on our profession, I think a reminder about “the basics” is probably a good thing. This may be a good refresher for those who have been doing PR for a number of years and of value to those just entering our profession. The following are some thoughts I have about “the basics."

Entrepreneurs, Ethics, and PR
If you were to ask most owners of successful PR agencies if their organization was originally an an exercise in entrepreneurialism, I think most would agree. Unless the PR organization was crafted as an internal part of a larger organization, then the agency definitely was the brainchild of its founder or founders. And, for most agency owners, attracting clients is a continued struggle.

More PR Woes for Facebook Follow IPO
In my blog last week on Facebook’s then-upcoming IPO and the possibility of it becoming a PR Bomb for Zuckerberg and his cronies, I mentioned a Wall Street Journal article that said that some of the social media giant’s investors were selling their shares and that auto giant GM decided to pull its ads from FB.

Facebook IPO: Smart PR Move or PR Bomb?
In the wake of the announcement this week of Facebook’s long-awaited initial public offering (IPO) comes disturbing news. For those who do not understand what the IPO means to Facebook, it supposedly signals the transition of the company from being privately held to being owned by public investors.

Social Media and Ethics: Sound Advice for PR
In a recent blog on Social Media Today, Steve James argued a strong case for businesses to have a social media policy. As we all know, social media is rapidly becoming one of the linchpins of today’s PR and marketing tool kits. Just recently, the PRSA commented that the three hottest social media sites right now are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Does LinkedIn Win the B2B Lead 'War'?
In a blog posted just this past April 29 on socialmediatoday.com, David Meerman Scott made the astonishing claim that LinkedIn is up to four times better at generation of new business leads than either Facebook or Twitter. He notes, “I presented at the LinkedIn #B2BConnect 2012 event on April 17, 2012 in Mumbai, India. A few weeks ago as I was preparing my talk, I asked my friends at HubSpot if they had any data on the effectiveness of LinkedIn that I could share with my audience.”

Qualities of a Good PR Leader?
In the Harvard Business Review blog network, Dorie Clark recently wrote a blog about transparency being the new leadership imperative. The blog on HBR’s blogsite clearly refers to business leadership rather than specifically to public relations, but I think (personally) there is wisdom here for all of us. Here is what Dorie said about leaders: “The harder, but more rewarding, path as a leader is to make yourself known..."

Staying Hungry?
Whenever someone starts a new project or a new job, he or she typically wants to be on his or her toes; to do everything right to meet the expectations of the client or team leader; to work hard and not miss any details; to be proactive, creative, and persuasive in presentations, etc. Typically, this is known as “being hungry”. Moreover, it is not confined to the PR sector.

Pinterest: Marketing Tool, PR Tool, or Both?
I live in one of the towns along the Delaware River in New Jersey and directly opposite Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In the Business section of the April 5, 2012 issue of The Bucks County Herald, I found the following very interesting little story. “Contest on Pinterest under way."

The Importance of 'What If'?
Whether you engage in the business-to-consumer or the business-to-business arenas of public relations/marketing, you have had times when more viewpoints are needed.

Is it Time to Talk to Yourself?
As I mentioned in previous blogs, it is very important as PR professionals to spend time talking with and listening to the internal customers of your organizations. One of my earlier blogs boldly stated that, without enlisting the support of your internal customers, your new product launch could fall short of truly being phenomenal.

PR: High Tech, Low Tech, or Both?
Beyond any doubt, the advent of social media and social marketing has transformed the face of public relations and media relations. Today’s PR/media relations professionals need to be savvy, knowledgeable, and comfortable with the world of social media and its corresponding aspect: that of social marketing. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, StumleUpon, Digg...

What You Do...Matters
If you are a public relations or media relations professional, what you do matters. In one of my earlier job PR jobs, I took the attitude of “I will help my company succeed, because in that way, I will succeed.” My efforts for the company did matter; the owner of the firm noticed and rewarded accordingly. As PR professionals, let us look for ways to give back to all our larger communities.

Is the Traditional B2B Press Release 'Dead'?
In an article earlier this week on prdaily.com (and included in LinkedIn’s “Today” weekly email newsletter), Shel Holtz mentioned learning about a public relations service company (Vocus) acquiring an email marketing firm (iContact). He noted, “Not too long ago, I would have read about [the acquisition] in the business section of my daily newspaper, in my weekly edition of PR Week..."

Rock Your Product Launch
If you are a typical PR or media relations professional, when your company prepares to launch new products, what is the usual protocol you follow? Do you prepare the media kits, press releases, and talking points for senior management? Do you ensure the major B2C or B2B media is alerted to the upcoming product launch by sending a quick email blast to selected media list contacts? Have you updated your company’s Facebook, Digg, Delicious, and other social media sites?


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