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Original articles from Maya Jordan.
SMO and PR: Tips For A Match Made In Heaven
The role of search engine optimization (SEO) and PR go hand in hand, and I’m not talking about overflowing your press releases with keywords and links, either. Try online marketing made easier with social media. That’s correct; there is a new team player on the league of content marketing that involves social networking, video, bookmarking, and blogging.

7 Qualities of A True PR Pro
Are you considering a new career in public relations? Better yet, are you an emerging PR professional? Great! With the industry of public relations, corporate social responsibility, public affairs, investor relations, and community relations ever-so evolving at rapid pace, it is strongly imperative to pay attention to the traits of successful veteran PR pros before you. I am not saying you should forget the importance of blogs, metrics for measuring influence...

Millennials: PR's New Hot Commodity
Generations are often given nicknames. We have the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, and the Millennials. These names are often derived from current events in society, such as economic pitfalls (i.e. The Great Depression). However, due to the digital age, a new generation has been unleashed on the PR industry: Millennials.

Thank Me Later; No, Do It Now!
It’s a bit cliché, but a little "thank you" can go a long way. There are several myths out there that state that thank-you notes are a thing of the dinosaur age. Well, those myths are indeed false. Truth be told, whether you are a guest at a business dinner, at a media mixer mingling and exchanging biz cards with professionals, email pitching to a journalist, or just finished an interview with a potential employer, simply send out a thank-you note. A handwritten letter is a genuine gesture of thanking someone.

Where Does PR Stand In The American Dream?
What is the American Dream? The American Dream was once being able to eat blueberry pie in your own single-family brick home with a white picket fence, a German shepherd named Knight, husband or wife, and 2.5 kids. My oh my, have times changed. The wants and needs of the American Dream have gradually shifted. With the downward spiral of the economy, a professional in today’s society would be called ever-so-fortunate if they are employed.

Hand Out a Virtual High Five from Your Brand
With social media drivers serving as cultivators for personal connections, interests, and current news, social platforms are also being utilized to generate and lead new business. As a result, it is not at all appalling that the Big 3 — Twitter, Facebook and YouTube — are dominating the social network scene. Facebook alone averages 835 million users. While Twitter and YouTube are also roaring in numbers, these three social platforms all provide one major commonality: the “real time” integration of information. We all know that when we log into our Facebook accounts we are prompted with “What’s on your mind?”

Top 12 Summer Must-Reads for PR Pros
It is officially summer! And with summer’s arrival comes the heat wave. With that said, I know you're highly anticipating hitting the nearest boardwalk, tackling the big blue, gearing up for that sweet and savory BBQ, and grabbing the coldest brew out of your red-and-white cooler for all sorts of outdoor live entertainment. But before you pull out your convertible, burst your eardrums with Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s summer anthem, or whip out those tortoise-shell Ray Bans, floral dresses, and soft felt Fedoras...

Let's Integrate! Save the Date on June 28
Looking for cutting-edge, digital interactive branding strategies for your firm? Woohoo! There is no need to look any further. On Thursday, June 28, PRWeek US will be hosting yet another informative conference to help build your business.

Sh*t My Dad Says: 5 Lessons To Help You Gain New Clients
Who would have ever thought that Dad’s lecturing and catchy disciplinarian sayings would really be beneficial in our adult careers? With Father’s Day right around the corner, you may just want to thank Dad for not only sharing his 23 chromosomes and teaching you how to ride a bike, but also how to gain new clientele as a public relations professional. As we all know, finding new prospects and building new business is not easy as pie. In order to grow the business there are many factors to weigh in. For instance, whether or not to cold call, use standard mail, or utilize social media/and or Adwords. Dad’s catchphrases may just be another answer to scoring new clientele.

Mark Your Calendars: April 25 is Going to Be Epic!
Looking to gain professional insight to further your success in your career? Your vital PR news source, PR Week, is hosting a Talent Summit on Wednesday, April 25 beginning at 11 a.m. Not sure if you can make it? No worries; the summit is absolutely 100% virtual.

Should I Earn My Master's Degree?
Spring has finally sprung, the sun is shining, and graduation 2012 is almost near. Within a few short months more graduates will be eager to jumpstart their careers in the wonderful world of Public Relations. But what about last year’s batch that is still currently unemployed? Better yet, what about those individuals that are on internship number three trying to get their foot in the door?

The Death of Transparency
Na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye. Good riddance. Communications is a field that pays absolute attention to what should be said, done, and written. Surprisingly, it seems as though the principle of transparency is slowly dying. At least virtually. Transparency is pretty much like living in a glass house. Everything and anything is revealed.

The Gift of Gab: PR Redefined
Public Relations is not just about being talkative, possessing great written and oral abilities, or having an overflow of business contacts hanging out of your Rolodex. It is way more scientific than you know, like how negatively charged particles attract to positively charged particles. Follow my drift? B-O-N-D-S, people. Day in and day out, new digital marketing networking platforms are being brought to the forefront. Yesterday, it was Facebook, at midday it was Twitter, at present it is Pinterest. Does anyone know what the day holds for the future of PR and social media?

Oh, Word! Ghostwriters Really Do Exist
As a '90s kid, I would rush to do my homework on the bus, highly anticipating 3:30 p.m. just so I could tune into PBS’s Ghostwriter. The series caught my full attention because it was about a bunch of kids in Brooklyn, NY who solved community mysteries with the help of a ghost that manipulated texts. It is safe to say that there is nothing paranormal about ghostwriters; in fact, they are actually quite normal. Nowadays, freelance writers and contributing writers are bringing everything in the dark to new light.

Socialnomics 101: A Weeklong Social Media Resource for All
Recently, I had the privilege of attending the 4th annual Social Media Week in NYC. Social Media week encompasses how politics, art, fashion, technology, and culture drive global business success through social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Social Media Week is an outlet hosted and owned by Crowdcentric Media LLC.

The Power of Spreading Key Messages: Lessons from Whitney Houston’s Death
“God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?” —Whitney Houston. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Wife. Friend. And most of all a woman with a four-octave range that would make one’s ears tremble with joy. This past Saturday, February 18, the world watched in awe as the “I’m Every Woman” singer, Whitney Houston, 48, was laid to rest.

You Give Me Fever: How To Cure Writer’s Block
No, I am not really talking about Peggy Lee’s infamous 1958 hit song entitled "Fever." I am referencing the anxiety and anticipation, and the bold rush of adrenaline we all undergo, when we begin the writing process. Do you ever feel like pulling your hair out? Or are you the chewing on a pencil type? Oftentimes, this happens when we sit, staring at our Mac's 22-inch screens...

Life's a Pitch! Tips for Avoiding Bad Pitches
Many of us write billions of pitches a day. Okay, so maybe not billions, but a handful throughout the week. Pitch letters referred to as press releases and often known as news releases pile up in journalists' inboxes daily, hourly, and so on and so forth. Oftentimes, we sit on the edge of our seats at our desks, freakishly clock watching, anticipating that call or even email for the story to go live.

Invasion of Persuasion: Tips from the State of the Union Address for PRactitioners
Many of us tuned in last week to watch the President’s State of the Union address to Congress. The address, just to recap, was mainly geared towards a hopeful future in respects to jobs, healthcare, and education, just to name a few. The President is a man that is deemed charismatic; he's an optimistic leader.

From Backpacks to Briefcases: Essential Tips for Jumpstarting a Career In PR
Are you a recent college graduate looking to jumpstart your career in PR? If you answered Y-E-S to the above question, look no further. I have a few tips that will help you in your transition from backpacks to briefcases. The college days are officially over, and it's time for the unwanted reality check: obtaining your first job.


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