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Facebook Admitted It Has Lost the Battle With Apple Over Privacy
The social media giant launched an ad campaign that shows just how worried it is about Apple's upcoming privacy changes.

Six Ways to Come Back From the Pandemic With a Stronger Team
The future of work arrived out of nowhere, on the back of a once-in-a-century pandemic. Team dynamics got challenged as members dealt with illness, trauma, and crisis. We've all been forced to rapidly and radically adapt to new working norms.

Why Brands' BLM Statements Can So Easily Go Wrong
Companies are getting applauded and pilloried for public comments about race. It's not just about how much compassion you feel.

Five Ways Leaders Can Build the Right Kind of Ego
While self-centeredness can spell the demise of a company, a healthy ego is a very good thing.

How to Prepare for Hiring in the Post-Covid World
The Covid-19 crisis is reshaping the hiring landscape. Here's what you can expect in the future.

Lessons From Airbnb CEO's Email About 1,900 Layoffs
It's a lesson in both leadership and communication in the midst of a crisis.

Target's Bold Move in 2017 is Paying Off Now
Their delivery and store pickup options are driving growth at a time when most of the retail world is at a standstill.

A Checklist for Being Camera-Ready When Working Remotely
Just a week ago, most of us didn't know the term social distancing. Now it's part of our shared lexicon. If you're working remotely, here is a checklist of eight simple things you can do to be camera-ready--and ready for business no matter where you are.

The McDonald's Response to Wendy's Twitter War Was Perfect
McDonald's could have gotten caught in a war of words with Wendy's. What they did instead was much smarter.

Facebook Seems to Have Hit the Mark with BHM Spot
Inclusive marketing is no longer just a "nice to do." It is worth investing time in, to figure out how to get it right.

The Downside of the Chicken Sandwich Wars: Chicken Shortages
Chick-fil-A and Popeyes have been performing an increasingly intense, chicken-legged pas-de-deux of late. But now McDonald's wants in on the dance and it's testing not one, but two chicken sandwiches.

Wendy's Breakfast Arrives March 2nd (If at first you don't succeed...)
We've been dreaming of Breakfast Baconators and coffee-spiked Frosties ever since word of Wendy's big breakfast plans emerged last fall.

Seventh Generation and the State of the Planet Commercial
Seventh Generation's SOTU ad ran a clip from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's State of the Union address of January 7, 1943 with current footage of children marching for the climate.

How to Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Activity on Other Sites
The 'Off-Facebook Activity' tool allows you to control what information about you is tracked and associated with your Facebook account.

Neftlix Killed Blockbuster. Movie Theaters Are Next
The film industry has long been ripe for disruption. Netflix is about to go in for the kill.

12 Smart Things to Say in Your Next Job Interview
For some charismatic pros, the interview is the easy part -- show up, wear something spiffy, and let the charm fly. For the rest of us, though, the interview is often the most nerve-wracking.

3 Rules That Define Leadership in a Digital Age
Three macro trends define how smart leaders need to approach the digitally-enabled workforce in 2020 and beyond.

How Chick-fil-A Attracts & Retains Gen Z Employees
If you want people who are driven, trustworthy, and will go the extra mile, then first exemplify it. If you want to attract and retain Generation Z into your organization, then you must be the organization they are looking for.

More of the Best Marketing Stunts of 2019
Call a marketing campaign a stunt and you could be heaping on praise or derision. Droga5 has been famous for them, including a faked graffiti tag of Air Force One.

8 of the Most Successful Brand Promos of 2019
These companies came up with some surprising (and at times even outlandish) ideas, and got rewarded for it.

Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Vlogging
Video has changed the way brands market to their audiences. Since video marketing has come into play, businesses have seen increased conversions across the board. What's even more intriguing is that consumers are increasingly interested in video blogging.

Four Ways to Reduce Stress During Business Travel
Ah, the business trip. It's a necessary and often inescapable part of modern work. And yet it's also the source of anxiety, irritation, stress, unhealthy eating, and poor sleep habits.

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Products
When you think of advertising on social media, the first channels that come to mind are likely Facebook and Instagram. But the half-life of a Pinterest pin is thousands of times longer than a Facebook post.

4 Tips to Create a Timeless Brand
The backbone to a timeless brand is the story behind it. If you create a brand without defining your brand story first, your brand will be nearly meaningless.

Four Ways to Build Your Personal Brand In Addition to Social Media
One of the most common personal branding tactics is social media. People grow a social media channel, post relevant and useful content and engage with followers. This tactic is an excellent way to build a personal brand; however, there are many efforts that can accompany a social presence.

Five Ways to Say No to Your Boss
We've all heard the expression "the customer is always right," but in many workplaces the truth of things is closer to, "the boss is always right." Everyone's salary might ultimately depend on pleasing the customer, but in the tumult of everyday office life, it often feels more urgent to keep the boss happy.

Are Impossible Burgers Finally Coming to a Store Near You?
After grappling with a burger shortage earlier this year, Impossible Foods is taking its retail launch slowly: Its plant-based meat product will arrive first in one chain of stores in CA.

How to Quantify Your Company Culture
Lots of leaders talk about what a great culture they have inside their organization. But do you really understand your culture? I'm not challenging you on whether your culture is good or bad. Rather, there could be some interesting opportunities in getting a more explicit understanding of what makes your culture tick.

Popeyes' Response to Sandwich Shortage: BYOB
Now you can make your own Popeyes chicken sandwich but--surprise--you've got to bring your own bun. (And mayo, and pickles.)

Don't Wait for a Recruiter to Come to You for an Interview
If you are in the midst of your job search, you have probably noticed that when you send applications into online portals, more often than not, you do not hear back. It can be frustrating to find a job online that you think is a perfect fit and then get radio silence.

The Five Most Effective Ways to Manage Millennials
Constant connection evolves our ability to work remotely and keep progressing in ways that proves beneficial to our staff. Digital communication along with the methods below are my best tips for successfully managing Millennials.

How Costco Successfully Competes With Amazon
Costco is one of the world's largest retailers, with over 770 locations and nearly 250,000 employees generating over $140 billion in sales. How? (Hint: focus on employees & customers.)

Should You Give Candidates Interview Questions in Advance?
Give it a try! One very important caveat though: If you do this as an interviewer, the key is to probe into whatever answers you receive. You need to ask a bunch of follow-up questions, or you risk a canned answer.

IG Introducing New Warning System for Post Violations
Instagram users will get a notification about removed content and the possibility of their accounts being deleted, as well as a new method for appealing the decisions.

Three Things Every Salary Negotiation Should Include
Salary negotiations should not be feared, nor taken up with kid gloves. They should be forthright, honest, and occur when there is a real reason, rather than imagination at play. Dressing them up or down with intonation, subtlety or subordination is a waste of your mental space and my time.

How Generation Z Employees Want Feedback
As Gen Z enters the workforce with different expectations and needs surrounding feedback, here are three ways managers can deliver better feedback.

Five Ways to Help Kids Cope With Your Business Travel
"It's not the best thing ever, but it's not the worst thing ever. It doesn't change my whole life." -- Lola Bonfield, age 8

Six Ways to Be an Exceptional Leader
How exceptional leaders differentiate themselves from great leaders comes down to just a few, simple qualities.

McDonald's New Marketing Campaign May Be Brilliant
Today from 2-5 p.m. local time, you can exchange any amount of foreign currency for one 'Worldwide Favorites' menu item at a participating McDonald's.

Four Tips to Get Out of a Creative Rut
Practicing diffuse thinking will help you create routines and habits that will give you the inspiration to break out of a creative rut.

Tips for Better Managing Stress
Out of control stress levels will not put you on the fast path to success. Here's how to reduce stress, simply by changing the way you think.

Six Questions to Help You Be a Better Leader
Who wouldn't want to see themselves as a brave, daring leader? It plays right into the blue-sky, pioneering almost wild-west perception of innovators and entrepreneurs, after all.

Facebook's Change Will Bury Your Video Content
Last week, Facebook announced three changes to its an algorithm that, in the end, will make it more difficult for your company and mine to get our videos viewed.

How IHOP's Mother's Day Tweet Went Wrong
Maybe they were still riding the IHOb stunt's success, maybe they weren't paying attention, maybe they didn't care. But, the Twitterverse noticed.

Lessons From Duolingo's Viral April Fool's Prank
This year there was one company in particular that got April Fools' Day right: language-learning app, Duolingo.

Chipotle Hired Taco Bell's CEO and It's Paid Off
The year was 2017, and Chipotle Mexican Grill was in dire straits. A series of food-borne illness outbreaks had scared away customers and then they hired their rival's CEO.

Five Easy Mental Strength Exercises
You don't have to put yourself through strenuous physical endurance tasks to build mental strength. You can practice these from your own couch.

Four Ways to Become a Better Decision Maker
An average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day, from deciding whether to hit snooze or go to the gym, and from establishing the best way to pitch a new client to determining if a multi-million dollar merger is the ideal business move.

Five Steps For Creating a Killer Webinar
Want your next webinar to engage and convert more attendees? Try these strategies.

How Blue Apron Is Plotting Its Comeback
After Amazon bought Whole Foods, Blue Apron lost half of its customers and most of its value. It now has a new CEO to right the ship.

Four Ways to Eliminate Office Gossip
Office gossip, when permitted to flourish unfettered, can completely destroy the original vision of a culture that was intended to be a source of connectivity and harmony in the workplace.

McDonald's Is Now Deep in the Tech Game
McDonald's has reached an agreement to acquire Dynamic Yield, an Israeli startup that specializes in "decision logic" technology.

The Beanbag Brand Wars
The founder of Yogibo had been building his squishy beanbag chair company for eight years. Then someone else claimed to have invented it.

Three Ways to Create a 'Great Place to Work'
Without internal success, all that can leak out of a business's walls -- and on its customers -- is negativity. Recognition as a great place to work -- especially from your employees -- is much more important than we used to believe.

Lessons Learned From the Sad Dad Viral Tweet
When your social media is genuine, good things can happen. Find out how from Billy's Donuts and a concerned son's tweet.

The Best Technique to Keep Your Presentation Simple and Concise
Presentations are a fixture in most businesses, but they often drag on. Here's a simple technique to develop better presentation skills and timing.

The Story Behind Stacy's Pita Chips
Stacy Madison started with a $5,000 investment. She grew it into a $65 Million business that she sold to PepsiCo.

Three Things Every Salary Negotiation Should Include
Negotiating for a salary should not be about how you dress up the conversation, or about the right verbal innuendo, it should be about the facts.

How to Learn From Your Worst Bosses
You may have been belittled, disrespected, or undermined. But here are key lessons every professional can take away from their experiences with terrible bosses.

PR Lessons from Walmart's Greeter Policy Change
The position, which was originally initiated by Sam Walton in 1980, has become a signature aspect of the Walmart brand.

How These 4 Brands Are Owning Twitter
Chipotle, Wendy's, MoonPie, and Denny's have cracked the code on using social media. You can too.

KFC's Latest Promo Stunt: A Cheeto's Sandwich
If you love KFC and Cheetos, you'll love their new sandwich and the PR that comes with it.

4 Communication 'Hacks' to Better Connect With Your Team
Communication is a critical component of leadership, take advantage of these to get drastically better.

Video: The New Post-Interview Thank You
The traditional post-interview thank you note is falling out of favor, with a whopping 83 percent of interviewers seeing them as obsolete. So how do you express your professional appreciation?

Five Ways to Say No to Your Boss
We've all heard the expression "the customer is always right," but in many workplaces the truth of things is closer to, "the boss is always right." Everyone's salary might ultimately depend on pleasing the customer, but in the tumult of everyday office life, it often feels more urgent to keep the boss happy.

Communication Skills Every Manager Needs
Of all the skills you need to be successful as a manager, effective communication is perhaps the most important--and often the hardest to improve.

Ryan Reynolds: Super Marketer?
His latest effort with Hugh Jackman is just one example of how he's become an incredibly effective (and entertaining) content marketer.

How to Be a Better Leader in Thirty Days
First tip: Listen to everyone in your organization and figure out ways to get them talking, providing input and sharing/debating ideas.

Chicken Nuggets for Your Love on Valentine's Day
Remember: When it comes to giving your loved one a gift of Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets for Valentine's Day, it's the thought that counts.

How to Build Connection and Empathy In Your Audience
Consumers have shorter attention spans than ever. Here are three ways to deliver content that will grab -- and keep -- their attention.

Calm Is the First $1B Meditation App
Since most of us think our smartphones are making it ever harder to sleep or think, is the solution really yet another app?

Three Ways to Achieve Work-Life Harmony
Work-life balance may not be achievable for busy professionals but these three CEOs share their tips for work-life harmony.

Google's Quiz Helps You Spot Phishing Emails
Phishing--trying to trick someone into providing their username and password to a malicious site--is the most common form of cyberattack.

How to Adopt a Manager's Mindset
While being an individual contributor might have once worked for you, and you rise in the organization, you need to adopt the manager's mindset.

7 PR Trends to Watch and Implement in 2019
To be fully prepared for a new year, you need to add an element to the mix of what you're examining: the latest trends.

Five Easy Steps for Delegating Properly
When you are the leader, you may have a strong desire to control of everything -- but let's face it, you can't and shouldn't even try to do everything yourself.

McDonald's Bets Big on Bacon
McDonald's just announced an addition to its French fries options that the company thinks will make them even better: bacon and cheese.

Trend: More Online Brands Opening Physical Stores
The cost of acquiring new customers online is soaring as more brands compete, so many businesses are going back to the basics.

5 Social Media Trends to Apply in 2019
Not surprisingly, social media will continue to dominate the marketing landscape this year.

How to Keep Team Meetings Balanced
Is one person dominating your meetings? These practices keep the talkers in check and clear a path for the introverts.

Should Your Facebook Marketing Take a Break Too?
Ramp up your marketing efforts and find more ways to stay connected with your customers.

Instagram's Testing "Error" Likely Shows Its Future
Instagram's unpopular test of a tap-to-advance feature for the Explore tab may be coming, despite the backlash.

5 Common Unprofessional Email Mistakes
In jobs where communication matters more, it's important to ensure that you're coming across as completely professional.

Marketing to Gen Z in 2019
If you thought Millennials cared about social causes, wait until you meet Gen Z.

4 Big Predictions for the 2019 Workplace
The 2019 magic eight-ball says, "It'll be a banner year for learning and growth!"

5 Things to Instantly Improve Brand Communication
Much of success in business comes from what you do--your planning and behavior. But the way you communicate is the other half of the equation.

Apple's First 'Ad' Could Fetch $60,000
A single note on a piece of notebook paper that Steve Jobs probably spent 10 minutes writing in 1976 is going up for auction.

25 Tech Predictions for 2019
It will be a new year, and things look to be very different.

Tofurkey and the Veganizing of Thanksgiving
The once-small startup is now competing with the likes of Impossible Burger, Memphis Meats, and Beyond Meat.

18 Things to be Thankful for at Work
On Thanksgiving, many families follow the tradition of expressing thanks for the good things that have occurred. When we return to the office, however, we're more likely to complain than affirm.

8 Free Tools Every PR Pro Should Know About in 2019
Talk about good, for nothing. Here are the latest free tools sure to improve the results from your marketing efforts.

Video: The New Post-Interview Thank You
Video thank you emails can win out over a regular thank you email because they show that you're tech savvy. Video also can give a brief reprieve to eyes that are tired from focusing for hours on fonts.

7 Social Media Trends Brands Need to Know for 2019
Marketing on social media is an ever-moving target. Paying attention to these 7 trends will help you take better aim.

Regaining Your Business Momentum
Facing a workplace setback? Instead of being discouraged, here is what you can do to regain confidence to keep going.

How to Quantify Your Company Culture
Lots of leaders talk about what a great culture they have inside their organization. But do you really understand your culture?

Five Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Hiring is one of the hardest challenges leaders will face. When you're short staffed, tasks build up, and your staff starts entering burnout phase.

Is Your 2019 Marketing Plan Already Failing?
Get to marketing growth faster by ditching your marketing plan and executing an agile strategy.

The 10 Most Commonly Misspelled Words in the English Language
An email or document with spelling errors makes it difficult to trust the sender. Spelling speaks to attention to detail and you want to make sure yours is on point.

3 Ways to Combat Facebook's Drop in Page Engagement
You may have created the content equivalent of Moby Dick, but unless you can distribute your content to the right people at the right times, no one cares.

The 10 Brands Generation Z Trust Most
Young consumers have different buying behaviors and elevated expectations; the brands that understand them will win their loyalty.

How to Motivate (and Hire) the Best Candidates
Many employers wait more than a week to respond to job applicants, which poses a risk for losing top talent to the competition. Learn how you can treat job applicants more like customers.

6 Ways to Ensure Your Facebook Account is Secure
On September 25th, Facebook determined there was a significant security breach, which was publicly announced on the 28th.

How to Declutter Your Work Space in Less Than Five Minutes
Sometimes it's nice to have a space that's free from distraction, with everything ready to go, quick to find and within reach. And if you've got five minutes, an orderly workspace absolutely can turn into reality.

8 Apps to Help You Nail Your Next Presentation
Use these apps for your next speech to make stage fright go away, engage your audience, and prepare for just about anything.

Four Things Newly Promoted Leaders Should Do Right Away
When you're tapped for a leadership role, don't look back. Think about what you need to do (and what not to do) to make yourself successful in your new role.

What To Do When Work Takes a Toll on Your Mental Health
The flip side of being smart and accomplished is that it's easy to fall into traps of overthinking, worrying, and perfectionism.

Job Hunting? Don't Skip the Cover Letter
If you're applying to jobs, I'm here to tell you: The cover letter is still a big deal to recruiters and hiring managers. Turns out, if you skip the cover letter, you might just get skipped over in your hunt for your next great job.

Colin Kaepernick is Face of Nike's Anniversary Campaign
They just did it. Taking a stand may not be comfortable, but sometimes you have to. And sometimes it's good PR.

Will You Be Good at a Job You've Never Done Before?
One of the things that will help you futureproof your career is to figure out whether you have the potential for jobs that you haven’t done in the past.

Three Questions to Make You a Better Interviewer
"Can you walk me through your resume" just doesn't cut it when you're truly looking for the best fit. These three interview questions will change how you hire.

Ikea's New Ad Addresses What's Wrong With Work Today
The world's largest furniture retailer is taking a strong stance about work in its latest commercial.

Three Things Every Salary Negotiation Should Include
Negotiating for a salary should not be about how you dress up the conversation, or about the right verbal innuendo, it should be about the facts.

Chipotle Is Bringing You the Bacon
There comes a time in every brand's life when it reaches a crossroads. For Chipotle that time is now, and that crossroads involves bacon.

Using Hashtags the Right Way in 2018
Hashtags still represent a big opportunity for brands to inform content creation strategies, and attract new followers.

How Brands Use Smart Speakers to Market to Kids
AI assistants want to raise (and market to) your children. Welcome to the era of voice-robot parenting.

How to Be a Better Leader in 30 Days
These 30 tips may not transform you overnight, but it will improve you at the end of 30 days.

McDonald's New Happy Meal Will Make 80's Kids Happy
Since everything old is new again, it's probably inevitable that McDonald's would give the Rubik's Cube another shot.

Job Hunting? Don't Skip the Cover Letter
You may be tempted to skip a cover letter in the digital recruiting age, but don't. If you want the job, write about it.

Five Ways to Say No to Your Boss
Just because they're in charge doesn't mean their every request is worth doing exactly as asked.

Brand Lessons From PayPal's Mistake
A man wrote PayPal to say his wife had died. The company's response was heartless.

5 Rules for Marketing on Facebook Messenger
Boost your ROI with these tried-and-true tactics for chatbot marketing automation.

How Frequently Should Your Brand Post on Social Media?
There's a lot of debate when it comes to recommended frequency for social media publishing. Here's what the data has to say about it.

How to Be the Boss of Your Inbox
Happiness is an empty inbox. Believe me, you can do it (or get pretty darn close).

Seven Habits to Help You Achieve Your Goals
According University of Scranton, 92 percent of people who set goals never actually achieve them. Failing to meet goals is frustrating and can set you back.

Forget Kombucha: Cannabis is the Next Beverage Trend
As beverage heavyweights like Constellation get into the cannabis industry, THC and CBD infused drinks are about to show up everywhere.

Branding Blunder? IHOP's Potential Mistake
Branding is a sexy topic, at least according to branders, who will tell you all about how much power and value you can reap when you build an iconic brand.

3 Best Practices for Following Up After an Interview
Navigating the interviewing process can be like playing a game of chess. Although your experience and qualifications get you into the game, to succeed, you'll have to make a few strategic moves if you want to prevail.

Seven Keys to Working From Home
Working remotely effectively is a red-hot job skill--one that requires practicing the right things. Here are 7 ways to make yourself better at it.

3 Key Ingredients For Creating Interactive Content
Neuroscience says we're built to like feedback, novelty, and control in our media.

The Surprising Productivity Boost of Working From Home
The jury was out on the productivity effect of working from home. It has returned with a surprising verdict.

The Inside Story of Wawa, Taking Over the East Coast
54 years old. $10B in revenue. This family-owned business is rapidly expanding--and ditching gas and cigarettes for kale salads and nerdy coffee.

Six Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer
Are you really sure that company or boss is the right one for you? Ask these questions to be absolutely sure.

Video: The New Way to Thank a Job Interviewer
With email thank you notes becoming the standard for interviews, video versions have big advantages.

5 Ways You Can Be Healthier at Work
The average person spends 90,000 hours -- or around one third of a person's life -- at work. It seems like we're all one project away from living at the office.

Purchasing Power: Gen Z is Where It's At
Brands haven't seen anything yet. The influence and buying power of Gen Z is mind-blowing.

5 Ways to Excel at Your New Job
Establishing yourself in a new role is critical for future career trajectory. Early impressions of your attitude, drive, and performance are often established within the first year -- or sooner.

10 Ways to Make an Impressive Impact at the Office
The world's growing ever more competitive. Even if you already have a job, making sure you have access to the best opportunities means going beyond the usual.


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