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Forecasting 2020 Content Marketing Trends
By: PR Daily
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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which 2020 content trends will rise—and which shall fall?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic marketing mirror that reveals the fairest fads and forecasts in all the land, but Core dna sheds light on which tactics are primed to rule in 2020. A handful of what’s in store is listed below:

Content gets tailored to voice search and smart devices. Core dna predicts that half of all web searches will be conducted by voice next year. That means marketers must craft conversational content that mirrors how customers talk—if they want to top search results for hyper-competitive keywords, that is.

For example: “In text, consumers might type ‘2020 content marketing trends,’ while their voice query would be more like ‘What are the top content marketing trends of 2020?’”

Podcasts keep gaining momentum. The podcast train will continue steaming forward in 2020. Core dna notes that yes, podcasts are proliferating hither and yon, but listener engagement is increasing, too. That’s where the crucial (external or internal) marketing opportunity lies in 2020.

Before committing to a podcast program, however, establish which metrics matter most, and decide on specific business goals you hope to accomplish. Otherwise, your pod will be lost in the great abyss of bland, forgotten content.

The battle for the snippet. Core dna writes, “It’s becoming more and more common for users to search for a longtail keyword, knowing Google will likely present a snippet that will give them the info they need without their having to click over to a full website.”

To win Google’s game in 2020, savvy marketers should prioritize how-to or solutions-based content—along with descriptive headlines that make it easy for bots to discover your best pieces.

If you haven’t already, make sure your site’s snippet savvy, and use snippet optimization tools to boost your results. (Here’s more from Google itself on the matter.)


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