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Ecobranding: Logos, Redesigned To Use Less Ink
By: Fast Company
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If Apple sells 100 million iPhones, that’s also 100 million boxes, on which 100 million Apple logos might be printed. The smallest decisions a mega company makes can have massive impacts–even when it comes down to the ink inside a logo.

That’s why the French designer Sylvain Boyer has rethought the logos of some of the biggest companies in the world through a lens he calls “ecobranding.” In short, he’s redesigned their logos so that they use up to 40% less ink on every sign, box, and ad.

“The idea of ​​creating a brand design that is more eco-friendly came in 2013, at the birth of my first daughter. I was designing a birth announcement card with many colors. On the computer it looked great, but when I submitted the design to the printer for silkscreen printing the bill was great too . . . greatly expensive!” says Boyer. “So I simply reduced the number of colors, which immediately became more economical but also greener.”

Boyer admits that “it may seem stupid” that it took a personal project for him to realize the impact of his own work, but in the years since, he’s considered that the world’s most famous logos are printed billions of times over, and that every drop of ink costs us all something.



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