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Use Hashtags to Master PR Messages
By: Meltwater
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You are likely familiar with what hashtags look like (e.g. #Meltwater), but like most people could use a few tips on how to make them more effective for your PR efforts. Hashtags are fantastic for brands who want to expand their reach or solidify their community around an idea or event. Like everything else on social media, however, they require a more nuanced approach than you might expect from your microcontent. Let’s break down some of the key benefits hashtags bring to your online PR efforts: 

Joining (or Leading) a Conversation 
Hashtags got their start on Twitter as a way to track conversational threads, and conversation tracking remains a popular use case for them. It’s not uncommon to see people and brands create a quick hashtag when they start a topic, in hopes that it will catch on and become the anchor for that discussion. This has become so commonplace that on most social platforms where hashtags are active, they are also searchable.

An example of a brand creating a conversational hashtag that has become ubiquitous is Nike’s #JustDoIt. The hashtag which is sprinkled liberally throughout Twitter and Instagram, sometimes only tangentially references the original brand source.


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