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Fake News Perspectives: This Election Cycle, Facebook Let Us All Down
By: Bulldog Reporter
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By the now the narrative is clear: The outcome of last Tuesday’s election was a surprise to many individuals in the U.S. and around the world and to supporters of both political parties.

In any instance when a predicted outcome is proven wrong, there is a reflection period, which often sparks a curiosity. Presidential campaigns have used the Internet to support their efforts dating back to 1996, and the role of the Internet and social networks on election outcomes has significantly picked up over the past several election cycles.  Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg estimated that over two million people registered to vote after seeing a reminder on Facebook this year, and Pew estimates that in 2016 the majority of U.S. adults (62%) get their news from social media channels.

As a population, we have become educated on the impact social media can have in shaping election outcomes, particularly since the wildly successful use of social media in 2008 by Obama’s campaign. As social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter become increasingly influential in shaping public opinion, these networks have also evolved to take on more control of how information is shared, sorted and prioritized.


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