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Media Pitching Perspectives: When to Swing for the Fences
By: Bulldog Reporter
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One thing I’ve been doing as of late is asking clients—both existing and new—what they would consider a “home run placement.” It’s something I suggest all media relations pros do as well. This isn’t something that should replace the idea of reaching far and wide and securing as much coverage as possible, but a complementary tactic to enhance an existing strategy.

Sure, your clients may respond with “front page of The New York Times” or an “exclusive with the ‘Today Show.’” While some of those huge hits may actually be worth pursuing, let’s be honest—those lofty goals are often very difficult to achieve. Rather than shrugging those types of responses off, I’ve found them to be opportunities to begin a dialogue with a client and work together toward identifying a home run opportunity that is both attainable and meaningful to the client’s business. Those discussions are a great opportunity to truly demonstrate your team’s understanding of your client’s business and mediasphere.  To start, it’s imperative to think about the end goal and who you’re looking to influence and reach. This is the part that I find refreshing.

Most of the time, for consumer facing brands, it’s the customer that will be purchasing your client’s product or services, so suggesting a home run with a mainstream outlet would of course be a fine approach. However, there’s always opportunity to dive deeper.


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