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YouTube Proves the $ Value of Being Authentic
By: Meltwater
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The toppling of traditional media started many years ago. After all, why spend $1,000 on the radio to reach an unknown audience of indeterminable size that may or may not actually be listening when you could spend a fraction of that to speak to an incredibly specific target demographic and know exactly how they respond?

Ok, you know that. But you might not know–or might not have articulated, at least–the fact that the toppling of traditional media is accompanied by another phenomenon: the rise of the “non-celebrity,” the new influencer.

Influencers have taken the power from traditional brand spokespeople (star athletes, models, movie stars, etc.). The reason? Well, it’s complicated, as a new report from Think With Google suggests. But it has to do primarily with these three things:
  1. Relationships
  2. Community
  3. Trendsetting
Building Friendships
According to the Think With Google report, which focuses on YouTube personalities, in particular, “ YouTube creators listen to and interact with their fans, resulting in communities that look more like friendships than fanships.”


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