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Media Relations Subscribed: The Problem with Startups’ Approach
By: Bulldog Reporter
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The startup business seems to be a truly unique dimension. Having goals and conditions different than the “traditional” companies we know, startups focus on measuring and experimenting, validating and learning, rather than on actually driving sales and making money. To enable regular and effective evaluation, startups need to operate in much shorter time cycles. Some of them work in SCRUM methodology, running their summary-and-planning sprints on a weekly basis; others prefer monthly catch-ups, which makes them less flexible, yet provides with a bigger picture and (often) a more reliable feedback.

I’ve recently listened to a CEO explaining the business model of his newly founded PR agency providing media relations services to startups. I’m a little bit concerned, and here’s why:

As a PR practitioner, I believe in the power of “relations.” Here’s the definition of Public Relations given by the Public Relations Society of America: “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” I underline the phrase “mutually beneficial relationships”—building a relationship is a long-term process based on trust and commitment. It takes months (years?) to build relationships with media contacts you work with, and you can’t plan it like you plan your weekly to-do lists.


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