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Where’s the Problem? That’s the Problem with Many Pitches These Days
By: Bulldog Reporter
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At WriteCulture, we teach all kinds of tech PR workshops and seminars to corporate PR staff and PR agency account teams.  When we teach the pitching class, we run into the same roadblocks across the PR spectrum—too much jargon, wasted email intros with lifeless descriptions of company products, and no hooks to grab the reporter’s attention.

Many PR writers assemble a pitch and then pray for the reporter’s interest. They bank on the allure of their client’s nth iteration of, say, anti-malware software.  This leaves reporters wondering, “Why should I care?”

Why do we pitch this way?

Because we’re here to serve the executives on the corporate side and our clients on the agency side.  We want to dazzle the journalist with the app’s new features and hope that makes the grade. Maybe we’re afraid to ask questions because we think we should know the answer.  Or we’re shy to ask for what we need because we’re the new kid on the account team and we’re supposed to absorb all the information before we speak up.


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