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3 Ways to Incorporate Inbound Marketing Into Your PR Strategy
By: Bulldog Reporter
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The public relations industry, like many others, has experienced massive change over the years, as traditional PR continues to make the journey into the digital world. The fundamentals, however, remain the same—push your message out to a targeted audience in order to build awareness and drive revenue. PR pros now have to constantly learn new skills and adapt their processes in order to stay on top of the noise.

Content marketing and inbound marketing are more relevant than ever, and the ability to incorporate these new methods into your public relations model is essential. An inbound strategy must work alongside your PR plan, where their combined efforts are meeting the needs of your client.

Inbound marketing, of course, is all about the customer finding you, not the other way around. In order for this to occur, you must do two things: offer excellent content, and provide significant value within that content. Dangle the carrot and they will chase it. Content marketing, social media and SEO are key ingredients of inbound marketing. And like public relations, the goal remains the same: creating visibility and awareness.


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