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How to Build a Brand Narrative That Scales
By: Meltwater
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How many times have you liked a story on social media but forgot what company made it? Or read a sweet story about employees supporting a charity but can’t recall the company? Or watched a video on corporate sustainability efforts that don’t seem consequential enough to alter your views of the company?

If you are a marketer or communicator, chances are pretty good that you’ve embraced storytelling as a tool to connect with customers and other stakeholders. But not all stories are created equal. Not all (or even most) likes are meaningful.

Some stories shape — or reshape — a company’s image. Others are one-hit wonders that are emotionally engaging for a moment and quickly forgotten. How do you tell the difference? More importantly, how can you build an approach to storytelling that does more than generate brief buzz?

Storytelling as a Strategic Tool

For many companies, just the idea of keeping their brands top of mind is enough. If you are the brand manager for Oreos or Doritos, every impression matters. Their content is designed to remind people what they already know and love about their brands. Those companies aren’t trying to change perceptions, just trying to keep the brands relevant.


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