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Remembering the People Behind the Campaign
By: Mike Bush
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During the first game of the World Series, the broadcasters at Fox ran into a snafu: a power outage. The delay resulted in a few different things happening, including Fox switching over to the international feed (which meant that typical announcer Joe Buck’s voice couldn’t be heard). Listeners of The Gist heard the show's host spiel about the fact that no one seems to like Joe Buck (highlighting that Bill Cosby has less negative feeling surrounding him than Joe Buck right now).*

A quick look at some feedback for Joe:
Contempt for media now universal: everyone hates joe buck.
— Patrick Coffee (@PatrickCoffee) November 2, 2015
Joe @Buck, just stop, for the love of Dad. #WorldSeries #MLBonFOX https://t.co/lL8w1n2JP6
— MLB Jesus (@MLBJesus) November 2, 2015
there is nothing worse than Joe Buck talking about Billy Joel lyrics I am in hell
— Simon Maloy (@SimonMaloy) October 31, 2015
Joe Buck aside, the power outage came with a second casualty.

There is an incredible pressure on brands and marketers to be ready for their “Oreo Moment" — that one tweet or image that goes astoundingly viral and wins the Internet for a few days. It’s not a stretch to say that brand and marketing folks have actually put together a sort of “someone else’s crisis” playbook with something funny lined up and ready to roll at the drop of a mic, a wardrobe malfunction or, yes, a power outage.

Sometimes, those initiatives flop.

For the World Series, Bose tried to shine, and the results weren’t quite mixed…they were pretty brutal:***
Deleted? It was @Bose's attempt to engage. pic.twitter.com/YmR4n7oNpI
— Farhad Manjoo (@fmanjoo) October 28, 2015
***I took a fun little shot at Bose as well, talking about how it was weird that the company was being so tone deaf. Get it? A speaker company? Tone deaf? I know…not hilarious.

That said, the schadenfreude got me thinking and realizing that, yeah, the idea failed, but ultimately, there is a small team feeling awful about how it went. Looking back, a lot of folks poked fun at the attempt (which is fair game), but there was a lot of vitriol directed at the actual marketing team as well.

That doesn’t feel like fair game.

This isn’t necessarily some sort of anti-bullying post, but more of a reminder. As PR and marketing people, we’re all going to try something that fails…sometimes very publicly. Let’s just remember to snark about the idea, not the actual person behind it.

Unless, of course, the person is Joe Buck.

*My long issue with who to be frustrated with regarding the show was resolved when I switched from Stitcher to Podcast Addict.

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Mike Bush is a PR and Marketing freelancer with more than a dozen years of experience in the field. Find him on and connect Twitter @mikebush or at www.mikebush.nyc. 
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