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Did Frank Underwood Assassinate The Water Cooler?
By: Mike Bush
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Disclaimer: There are no series spoilers in this post.

There’s no doubt in my mind that House of Cards is currently the best thing on TV. You may disagree, have different taste, what have you, but for me, this show is a dark version of The West Wing (I would have said that The West Wing was the best thing on TV when it was still airing).
That said, Netflix’s approach to launching entire series at once (and leading to Binge Viewing) may have pummeled a typical office event: the water cooler discussion.
Whether you’re in the hundreds of thousands of viewers who watched all 13 episodes in the first weekend (and if so, kudos), you’re like me and tried to drag out the show (someone else agreed), or something else, there is a pretty good chance you had some version of the following conversation:
You: Oh My God, can you believe that they…
Someone Else: WAIT, I haven’t gotten to that one yet!
It happened to me a couple times, and it’s sort of a new conundrum.

While news and sports will, of course, continue to be timely events, it seems as though the cultural definition of “appointment viewing” may just change to “on my schedule.”

As that happens, it going to lead to a new approach to pitching stories that piggyback on TV pop culture.

And I’m sure it’s going to lead to at least one flack ending up on the Bad Pitch Blog because their viewing binge ends up spoiling a series for a reporter.

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