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Sh*t My Dad Says: 5 Lessons To Help You Gain New Clients
By: Maya Jordan
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Who would have ever thought that Dad’s lecturing and catchy disciplinarian sayings would really be beneficial in our adult careers? With Father’s Day right around the corner, you may just want to thank Dad for not only sharing his 23 chromosomes and teaching you how to ride a bike, but also how to gain new clientele as a public relations professional. As we all know, finding new prospects and building new business is not easy as pie. In order to grow the business, there are many factors to weigh. For instance, whether or not to cold call, use standard mail, or utilize social media/and or Adwords, even though all of those tactics have been deemed successful. Dad’s catchphrases may just be another answer to scoring new clientele.

Additionally, obtaining new clients can go one of two ways. I am sure that you are all familiar with the old, wise saying: “Seek and you shall find.” Well, that saying just happens to be a statement of evident truth. For prospective clients in need of a new publicist or qualifying firm, there is a significant shift when they hear about the work you have done for others. As opposed to you reaching out to them, have them find you. How does one go about initiating such change?

IMAGINE. Sitting, eyes wandering from the crisp, high-resolution 22'' display screen at your desk, and receiving an unexpected call from a client in dire need of you; yes, YOU. Ahh, wouldn’t that feeling just make your professional life smooth sailing? I bet. In order to ensure that short-lived fantasy becomes a reality, along with having the desire for highly-motivated clients in need of superb representation, try doing the following.

5 Lessons To Help You Gain New Clientele (From Dad)

  1. “Do it right or don’t do it at all.” Any job worth doing must be done accurately, unless you wish to make a fool out of yourself. Reputation is extremely vital when it comes to earning the interest of others. Pay attention to what others in the field are saying about you. How credible are your media sources? For instance, are your clients being interviewed on, say, the Today Show?

  2. “Walk it off.” Confidence is the golden key to life; it allows for access to so much. Don’t be too aggressive, but show your interest in clients in a confident way. For example, say you schedule a meeting with a client to discuss more about budget and what your team can offer. Afterwards, allow the client to leave feeling good about having the chance to meet with you. After all, the potential client has the final say on whether or not they will choose you for the representation of their next campaign.

  3. “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” Always demonstrate why you are different from all the other firms out there. What makes your firm so unique? Are you a leading, award-winning company? For example, you may be a veteran public relations professional with expertise of 20 years and over 100+ contacts in TV and radio, bloggers, magazines, and broadcast. This coincides with #4.

  4. “A little hard work never hurt anybody.” This is your chance to brag. Share your success story. How did your business start? What motivated you? Once again, when it comes to branding, make sure that your promotional items (i.e. websites, business cards, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) represent you in the best light. However, don’t be too pushy; simply emphasize to your future clients why you are the best and how you help them.

  5. “When I was your age, we didn’t have (Blah Blah) and we were happy.” Unlike traditional media, we have technology at our fingertips 24/7/365. PR professionals have the ability to share press releases online, via sites like PitchEngine.com. In addition to sharing press releases online, exercise your right to use social media.

    Twitter is a great source for putting information out quickly and in less than 140 characters. For instance, you have the ability to inform the public of your client’s latest product, upcoming event, or even a chance to enter to win a fantastic sweepstakes. When it comes to branding, make sure that you and your company have a well-balanced online presence. Consequently, this will give prospective clients an idea of how you work and how you will be creating their campaigns.

Now that I have shared my tactics for gaining new business, it's your turn. Share your ideas and tips for building new business.

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About the Author
Maya Jordan is a young, ambitious PR enthusiast looking to break into the field. In her spare time she enjoys live concerts, spoken word, and traveling. For more, check out www.MayaJordan.com, and connect with her on Twitter here.

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