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Original articles from Bernard Harrell.
Relationships Over Growth in 2016
Too many people believe the “Grow or Die” myth in business. This usually means a heavily stressed workflow and too much emphasis on sales, which causes lots of stress in the office. Also, when a business is run in this manner, people tend to forget about quality control, customer satisfaction, and B2B relations. These are largely important for a businesses survival. You may disagree, but what is the general sentiment...

Manage Social Media Effectively
Social media can appear to be a time-consuming task in a world where new platforms appear all the time. Although they may seem too difficult to manage, there are ways to make your social media tasks relatively easy. Popular words in the tech age: “There’s an app for that."

The Awkwardness of Customer Personalization
Some companies have taken it upon themselves to personalize the customer service experience by calling their customers by name. On the surface it appears to be a great idea and engaging to the customer, but in reality it’s pretty weird. On an average Monday, business is usually fast-paced. Customers are rushing in and out of their establishment of choice for a quick cup of coffee...

If You're an Entrepreneur, the Tech Age is Your Time to Shine
Technology has brought forth a time when one’s ideas can become a reality very shortly. To the average consumer, the tech world may seem incomprehensible, but on the contrary, this is the time for everyone to join in. Technology is merely the means of transportation; in this case, that means your idea has the opportunity to be seen by the world.

Passive Marketing: Let the Customers Come to You
Passive marketing is a form of marketing that gives the customer accessibility to your product. Think of the juicy burger from the McDonald’s billboard on the highway that conveniently tells you that they are one exit away. This is considered passive because it doesn't impede the audience’s space. It’s not an annoying, unexpected phone call from a salesman...

Marketing Psychology at Work in Color
Marketing was established from the belief that advertising generates sales. This has developed into branding, which is what makes customers feel connected to what they buy. There are several ways this can occur: commercials, TV/movie placements, billboards, etc. One of the most intimate ways marketing is done is with colors.

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