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10 Rules For Creating Effective Landing Pages
By: Entrepreneur
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Your landing pages should include an opt-in form for lead generation. To develop your landing pages, you need to understand how to create designs and content that make people want your lead magnet enough to submit your opt-in form to get it. To ensure the landing pages you create deliver the best results, follow the 10 rules of landing page design:

1. Stay laser-focused on a single, specific goal. Your landing page should have one specific goal: some type of action that you want visitors to take. For lead generation, this desired action is submitting the opt-in form on the page. Before you create your landing page, ask yourself what you want visitors who land on your page to do. That action should be the only thing you talk about on your page and the only thing visitors can do on your page.

2. Prioritize your messages with the most important information above the fold. Don’t make people scroll to learn what you’re offering and why it should matter to them. Your most important messages should be above the fold so there’s no chance visitors can miss them. Throughout the rest of your landing page, lead with your most powerful messages and use the remainder of your landing page to provide important supporting information. Be sure to repeat your powerful, action- oriented messages to keep visitors engaged as they read.

3. Write an irresistible headline. Use your landing page headline to answer the most important question in copywriting. This is the question that every prospect will ask when they arrive on your landing page: “What’s in it for me?” Be clear and succinct. Visitors should instantly understand that the information on the landing page addresses their problem or pain point and the solution they’ve been looking for is at their fingertips if they follow your call to action (such as submitting your opt-in form).

4. Provide specific benefits to your target audience. Consumers don’t care about brands or companies. They care about how brands and companies can help them or make their lives better or easier. With that in mind, your landing page should clearly highlight the benefits prospects will get when they access your lead magnet. Will they save time or money? Reduce their stress level or improve their peace of mind? Be able to acquire more customers of their own or make more money? Make sure they understand the benefits with no room for confusion.

5. Explain desirable features. What are the most desirable features of your lead magnet? Provide a bulleted list of features, such as a list of chapters for an ebook or the topics covered in a webinar. Benefits may sell, but features prove that the lead magnet can deliver those benefits.

6. Provide a clear call to action and repeat it. What do you want people to do when they visit your landing page? For lead generation, you most likely want them to submit your opt-in form and provide their email addresses. This call to action should be clear and obvious. That means it should appear above the fold and again at the bottom of your landing page (if it requires scrolling to view the entire page) at a minimum.



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