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Google’s Getting Serious About Building Its Own iPhone
By: The Verge
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When Google curtailed its Nexus program last year in favor of the Pixel, many commentators dismissed that as merely a rebranding exercise to make the latest thing feel fresh. I was in the minority that bought into Google's promise of a fundamentally different approach that would signal a direct challenge to Apple's iPhone, but the Pixel was still just the beginning. What we're seeing in recent times, in the ever-swirling rumor mill and through Google's hiring of new engineers, indicates the depth of Google's commitment to taking on Apple at its own game.

I wrote about this at length back in October: the big difference for Apple isn't just software, hardware, or customer service, it's all of those combined. Apple's unmatched strength is in the integration of all the important aspects that go toward building up a satisfying user experience, and it's long been true that the only company that could hope to match Apple was Google, owing to its dominance on the software front with the Android OS. The Pixel showed that Google was willing and able to produce a premium, uniquely differentiated phone (the Pixel camera remains unmatched, many months later), but it obviously wasn't the finished product of Google's grander project.


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