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Original articles from Cameron Kirkwood.
The 2k16 (Content)ental Shift
It’s no secret that with each passing year, brands become more and more open to the idea of using new content platforms to further increase standing of their voices; mediums such as Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and more. Some exciting stuff, really. The most interesting point in this shift, in my opinion, is the increased use of real-time content creation. First made famous by 360i's "Dunk the the Dark" back in Super Bowl 2k13...

The Industry Theory, and Why You Should Take the Leap
As we all well know, out there lies a line of innovators and an ocean of followers; risk takers and those who will take the risk once it’s safe. ​Have you ever noticed a correlation in what I call an industry-wide brand? Specifically, I would like to refer to finance, once revered as the most white-collar industry. Naturally, how could you expect it to be anything else?

Nick Offerman, Drizzy, and the Future of Millennial Advertising
Christmas came early, folks. Imagine my delight — an ad so good, so justly targeted, so elegantly executed, that it easily crossed the threshold all advertising aspires to bridge. Advertising so blatantly obvious…but you just didn’t care. Parks and Rec fans rejoice. Earlier December, it trended across all social channels that Nick Offerman starred in an experiential promotion for whiskey. Naked babes? Big explosions and a dancing monkey?

The Millennial’s Metric: Return on Ego
I love attending summits and industry panels. If even just a little, there is always an opportunity to learn and walk out with some new knowledge. Maybe it’s just me, but it always seems to be the unplanned, spontaneous discussions about something that no one ever seems to pay as much due as I do that stand out the most. In this case, it’s what I call the metric of the millennial. I attended the Local Video Summit this last Friday at the Times Center in NYC. The event was being hosted by Yashi...

Inbound vs Outbound in Advertising
Why I'm phrasing the title like it's some political debate, I have no clue; however, much like politics, I do have a clear side. I absolutely despise outbound marketing. Yes, I know it will always exist. Yes, it's practiced by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, and yes, I understand its use...

Open Mind for Campaigns That Shine
I was reading ‘The Sweet Spot’ over for inspiration earlier today. I highly suggest to anyone in the industry who hasn’t read it yet to do so; although there are hundreds of thought-provoking insights to choose from, there is one today that stood out to me in particular. “Too often do we ask consumers what they think only when we’re trying to prove an idea we’re already committed to.” It’s something that I believe is reflective of a reality that happens way too often. Half the problem lies within human nature to protect one’s baby...

The Adventures of Entry-Level Job Hunting in Advertising
Ever hear that turn of phrase: How are you supposed to apply to a mandated two-years-experience job without two years of experience when every entry-level position requires it? This is a real, scary truth in many industries, and let me tell you — the ad industry certainly does not shy away from it. Except there’s one thing that stands out in our field...

Traversing the Consumer's Attention Span in a Social Wasteland
I’m sure any of my coworkers can attest to the fact that my favorite phrase of late has been that “Social Media has propelled society 20 years past its time”; increasingly so, the younger you go generation to generation. In fact, it’s advanced at a rate that the average consumer’s attention span can only read at a range of four sentences per paragraph without being utterly discouraged, ignoring the piece all together. Some may call this sad. I just call it the power of a completely connected world. With this overbearing change, the industry has been forced to succumb. Social medias such as Twitter and Instagram latched on to the concept early. Each new medium is progressively becoming shorter, sharper. Character restrictions, focus on imagery, bigger type...

Working On Madison, Blogging Beyond It
For those who don’t know who I am, I’m a junior digital strategist just getting my first foot into the industry. Today marks my first week working on advertising’s infamous avenue, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. Beautiful views, nonstop industry talk, activities around every corner, events each hour, and plenty of free beer — just to name a few of the perks...

Disagreeing with the Online Masses: A Branding Issue?
Are you a frequent commenter on social media? Have you voiced your opinion and received insane backlash? It’s come to a point where I myself refrain from posting anything online — an exception being between close friends or inner circles where I have full comfort. I know I’m not the only one out there. Take the viral sensation Caitlyn Jenner, for example. Where I myself am devoted to the cause (note how I feel obligated to state that), if any one person voiced their opinion against it...

No High Like an Ad High
Reflection upon the mention of a correlation to a high from advertising and the industry whilst attending an event in Toronto.

The (b)AD of the Century
As I’m sure you all know, YouTube was hosting a contest to decide the ad of the century in honor of the video service’s 10th year anniversary. Ah, yes; I remember when YouTube first hit the streets. Not long after it launched as a video dating service, and the streams were filled with David Blaine’s street magic specials.

The Hardships of Being an Advertiser and Seeing from the Outside
A group discussion was brought up about discriminating a brand on the simple factor that they don’t own a website .  That’s like saying that since the electric socket on the wall is crooked, I wouldn’t dare plug anything into it. But is that something that the average consumer truly bothers to take into account? A few weeks ago I was doing a tour for a group of renowned engineers across the world.

The Most Original Idea is That There Are No Original Ideas
Adweek was hosting its weekly #AdweekChat this past week when an interesting question came to surface. “What are the keys to finding inspiration in others’ great work without stealing/co-opting their ideas?” This caused me to pause for a second. I was looking forward to seeing the responses, as I really had to think about it myself; however, the answer to this question...


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