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Original articles from Brian Keller.
The greatest trick Direct Response has pulled has been convincing the world it doesn't exist. (Someone Changed My Johnson Box)
Direct Response was the herpes of advertising as no ad people admitted to its practice and, if caught they were shunned. Today, it's not so much like that as DR seems to be disguised as native advertising, some form of morphed advertorial and email. Although there are billions of print DM pieces, there are trillions of its digital brethren.

They Gave us Lemonade, & then sucked the juice out [We don't feel part of the medium]
So what do you do if you run Volkswagen?  Well, you pay, and after you pay and you win back some customers and trust as you commit to becoming an electric car company. It's a great idea. We believe the tainted Touareg will be brought back, electrically, not as the originally rumored Valdez, but as the VW Kaepernick

All the World’s an Ad, and All the Men and Women merely Payers; What was your ad spend this year?
Today's advertising world is a varied and expanding universe of incredible opportunities, and the Internet has expanded the ways for creative people to make a living by constructing all kinds of content over a variety of outlets. This is great news if you're smart, you can ditch your job as a professional football player, nurse, astronaut, dictator or influencer or even thought-leader and just lie around the house all day in a torn-up tee shirt and underwear, watching Sponge Bob reruns, while creating an enormous income. Well, we decided to give this Internet content stuff a try, or maybe something better or not.

I Don’t Care if You’re Non-binary, Take Out the Garbage (We also had pizza last night)
Good for you Sephora for the well realized and brave campaign you have produced. Your action to make the transgender and non-binary community part of the greater community is terrific.

I Could Have Met Gwynneth Paltrow, Maybe...
From the Editors: Please note: The writer of this column pitched us this idea. We told him that; “we thought it was good the first time we published it.” He said: “What you published was an article. This is now digital content that has also been curated twice for extra seamless integration. It breaks out of its previous silos and it should provide some actionable insights. The old column was analog, as I wrote with a pencil first. I would believe this column would make me an Influencer/Disruptor/Thought Leader. “

Penis v Vagina & Other Disasters (This is all Real)
Most mornings the Subway, in the city from which this article is coming, is plastered with euphemistic images of penises, usually represented by cacti. Real penises aren’t that lovely.

"We Apologize For the Inconvenience"
Advertising is morphing. Agencies are either dying or scrambling to take advantage and capitalize on new technology and make some money.


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