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Pornhub Giving Away $100B in Free Ad Impressions to Small Businesses
By: Forbes
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Over 100k small businesses have been shuttered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To add fuel to the fire, the Federal government gave millions of dollars away to billionaires through PPP loans meant for small businesses. This kind of behavior destroys an economy. Loaning money to small business, to individuals struggling, keeps that money flowing. Giving it to billionaire founded organizations disappears that money. It's a waste.

Since small businesses can't rely on the Federal government for anything besides a cold shoulder, Pornhub is here to help, at least a little bit. Today it's launching its Big Package For Small Business campaign (SFW link), intended to assist small business recovery with free advertising space. While Pornhub couldn't resist slipping a pun in the name of this initiative, the opportunity for a selection of small businesses to receive one billion ad impressions worth of free advertising cannot be understated. This is expensive, extremely visible ad space so if you are a small business, better get that website and online store cleaned up.

“To give a little extra love and support to small businesses during this uncertain time, our “Big Package” for small businesses will give small businesses the opportunity to tap into our audience of 130 million daily visitors and gain the exposure they deserve during the pandemic," said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub. "Bolstering an eclectic user base made up of various demographics, businesses that advertise with us are not only able to connect with their target audience, but enhance their overall brand visibility — especially during this time when the world is more digitally connected than ever."

Pornhub will ultimately offer this free advertising to 100 small businesses selected by an internal panel with representatives from Pornhub's marketing, advertising and sales teams. 



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