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A Sneak Peek Into SnapChat's Advertising Revolution
By: Forbes
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When it comes to social media marketing and advertising, the top channels have long been Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Before this trifecta became cemented as the foundational pillars of social media marketing, the field was barely a thought for most companies. Now, new major players are stepping in to try their hand at breaking the advertising norms and opening better ways for brands to communicate and engage with consumers. Instagram, Pinterest, and perhaps most surprisingly, SnapChat have all risen dramatically in popularity and have sported accompanying radical new approaches to advertising.

SnapChat is the most interesting of the group, in part because of its slowly expanding range of advertising services, and in part because of its previous position as a niche gimmick for teenagers. It’s truly come into its own, and now it’s leading a semi-revolution in advertising.

The Power of SnapChat

SnapChat has enormous power over young demographics. It currently boasts over 100 million daily active users, and that number is consistently growing. Over 60 percent of Americans between the ages of 13 and 38 are SnapChat users, with 37 percent of users falling between the ages of 18 and 24. If you’re marketing to young people, there’s no hotter platform, so what is SnapChat doing to take advantage of this market?

Real-Time Content Consumption

Part of what has made SnapChat so popular is its penchant for real-time content creation and consumption. Its original format forced users to make and read “snaps” quickly; you can only send a snap just after you’ve taken it, and the people receiving it only have a handful of seconds to view it before the snap is gone forever.


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