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Original articles from Justine Huffman.
Harriet Tubman Will Grace American #Money
You have less than four years to coolly refer to American currency as “dead presidents,” since the term will become erroneous. The United States Treasury Department announced on Wednesday, April 20, that Harriet Tubman would grace the front...

Twitter is Loving the #PowerpuffYourself App
Remember The Powerpuff Girls? The show first debuted on Cartoon Network in 1998, following a short appearance in the animation showcase, What a Cartoon! in 1995 and 1996. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were relevant until the show concluded...

#Delaware: Where Are You?
How’s it possible that the first state, Delaware, has little to no recognition when it comes to tourism? Vice President Joe Biden can’t be pleased. The surrounding Mid-Atlantic States offer the wiles of Philly, the ocean attractions of Baltimore, and the highly favored NYC experience. There’s also Cake Boss’s hometown of Hoboken.

Manitobah Mukluks: More than Aboriginal Footwear
Sean McCormick, CEO and founder of Manitobah Mukluks, established his company in 1990 in a Winnipeg trading post. At this post, the Métis entrepreneur exchanged tanned leather and mukluks and moccasins. When photographs of celebrities donning Manitobah footwear hit news shelves, international demand soared. Today, the company is still going strong, and is all about...

Beyoncé Increases Red Lobster’s Sales #swag
Word of mouth will always be the most effective form of advertising. We’ve heard it a trillion times in the marketing universe, but now Red Lobster knows! After Beyoncé dropped her latest single, “Formation,” Red Lobster experienced a thirty-three percent increase in sales. All due to Mrs. Carter...

Is Your Newsletter Effective?
Now that social media is a part your company’s branding, is your newsletter effective? If your audience is getting most, or everything, they need to know about your business offerings from the official website and social media spots, then probably not. In order to determine if your newsletter is newsworthy, consider the following: All text and no imagery? Boring!

Peace Out, Windows 8!
Due to security risks, lack of interest, and the cyber vulnerabilities associated with Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft will be ending support for some of its products. Microsoft announced last week that there would be discontinued support services for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, along with support for the Windows 8 operating system. Ouch!

Identical Packaging Is Not Cool
All companies are not created equally, so their branding should contrast with others in their field. Given the number of similar products sold by different vendors (e.g., Coke’s classic pop and Pepsi’s original soft drink), businesses must make every effort to distinguish their line of products and/or services from the competition. SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage didn’t get the memo. Both enterprises used nearly identical packaging labels for their African black soap body washes.

Hipster Santa Adds Flair to Christmas Time
Christmas doesn’t need to be stylish...or does it? Cue “Hipster Santa,” Jolly Old Saint Nick’s cooler modern counterpart. Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre has launched an ad campaign featuring a handsome fashion-forward Santa Claus who has propelled the “Hipster Santa” trend. The Yorkdale “Hipster Santa” is portrayed by model Paul Mason. The Yorkdale promo is a refreshing twist on a beloved holiday figure, one that many of the Millennial generation can appreciate.

2016 Honda Civic Design #Fail
All car models should be unique in exterior design. One should be able to spot any make and model of automobile without looking at the manufacturer emblem or model nameplate. You should be able to determine what line of vehicle you spot based on the exterior design alone.

Christmas Promo Overrules Thanksgiving
Have you noticed that every year the promotions surrounding Christmas appear earlier and earlier? When popular brands switch over to candy cane décor after barely giving the pumpkin-themed schemes a break, you know it’s real. Poor Thanksgiving. It receives no thanks at all! Aside from knowing when to jump on Black Friday deals, Thanksgiving ads don’t gather much shine and respect in comparison to Christmas adverts. Sure, Christmas is arguably a “bigger” holiday than Thanksgiving in the U.S., but that shouldn’t hinder it from making its own claim to promo fame. What element could marketers use to feed the hype of Thanksgiving...

FINALLY, a Middle Finger #emoji!
On October 21, 2015, iPhone and iPad users of the sailor speech variety rejoiced. Apple’s latest software release, iOS 9.1, included a plethora of emojis, though none as unexpected and anticipated as the middle finger emoji. Never mind the added Vulcan salute and “I love you” gesture...

Subaru’s Dog Tested Commercials Aren’t Just Cute
The Barkleys are a fictional family of dogs that get around in a 2014 Subaru Legacy. They make up the fourth legacy of Dog Tested commercials by Subaru, which premiered in 2009. Two dog pals driving a Subaru SUV kicked off the Dog Tested commercials...

All Pumpkin Everything!
WARNING: The word pumpkin will be generously used throughout this post. Prepare yourself! It’s not officially autumn until the pumpkin-flavored and/or scented items come out to play. The orange squash of Halloween-inspired carvings is no longer limited to spooky displays and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Surely you’ve noticed that every time this season has rolled around, at least within the past four years, some glorious pumpkin-themed product makes its debut.

iOS 9: Proof that #Apple Heard Your Gripes
Goodbye, short battery life. Hello super Siri! For the longest time, Apple consumers complained. Lots of consumers complain, so what’s the big deal? When you spend nearly three-quarters of your paycheck on the “best” devices, you expect a decent return on your investment. Fair enough! Let’s revisit some of the complaints from Apple users of yesteryear...

Justin Bieber Schooled Us On Promo with #WhatDoYouMean
Belieber or not, we must give Justin Bieber’s team props for their marketing strategy for “What Do You Mean?,” the first single from the young crooner’s new album. Famous friends and eager fans posted pictures and videos of themselves across Bieber’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook fan pages in an effort to promote the new track. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kevin Hart, Skrillex, Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler, Michael Bublé, and John Leguizamo were a few of the many celebrities...

NatureBox Thinks Outside the Box with Podcast Ads
You can’t sell anything to an audience of zero. Everyone isn’t wild about TV and radio ads, so what’s a retailer to do for promoting? Become sponsors in exchange for ad space on podcasts. NatureBox, a healthy snack subscription service, utilizes podcast ads to generate hype for their unique treats. Instead of purchasing ad space on non-streamed webcasts that are all about nutrition, the company goes beyond that niche...

New Horror Movie Makes Viewers Sick
If a horror movie trailer makes viewers cringe, that’s expected. What about “exclusive” insider reports of viewers tossing their cookies and fainting? That’s a whole new level of effective advertising! Bite, the upcoming Canadian indie horror flick directed by Chad Archibald, stars Elma Begovic as Casey. Casey, a bride-to-be, transforms into an insect hybrid upon being bitten by a mysterious bug on her bachelorette party getaway. In the official movie trailer, we see Casey as an attractive, fun-loving brunette.

Get Down with thredUP
thredUP is an online pre-owned clothing shop for women and children, headquartered at the home of the Golden Gate Bridge. Founded in 2009, thredUP aims to provide superb second-hand attire by popular brands, while saving people time and money, along with the planet. The company wants you to be green while saving green in the process! The practice of selling recycled clothing decreases the use of textile factory output...

Is Whole Foods Selling Sweet Lies?
Sugar has many monikers. Sucrose, aspartame, sorbitol, isomalt, saccharin, and maltodextrin are a mere few. Some are naturally derived, while others are artificial. However, the negative effects either type of sugar can cause when overly consumed are real, hence the recent side-eye consumers are throwing at Whole Foods Markets. According to Take Part, in April a class-action lawsuit was filed...

Less E-Waste, Please
Major phone carriers should adopt mobile phone recycling programs. Carriers entice us to splurge, to have the best phone of the moment, but what happens to the stock phones of yesteryear? A lot of them become e-waste, according to a new study by the University of Surrey in England.

Lane Bryant to Victoria’s Secret: #ImNoAngel
Five months after Victoria’s Secret's ad for their “Perfect Body” campaign was released, Lane Bryant came out with their own ad campaign in opposition: “I’m No Angel." The home of the Perfect Shape bra got slammed for insinuating that their slim-bodied models were the ideal image of a “perfect” body.

Wendy's is Testing a Vegan Burger
Vegans, rejoice! Another fast-food chain may be giving you what you want: a vegan option. Wendy’s is currently testing out its new black bean burger at several of their store locations in Ohio, according to TakePart and One Green Planet. Thus far, those who’ve purchased the burger are giving positive feedback for the exclusive sandwich. With U.S. citizens becoming more health- and environmentally conscious...

Natural Hair Product Sales Are Soaring
For ages, we saw a majority of black women appear in media with hairstyles heavily leaning towards the Eurocentric variety. Within the past two years, more black women have been appearing in digital, print, and television ads with their hair fashioned in its natural state. This natural hair wave isn’t the first, though it seems to be outdoing the natural hair trend that was spurred on during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Atlanta Blackstar reported that sales for relaxers have decreased between 2008 and 2013, while the sale of natural hair care products, which include styling moisturizers and curl creams, have increased.

The Ad Council’s #LoveHasNoLabels Campaign
For the month of March, the Ad Council’s video “Diversity & Inclusion — Love Has No Labels” has ranked number one in the top five most-viewed ad campaigns on YouTube. At present, the ad has over fifty-one million views. The ad displays an assortment of groups, ranging from friends and family members to couples, from various backgrounds. A large on-stage x-ray is used to conceal the physical identity of each couple and group, giving the spectator a mere view of skeletons engaging in random actions.

Renuzit’s Aromatherapy Commercials Are Spicy
Sex sells. It’s a given, and has been persuading us to dip into our wallets since the days of old, when pin-up girls and muscle-laden men provided visual persuasion. Renuzit has enlisted a diverse group of attractive men, known as the Renuzit Scent Gents by Pereira & O’Dell, to promote their new Aromatherapy line.

Death of the Commerce Energy Door-to-Door Salesman
Don’t you just love it when you’re in the middle of making dinner, trying to keep your children from destroying each other, all while trying to digitally balance your checkbook, and the doorbell rings? On the other side of your entry door is a door-to-door salesman wearing a baseball cap and heavy jacket with a small red logo who asks you to bring him/her a copy of your latest electric bill so they can verify if you’re receiving specific energy benefits. Though you’ve explained to this salesperson that you receive paperless bills, and that you don’t have the time to print out your most recent bill, they insist it will only take a few minutes. You politely decline, the salesperson bids you good day, and offers to come back at another time.

Say Hello to New MacDonald
The war on our food is in full effect, with GMO enthusiasts and organic advocates paving the way. Only Organic, a member of team pro-organic food, vows to educate the public on the meaning of “going organic” by addressing the environmental and...

Method Cleans Up Nicely
Home cleaning is one of those things you have to do, and it’s not a regular event that one normally looks forward to (unless you’re a neat freak). Perhaps it’s the tub scrubbing or the mopping that gets you down, or the fumes and lackluster performance of cleaning products that aren’t environmentally friendly. For a solution to the latter, Method has your answer. Method Products was established in 2000, and has claimed its rightful spot in the household cleaning products industry.

Dunkin’ Donuts Needs A New, Loveable Mascot
“Time to make the donuts.” You may be oblivious to this catchphrase, which also doubled as a slogan if you were born during or after the mid ’90s. Those five words were gold, since they came from Dunkin’ Donuts’ longtime beloved mascot, Fred the Baker. The late Michael Vale portrayed Fred the Baker. Vale retired in 1997, and passed away eight years later. Since his retirement, the global donut and coffee chain has yet to find another winner in the mascot department. Fred the Baker was delightful, humorous, and the sort of guy you wouldn’t mind splitting a box of Munchkins with. He was a portly, mustachioed man whose dedication to making donuts was insatiable...


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