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Original articles from Luke Willoughby.
Did Lane Bryant's Ads Make the World a Better Place?
Perhaps it's a standard we should all start questioning. Lane Bryant, a maker of plus-sized women’s clothing, has been one of the strongest emerging brands in 2015 based on the significant presence and conversation gained. In April they launched the #imnoangel program, which boldly carved its place in the market...

One Year After CVS Quit Selling Cigarettes...
By October 1 of last year, CVS Pharmacies had boldly discontinued sales of all tobacco products in its 7,800 retail stores. Many people championed the company for its brand integrity supporting health and wellness. Others questioned the financial responsibility of the $2 billion loss of annual tobacco sales. According to public financials, CVS's 2014 revenue of $139 billion means cigarettes accounted for approximately 1.4% of total cash flow. This summary from Motley Fool indicates there was an immediate impact...

Industry Must-Read: 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things'
Ben Horowitz is one of the preeminent leaders in Silicon Valley, both as an accomplished CEO and now successful venture capitalist. He wrote this book to cut through the struggle of politics, bureaucracy, and competition in business to provide a firsthand roadmap for successful leadership in any field.

Agency Review: T3
T3 is a full-service, independent shop that was founded in Austin in 1989 by Gay Gaddis. This was not only before SXSW was cool, but also before female leadership was familiar in the industry. Today, Gay runs a successful agency of 190 people across three offices (including SF and NY) that pulled $23 million in revenue...

Agency Review: Merkle
Merkle is a Fortune 500–level marketing agency, where the largest corporate accounts are managing customer bases that generate annual revenues over $50 billion. With this focus, Merkle brands itself as a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) agency, driving the purchase behavior across complex consumer verticals like financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. Led by the data-driven vision of CEO David Williams, who purchased the agency in 1998 at the age of 25...

The Cost of a View
Video is the most effective medium for communicating to the masses. It is easy to consume and share. Content lives indefinitely, without the urgency of a constantly refreshing feed. Video is also the most closely related digital format to desired traditional television budgets. In leveraging this valuable form of advertising potential...

The Hybrid Agency
A hybrid agency includes attributes of full-service, integration, consultancy, disruption, and big picture. It is also more than a buzz term that an agency may use to differentiate. The model tries to prove that less can really be more. Hybrid teams must be predominantly well-rounded and collaborative. Unlike the segmented specialties of a traditional media or creative agency, hybrid creativity comes throughout the entire partnership...

Video Distribution: 10 Platforms and Strategies
More than ever before, video is an accessible and powerful method for communicating brand stories. Today's wide-ranging content goes far beyond the traditional push of :15 and :30 second ads, and now invites audiences to engage...

3D Printing Expo Showcases What's Next
Last week’s 3D Printing Conference and Expo at the Javits Center in New York City demonstrated the exciting potential of the emerging industry. Some, like the former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine Chris Anderson, expect 3D printing to be "larger than the web."

Equity Crowdfunding in the UK
On April 1, the United Kingdom took a step forward in its crowdfunding policy, putting more distance between itself and the United States in debt and equity legislation. The UK has achieved one of the world’s largest crowdfunding marketplaces, due in part to its (relatively) progressive and rapid policymaking.

The Man Reviewing Big Data for the President
John Podesta is as accomplished as any Washington, D.C. professional today. By appointing him to evaluate the evolving state of the digital economy, The White House places significant importance on the matter. This is the first government policy review of the big-data debate, which has produced polarized opinions between a weary public...

2015: The Year of Live Streaming Video
Mobile, crowdsourcing, and 3D printing have now all had their “year." In order to have a “year,” a digital category has to explode not just in user traffic, but also in investment, jobs, and coverage at SXSW. So what’s next? You wouldn’t have seen it this year. Live streaming has been with users since the beginning, be it through Skype or the spherical webcam glued to your monitor circa 1999, the year American Pie was released.

Digital Media in Mexico
Our neighbors to the south operate an underrated emerging economy, looking to take large strides out of corruption, violence, and self-destruction. With radical political and economic changes occurring in the last two years, Mexico is now legitimately poised to transform into a modern marketplace with enormous consumer potential and marketing possibility.

The Guardian and Unilever: Between the Lines
One of the oldest and most established English-speaking news publications, The Guardian, has just announced its intentions to adopt native advertising practices. The London-based newspaper announced a "seven-figure" partnership with Unilever to promote "sustainability and open storytelling." This most recent breach into editorial credibility allows for a review...

Ad Platform Rebrands Itself and You Saw It Coming
Two weeks after a complex acquisition with a rival ad distributor, DG has unveiled its entirely new strategy for positioning in the digital landscape. Now focused solely on its digital platform (formerly known as Mediamind)...

Ad Distributors Make Moves to Combat New Marketplace
On January 28, two of the industry’s leading ad distribution platforms, Extreme Reach and Digital Generation (DG), finalized a complicated and lengthy acquisition process. Extreme Reach will acquire DG’s TV broadcast distribution platform, the largest in the industry, for $485 million. The transaction was not widely publicized because distribution is a technical back-room affair...

The State of 'Corporate' Crowdfunding in the U.S.
In 2013 the phenomenon that is crowdfunding evolved past its principled and creative identity to become a new business segment with unlimited and unknown potential. A hockey stick growth model is now unfolding with new projects...


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