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Tide is Going On-Demand For Your Laundry
By: Digiday
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Procter & Gamble wants to break Tide, one of its most recognizable brands, out of the drugstore and turn it into an on-demand, mobile laundry service.

On Monday, the CPG company launched Tide Cleaners, a service that lets customers pre-pay for laundry through an app, drop the laundry off inside lockers or drop boxes inside apartment buildings, offices and retail storefronts, and pick up the clean clothes once the app notifies them they’re ready. Tide Cleaners is currently live in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Boston and Nashville.

Tide Cleaners is the most recent example of how Procter & Gamble, like other CPG companies, is extending a brand’s reach beyond the traditional wholesale-retail model and into services, hoping to drive recurring revenue from repeat users. For example, in Chicago, monthly laundry can cost from $1.24 per pound to $1.36 per pound, depending on the plan, or $1.59 per pound with no plan. The work is carried out by a mixture of in-house employees and Tide Cleaners franchise operators, and the company plans to expand to new markets depending on customer demand. Tide Cleaners customers get access to special product formulas and specialized services like color restoration and other personalized offers.




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