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Brands Now Hiring Amazon Experts to Run Campaigns
By: Digiday
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Advertisers want to take management of their Amazon ad campaigns in-house, and they’re looking to hire people who can navigate Amazon’s sprawling ad business. These companies don’t want to do the buying themselves, but want to set strategies so that their agencies can handle the execution just like they do for search ads on Google and posts on Facebook. The likes of Vodafone and eBay have search managers running Google ad campaigns, while Philips and Nissan do the same for Facebook.

Reckitt Benckiser is looking for people who can manage its search campaigns on the site, per a job post. The post makes it clear that the consumer goods business views Amazon as a giant supermarket and plans to use search managers to help promote its products online.

Fashion retailer G-Star is another advertiser looking to in-house that talent. It is hiring e-commerce managers specifically for selling its products on Amazon, also according to a job post. Unlike other e-commerce-focused roles, this one requires the candidate to use their expertise to steer G-Star’s advertising agencies. Indeed, the job post makes a point to highlight the importance of using ads to raise awareness of the brand on the site, not just shifting product. G-Star and Reckitt Benckiser didn’t respond to requests for comment.

“We’re starting to see brands hire Amazon ‘experts’ in-house,” said Amazon advertising and marketing consultant Daniel Tejada, who previously worked at performance agency Quiverr. “Frequently, these marketers manage the direction of the brand on Amazon and will rely on an agency or have a small internal team to manage the implementation.”

Marketers’ appetite for this expertise has been stoked by the direct relationships Amazon already has with other parts of their businesses. Smaller boutique agencies have usually managed ads on Amazon for their clients because the larger networks haven’t known enough about the platform. But now Amazon is aggressively pushing its offer, particularly since it simplified the convoluted offer in the summer, more marketers are starting to think twice about an internal expert. This trend is clearest in the amount of interest Tejada has seen for Amazon’s demand-side platform among brands.




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