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Lexus is Testing Foursquare Location Data
By: Digiday
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Lexus has been working with Foursquare to drive more people into its dealerships. The luxury car maker has integrated with Foursquare’s location-based ad platform Pinpoint to target potential buyers for the 2018 Lexus RXL across mobile phones.

Foursquare launched Pinpoint in 2015 as a way for advertisers to target Foursquare users and nonusers — 150 million devices in the U.S. — with the company’s location data as part of its reinvention from just offering consumer apps to being a data business. To make Pinpoint more attractive to advertisers, Foursquare recently integrated with IHS Markit, which includes Polk vehicle ownership insights. Lexus is the first advertiser to work with both data sets.

“We’ve been familiar with Foursquare as a location technology company for a long time and have been evaluating opportunities to use their unique data in media. When they approached us about their new partnership, it was a clear opportunity for us to take advantage of and test,” said MaryJane Kroll, media manager at Lexus.

Location data isn’t a brand-new play for Lexus, but the automaker has traditionally relied on regional data to direct people to visit local dealerships. This RXL campaign has looked more broadly at the U.S. market. Lexus launched its Pinpoint campaign, which is still ongoing, in the first quarter of this year.

Lexus is catering its campaign for the RXL to two demographics: the “corporate mom” and the travel enthusiast. From users’ check-ins, Foursquare can share the shopping habits and other activities of a company’s desired customers based on anonymized and aggregated insights.




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