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Inside Bud Light’s Super Bowl Snapchat Strategy
By: Digiday
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Bud Light is hoping Snap will be the right accompaniment for its two television ads on Super Bowl Sunday.

The brand plans to run three types of Snap Ads, including a Snapchat game and two different types of Snapchat filters. The work is part of Bud Light’s largest Snapchat campaign ever.

During the game, Bud Light will rotate animated filters of “Dilly Dilly” signs and clinking Bud Light bottles. After the game, Bud Light will run geotargeted filters based on the winner’s home city: The winning city will get a “Friend of the Crown” filter, and the losing city will get a “Pit of Misery” filter.

Most of the Snap Ads preview one of Bud Light’s trilogy of “Dilly Dilly” spots, including the new spot that will air on Super Bowl Sunday. Users can swipe up in these ads to watch the full commercial.

One of these Snap Ads is a 45-second interactive game called “The Battle of Beer Run,” in which a knight runs through a battle to collect Bud Lights for his townspeople. Bud Light began running the game on Snapchat roughly two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday. As with the other Snap Ads, a user can swipe up into a “Dilly Dilly” commercial when they are done playing the game.

Bud Light declined to reveal its Snapchat spend for Super Bowl Sunday.

“We chose Snapchat, as it is the right platform for millennial consumers,” said Margot Weiss, senior digital brand manager at Bud Light. “Our core target consumer for Bud Light is 21- to 24-year-old men and women who want to engage with brands through their mobile phone.”

But Snapchat might seem like an odd choice for a beer brand aiming to reach an audience of drinkers.




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