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Red Lobster Jumps Into the App Game
By: Digiday
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Red Lobster is rolling out its first app in a bid to develop direct relationships with diners.

The My Red Lobster Rewards app lures loyal customers with free food once they earn points by dining in at one of the chain’s 677 restaurants. The app, free to download for iOS and Android, is a bid to get people to go out to eat out at Red Lobster restaurants. Members will only get rewarded by visiting Red Lobsters and scanning QR codes found on their restaurant receipts. Every dollar spent at a Red Lobster is a point tallied in the app. They can then redeem points for free menu items like chocolate lava cake or a bowl of clam chowder.

Chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Chick-fil-A have introduced their own loyalty apps recently. However, the average person doesn’t collect a large amount of apps on their smartphones. App Annie’s 2017 report on app usage found that a person will use 30 apps a month and open 9 every day, but included in the 30 are pre-installed apps such as Safari. The majority of the rest are social media apps.

“The opportunity to engage with [customers] with an app is a huge opportunity,” said Salli Setta, president of Red Lobster Seafood Company. “It really starts to fit in with what they’re looking for with their lifestyle.”



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