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ThirdLove is Launching First Ever TV Campaign
By: Business Insider
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   Since its launch in 2013, ThirdLove has steadily built its brand on the back of social media and digital ads. Now, the lingerie upstart is taking on Victoria's Secret head on.

The direct-to-consumer brand is rolling out its first national TV campaign ever, consisting of 18 ads — nine 30-second ads and nine 15s. It rolls out nationally today.

"The way lingerie ads are produced, shot and run in an overly sexualized way hasn't changed much over the past 20 years," ThirdLove's co-founder Heidi Zak told Business Insider. "But we're not selling sex, we're selling product, comfort and functionality to the modern woman."

The videos have a decidedly anti-Victoria's Secret stance, emphasizing the brand's products through a variety of customer testimonials and Zak's own founding story rather than models prancing about in their lingerie. In fact, the production team, director and crew behind the ads – down to the caterer – were all women, according to Zak.

"We wanted to challenge convention and break out of the male gaze that lingerie ads are typically modeled on," said Zak. "Our tone is realistic and relatable." 



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