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T-Mobile Announces "Netflix On Us" Partnership
By: MediaPost
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It’s nearly autumn, and that generally means it’s time for another “Uncarrier” announcement from T-Mobile. 

In its latest move, the wireless carrier is linking with Netflix, offering to provide the streaming service’s basic subscription at no extra cost for those who subscribe to T-Mobile One family plans (which involve two or more lines). T-Mobile announced the partnership with a video featuring CEO John Legere using magenta spray paint to write the words, “On Us” under Netflix’s familiar white programming logo, and then dropping the spray can like a microphone. 

“Netflix has totally disrupted entertainment, and T-Mobile has totally disrupted wireless,” Legere said in a webcast following the announcement. “The world is about to find out what it means when you bring two disruptors together. I’ve been saying for years now, all content is going to the internet, and the internet is going mobile.”

The offer applies not only to new customers, but also to current One family plan holders. In announcing the plan, T-Mobile executives characterized the move as breaking up the “carrier bundle,” which involve offering additional services and speeds for additional costs (or through short-term promotions that expire and then involve costs). T-Mobile executives said the Netflix partnership comes with no strings attached and is currently exclusive to T-Mobile customers in the United States.

“[Bundling] has been [wireless companies’] core strategy for years: take something you want, and put it together with something you don’t want, and then put it in a bill that explodes,” Legere said. “It really is just another scheme to shake down customers. It’s a huge pain point, and it needs to be ‘Uncarriered.’” 



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