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The New York Times’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Newsletter Already has Over 60,000 Subscribers
By: Digiday
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In just three weeks, a pop-up newsletter The New York Times launched around “Game of Thrones” has already garnered over 61,000 subscribers, the company said. The newsletter, produced by staffers at the New York Times’ Watching, is also being forwarded and read so much that its open rates have exceeded 100 percent through the last two weeks, according to Elisabeth Goodridge, email newsletter editor for The New York Times.

An open rate can exceed 100 percent when one person opens an email multiple times or forwards it to someone else, who then opens it. Goodridge didn’t say which scenario played a bigger role in achieving the Times’ newsletter’s high open rate. In either case, the success of the “Game of Thrones” newsletter points a way forward for a publisher that’s made a lot of progress building audience segments with newsletters.



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