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Look Out For This Surprising Consequence Of Influencer Marketing That Could Hurt Your Brand
By: Forbes
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Influencer marketing campaigns—also known as viral marketing or seeded marketing campaigns—seem to be all the rage these days. In some categories, such as fashion and beauty, marketers have gone all in and are heavily reliant on so-called “influencers” to help drive brand mentions, positive sentiment and possibly even sales. Indeed, as mentioned by AJ Agrawal here on the Forbes CMO Network last December, influencer marketing and related approaches are exploding in popularity. Although no longer a new approach to marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and influencer-related campaigns were seen by Kantar Media as one of the big trends for 2017 in social media marketing. Further, marketers seem to be putting their money where their mouths are. For example, a November 2016 survey by influencer marketing agency Linquia reported by eMarketer.com found a whopping 72% of marketers planned to increase or maintain their influencer budgets this year. 


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