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6 Things CMOs Can Do Now To Prepare For The Future Of AI-Powered Marketing
By: Forbes
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In my quest to discern fact from science fiction in the area of artificial intelligence’s impact on marketing, I’ve been having conversations with leading analysts and early AI technology pioneers to gain their insights. While there is still debate on what constitutes “true AI”, there is a growing consensus that smarter machines will be significantly impacting how marketing is done in the very near future. To prepare for the inevitable, CMO should start developing plans now in six areas.. And these actions can pay dividends immediately whether or not you are using AI-powered systems.

To set the stage, let’s establish why AI will be important. It starts with customers who want more individualized experiences in their interactions with brands and with marketers who want more precision and higher returns from their programs. To create personalized experiences with thousands of customers simultaneously, smart machines are required. I’ve called this human-to-machine-to-human (H2M2H) marketing and AI-powered systems will make these processes better for both customers and marketers. According to Jake Sorofman of Gartner,  “We've understood modern marketing to be using machines as the basis for taking a manual process, standardizing it, and automating it for execution at scale. A good example of this would be programmatic media and real-time bidding, where a market is made in the moment in a way that's fully automated, removing human beings from the equation. Human beings are defining parameters and they're defining budgets, they're defining goals and leaving the machines to figure out the right match.” AI-powered systems will enable the optimization of interactions in the moment across all digital channels, but just display advertising.


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